Louisiana Deadly Road Maps

MoneyGeek examined 2,162 fatal accidents in Louisiana from 2018 to 2020 to identify the deadliest roads in the state. Within Louisiana's 134,115 miles of road, our analysis looked at 826 roads.

MoneyGeek also looked at other potential factors — like drunk driving, speeding, distracted driving and time of year — and how each contributed to fatal crashes in Louisiana.

We also summarized data for each county in the state, including the deadliest road in each of Louisiana's counties.

Key Findings

  • I-10 E from Exit 231A to 239B is the deadliest stretch of road in Louisiana. Between 2018–2020, 13 fatal accidents occurred here.
  • About 29.6% of fatal accidents were related to drunk driving; speeding contributed to 17.6% of accidents. These accounted for 640 and 380 of the 2,162 total deadly accidents in the state, respectively.
  • Distracted driving was involved in 17.1% of deadly crashes. That is 369 crash fatalities. MoneyGeek's distracted driving study ranked Louisiana as the second-worst state in the U.S. for distracted driving fatalities.
  • October had the most fatal accidents of any month with 210 (9.7%) deadly crashes. September and May recorded the next highest numbers, each with 198 crashes.
  • East Baton Rouge had the highest number of deadly crashes of any county. The majority of these accidents (29) happened on US-61.

10 Deadliest Road Stretches in Louisiana

    I-10 E from Exit 231A to 239B
    New Orleans
    I-10 E from Exit 231A to 239B
    • Fatal Accidents:13
    • fatalities:13
    • Crashes Per Mile:2.8
    • distance:4.7 miles
  • Blues Hwy. from Hanks Dr. to Delcourt Ave.
    Baton Rouge
    Blues Hwy. from Hanks Dr. to Delcourt Ave.
    • Fatal Accidents:11
    • fatalities:11
    • Crashes Per Mile:2.3
    • distance:4.7 miles
  • I-12 W from Exit 7 to Exit 4
    Baton Rouge
    I-12 W from Exit 7 to Exit 4
    • Fatal Accidents:10
    • fatalities:12
    • Crashes Per Mile:2.4
    • distance:4.2 miles
  • US-190 from Lobdell Ave. to Rushmore Dr.
    Baton Rouge
    US-190 from Lobdell Ave. to Rushmore Dr.
    • Fatal Accidents:10
    • fatalities:11
    • Crashes Per Mile:2.0
    • distance:4.9 miles
  • US-61 from Briarwood PI. to Ascension Parish Rd.
    Prairieville | Baton Rouge
    US-61 from Briarwood PI. to Ascension Parish Rd.
    • Fatal Accidents:9
    • fatalities:10
    • Crashes Per Mile:1.9
    • distance:4.8 miles
  • US-165 from Center St. to S. Park Dr.
    Monroe | Richwood | Unknown | Not Reported
    US-165 from Center St. to S. Park Dr.
    • Fatal Accidents:9
    • fatalities:10
    • Crashes Per Mile:2.8
    • distance:3.3 miles
  • US-61 from Blount Rd. to Samuels Rd.
    Baton Rouge
    US-61 from Blount Rd. to Samuels Rd.
    • Fatal Accidents:8
    • fatalities:11
    • Crashes Per Mile:2.0
    • distance:4.0 miles
  • Walker South Rd. from Burgess Ave. to Crotwell Rd.
    Walker South Rd. from Burgess Ave. to Crotwell Rd.
    • Fatal Accidents:8
    • fatalities:8
    • Crashes Per Mile:2.2
    • distance:3.6 miles
  • US-61 from N. Atlanta St. to Shrewsbury Rd.
    Kenner | Metairie
    US-61 from N. Atlanta St. to Shrewsbury Rd.
    • Fatal Accidents:7
    • fatalities:9
    • Crashes Per Mile:1.6
    • distance:4.3 miles
  • I-10 from Exit 194 to Exit 187
    I-10 from Exit 194 to Exit 187
    • Fatal Accidents:7
    • fatalities:7
    • Crashes Per Mile:1.6
    • distance:4.5 miles

Drunk Driving Involved in 30% of Fatal Accidents

Between 2018 and 2020, drunk driving contributed to 640 of Lousiana’s 2,162 fatal accidents. This is the highest contributing factor to driving fatalities within the state, outnumbering distracted driving and speeding.

This statistic underscores how dangerous drunk driving can be. Even a small amount of alcohol can put you and others at risk. For instance, a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of just 0.02% can make you visibly impaired.

In Louisiana, a BAC of 0.08% classifies you as legally intoxicated. At this point, many people lose their coordination, and their balance and reaction time will be challenging to control.

Even if you don't cause an accident while intoxicated, the cost of drunk driving is severe. The consequences could include restricted driving privileges, license suspension and jail time. A DUI conviction will make it significantly harder to find cheap car insurance in Louisiana. In particular, you’ll need Louisiana SR-22 insurance, which will make your policy much more expensive.

Speeding Is a Factor in 18% of Fatal Crashes

From 2018 to 2020, Louisiana had a total of 380 speeding-related fatalities. That's 17.6% of crashes resulting in death. Speeding is the second-biggest contributor to deadly accidents in Louisiana.

Speeding is dangerous to you and those around you. Going too fast can make it difficult to stop quickly if needed. Consequently, you’re more likely to suffer severe injuries or get into a fatal crash when speeding.

Distracted Driving Contributed to 17% of Fatal Accidents

Distracted driving is the third-deadliest contributor to accidents in Louisiana. Between 2018 and 2020, Louisiana recorded 369 fatal accidents involving distracted driving. That translates to roughly 17.1% of all deadly crashes in the state.

MoneyGeek’s distracted driving study found that Louisiana is the second worst state for distracted driving — New Mexico ranks first.

October Had More Fatal Accidents Than Any Other Month

From 2018–2020, October had the highest number of fatal accidents in Louisiana. During this month, 210 accidents occurred, accounting for 9.7% of all fatal crashes within the three years analyzed.

May and September followed close behind, with 9.2% (198) of deadly accidents in the state each.

Driving Safely Protects You, Others and Your Wallet

Maintaining safe driving habits is essential to keeping yourself and others on the road safe. It can also help you save money in the long run. Sometimes, however, accidents are inevitable. Therefore, obtaining more than just Louisiana's minimum auto insurance is wise. A full coverage auto insurance policy can keep you and your loved ones safe and financially secure in the event of an accident.

The average cost of auto insurance in Louisiana is $3,041 per year. However, the actual cost may vary based on where you live in the state. For instance, drivers pay roughly $3,380 per year for car insurance in New Orleans. In contrast, auto insurance in Shreveport costs an annual average of $1,791. That's a difference of $1,589 each year.

Note that while MoneyGeek collected premiums across the state of Louisiana, these are only averages. The actual car insurance rates vary based on other factors — like your age, driving history and more. Consider comparing quotes from different providers to find the cheapest car insurance company for your needs.

Fatal Accidents and Most Dangerous Roads: County Breakdown

In Louisiana, the top five counties recorded a total of 640 fatal accidents. These account for 30% of the total fatal crashes in the state. East Baton Rouge saw the highest number of deadly accidents with 199 crashes. Twenty-nine of these crashes occurred along US-61, and most commonly involved drunk driving and distracted driving.


MoneyGeek analyzed data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's Fatal Accident Reporting System (FARS) database using fatality data from 2018, 2019 and 2020. Currently, 2020 is the latest data available in the system.

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