Best Cheap Car Insurance Companies for 19-Year-Olds

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ByDevon Delfino
Reviewed byMark Friedlander
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ByDevon Delfino
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Reviewed byMark Friedlander
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Updated: May 20, 2024

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For 19-year-old drivers added to a family policy, Nationwide stands out as the cheapest car insurance option, with average costs of $172 monthly and $2,066 yearly. This is well below the average car insurance cost of $225 monthly and $2,699 yearly when added to a family policy.

Individual premiums for 19-year-olds are slightly lower than for younger drivers because they typically have a few more years of driving experience, which can lead to a better driving record. Insurance companies view this age group as less risky compared to a younger, less experienced driver.

Key Takeaways

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Nationwide has the cheapest annual premium of $2,066 when added to a family policy, while Travelers, scoring higher in customer satisfaction, offers a policy at $2,305 per year.

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Car insurance for 19-year-olds is expensive because insurers view younger drivers as higher risk, due to their lack of experience and higher accident rates. Thus, they charge more to cover the potential costs of claims.

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Look for discounts such as good student, defensive driving courses, or driving a car with safety features. These can help reduce the cost of insuring a 19-year-old driver.

Why Trust MoneyGeek? MoneyGeek's auto insurance quotes are based on research conducted with information gathered from several sources, including state insurance authorities and Quadrant Information Services. The cost of insurance varies from person to person based on several criteria. One's age, gender, driving record, credit history and the kind of coverage required may all play a role in determining premiums.

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These rates reflect the average cost of car insurance for 19-year-old teens as of 2024.

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Cheapest Car Insurance Companies for 19-Year-Old Drivers

For 19-year-olds seeking car insurance, the two cheapest providers are:

  • Nationwide: $172 per month, $2,066 per year
  • GEICO: $181 per month, $2,168 per year

These rates reflect the cost of adding a 19-year-old to an existing family policy. Significant savings can be observed when comparing these rates to individual policies, where the monthly cost for Nationwide jumps to $282 and for GEICO to $219, demonstrating the high expense of car insurance for teen drivers who are considered high risk due to their inexperience.

To help manage costs, 19-year-olds might look into utilizing all available student discounts on car insurance.

Data filtered by:Results filtered by:
Coverage:100/300/100 Full Cov. w/$1,000 Ded.
NationwideAdded to Family Policy Annual Premium$2,066Individual Annual Premium$3,389Increase in Premium$1,323
GEICOAdded to Family Policy Annual Premium$2,168Individual Annual Premium$2,631Increase in Premium$462
TravelersAdded to Family Policy Annual Premium$2,305Individual Annual Premium$2,817Increase in Premium$512
AllstateAdded to Family Policy Annual Premium$2,326Individual Annual Premium$2,899Increase in Premium$573
State FarmAdded to Family Policy Annual Premium$2,344Individual Annual Premium$2,531Increase in Premium$188
ProgressiveAdded to Family Policy Annual Premium$2,845Individual Annual Premium$3,473Increase in Premium$627
FarmersAdded to Family Policy Annual Premium$3,111Individual Annual Premium$3,657Increase in Premium$546

Cheapest Car Insurance for 19-Year-Olds by State

Massachusetts offers the lowest car insurance rates for 19-year-olds, with State Farm charging an annual premium of just $438. Hawaii is next in line, where GEICO provides coverage for $640 a year.

The price of car insurance for 19-year-olds varies widely by state, influenced by factors like local insurance regulations, accident rates and the prevalence of car theft. What's considered an affordable basic plan in one state may not suffice in another with higher risks, necessitating more comprehensive coverage. Therefore, it's wise for parents to compare options and consider their state's unique conditions when choosing insurance for their young driver.

AlabamaCompanyGEICOAdded to Family Policy Annual Premium$1,097
AlaskaCompanyState FarmAdded to Family Policy Annual Premium$1,221
ArizonaCompanyTravelersAdded to Family Policy Annual Premium$1,050
ArkansasCompanyState FarmAdded to Family Policy Annual Premium$1,141
CaliforniaCompanyGEICOAdded to Family Policy Annual Premium$1,222
ColoradoCompanyKemperAdded to Family Policy Annual Premium$1,195
ConnecticutCompanyGEICOAdded to Family Policy Annual Premium$684
DelawareCompanyState FarmAdded to Family Policy Annual Premium$1,422

Cheapest Car Insurance for 19-Year-Olds by Gender

Men aged 19 often pay more for car insurance than women of the same age. Nationwide is the cheapest car insurance provider for both men and women 19-year-old drivers.

  • For men: Nationwide, $178 per month, $2,133 per year
  • For women: Nationwide, $163 per month, $1,950 per year

These rates represent the cost of adding a 19-year-old to an existing insurance policy.

Men pay higher rates because they are more likely to be in accidents. Women at this age usually get cheaper insurance. Although this price difference is narrowing, it remains evident.

Annual Car Insurance Rates for Males and Females

19-Year-Old Female

Annual Premium

19-Year-Old Male

Annual Premium

Rates for males are:$183 more

This is 9% more expensive.

Data filtered by:Results filtered by:
NationwideFamily Policy Annual Premium$2,133Family Policy Monthly Premium$178
GEICOFamily Policy Annual Premium$2,231Family Policy Monthly Premium$186
AllstateFamily Policy Annual Premium$2,408Family Policy Monthly Premium$201
TravelersFamily Policy Annual Premium$2,413Family Policy Monthly Premium$201
State FarmFamily Policy Annual Premium$2,531Family Policy Monthly Premium$211
ProgressiveFamily Policy Annual Premium$2,940Family Policy Monthly Premium$245
FarmersFamily Policy Annual Premium$3,131Family Policy Monthly Premium$261

Cheapest Cars to Insure for 19-Year-Olds

For 19-year-old drivers, the Subaru Forester and Subaru Outback top the list of the cheapest cars to insure.

  • Subaru Forester: $194 per month, $2,329 per year
  • Subaru Outback: $196 per month, $2,352 per year

To help lower costs for young drivers, who are often seen as high risk, adding them to your own policy could be smart. Choose a car that's older but still safe. These cars often have lower insurance rates, plus you might qualify for student discounts, helping you save money while keeping them protected on the road.

Data filtered by:Results filtered by:
Coverage:Full Coverage
Subaru ForesterCategoryCompact SUVCompanyState FarmAnnual Premium$2,329
Subaru OutbackCategorySedanCompanyState FarmAnnual Premium$2,352
Acura MDXCategoryLuxury SUVCompanyTravelersAnnual Premium$2,394
Nissan FrontierCategoryPickup TruckCompanyState FarmAnnual Premium$2,436
Honda PassportCategorySUVCompanyState FarmAnnual Premium$2,505
Honda OdysseyCategoryMinivanCompanyState FarmAnnual Premium$2,541
Hyundai IoniqCategoryCompactCompanyTravelersAnnual Premium$2,584
Nissan LEAFCategoryElectricCompanyTravelersAnnual Premium$2,619

Best Car Insurance for 19-Year-Old Drivers

The best car insurance for 19-year-olds is Travelers, with a monthly premium of $192 and an annual premium of $2,305 when added to a family policy. Choosing the best car insurance provider can ensure comprehensive coverage and reliable service, which justifies the cost.

Company logo for Travelers
MoneyGeek Score:
84/ of 100

Customer Satisfaction4
Claims Satisfaction3
Financial Stability5

The best car insurance company stands out for its extensive coverage options. These options are critical for a 19-year-old driver, who is statistically at higher risk for accidents. Having access to Accident Forgiveness can prevent their insurance rate from skyrocketing after their first at-fault accident.

  • Distant student discounts for those in school afar
  • Good student discounts for maintaining good grades

This insurance company caters well to 19-year-olds by offering coverages that protect against the higher risks young drivers face. With discounts aimed specifically at students, it helps manage the often higher costs that come with being a young, less experienced driver.

How Much Does Car Insurance Cost for a 19-Year-Old?

The best car insurance for a 19-year-old will give you a combination of solid coverage and affordability. For 19-year-old drivers looking to get their own insurance policy, the costs are high, but they’re still likely going to be lower than for a 16-year-old driver. The younger driver would pay an average of about $869 more than a 19-year-old.

Annual Car Insurance Premium for a 19-Year-Old

Added to a Family Policy

Average Annual Premium

Individual Policy

Average Annual Premium

An individual policy is:$2,628 more

This is 97% more expensive.

How to Save on Car Insurance for 19-Year-Olds

The cost of car insurance for 19-year-olds can be high, but there are effective strategies to lower these expenses. For example, adding that young driver to a family policy can mean significant savings. Here are some other ideas to consider:

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    Compare Quotes for the Best Policy

    The best car insurance for a 19-year-old will vary based on many factors. That’s why it’s important to compare quotes if you can. That way, you’ll understand your options and be better prepared to choose your best policy. According to MoneyGeek’s studies, doing so can cut costs by almost 50% per year.

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    Monitor Your Teen Driver to Ensure a Clean Driving Record

    As with any driver, having at-fault accidents and tickets in your driving history will increase costs. It’s especially vital for 19-year-old drivers to maintain a clean driving record if they want to keep their rates as low as possible.

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    Find Companies That Offer Teen Discounts

    Nineteen-year-old drivers should take advantage of any and all discounts available to them. When shopping around, they should look for good student discounts, which reward young drivers for attaining certain scholastic achievements. For example, State Farm offers up to a 25% good-student discount to drivers with a GPA of 3.0 or higher, attain a grade average of B or better, rank scholastically in the top 20% of their class, or make the dean’s List or honor roll. (Be aware that these requirements may vary by location.)

    Other options to consider are defensive driving courses, which can help lower premiums while also reducing accident rates. Even if these courses don’t qualify you for a discount at your insurance company, they can still translate to savings over time.

    You can also consider completing a young driver telematics driving program to receive a discount. They focus on learning and implementing safe driving habits. Options include State Farm's Steer Clear and Allstate's teenSMART.

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    Lower the Coverage Amount

    Reducing the coverage amounts — like opting for liability-only car insurance — will lower your car insurance cost. This can be a good option for drivers with an inexpensive car. However, it’s important to consider the potential consequences before going forward. For example, if you were to get in an at-fault accident, you would not have coverage for damages to your vehicle, which could lead to costly repair bills later on.

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    Choose a Sedan Over a Sports Car

    Some cars are going to cost you more to insure than others. For instance, sports and luxury cars are typically on the higher end of the spectrum to insure — a Ford Mustang will usually cost more than a Toyota Camry. That’s something to consider if you’re looking to get a new vehicle.

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With a full coverage policy, you have liability, comprehensive and collision coverage. You may also have to get personal injury protection (PIP), medical benefits and/or uninsured/underinsured motorist (UM/UIM), depending on your state's requirements.

There are optional coverages you can add to a policy, such as roadside assistance and rental car coverage. Both are good choices for a teen driver (or even an adult driver). Roadside assistance provides help if your car breaks down, such as sending assistance to change a flat tire or to provide gas or a battery jumpstart. Rental car coverage gives you a car to drive, up to policy limits, if your car is damaged in a covered claim. It may also cover public transport and rideshare costs.

As for UM/UIM, in some states, it is required, and in others, it is optional — you may have to decline it in writing. Insurance professionals highly recommend having UM/UIM because it covers the costs of damages to your vehicle if a driver who does not have insurance or without enough insurance to cover your damages hits you. It may also cover the cost of repairs after a hit-and-run. — Mark Friedlander, Director, Corporate Communications, Insurance Information Institute

Why Is Car Insurance So Expensive for a 19-Year-Old?

Younger drivers don’t have the benefit of a long, proven driving record to help them save money on car insurance. That means insurers use average driving statistics for 19-year-olds to estimate the likelihood of those drivers getting into an at-fault accident. Unfortunately for those drivers, the statistics are less forgiving than they are for drivers in their twenties.


FAQ: Best Cheap Car Insurance for 19-Year-Olds

Finding affordable car insurance for 19-year-olds is often challenging due to their limited driving history. Uncover cost-effective options and secure the cheapest car insurance for young drivers with expert insights.

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