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E-Contract Abuse Alert: How Car Dealers Can Fake Your Auto Loan

E-contract fraud in auto loans is on the rise. Not only may the online contract be nothing like the one you agree to, you may find you've even "bought" a car without realizing it.

Business Credit Cards Carry Hidden Risks

Business credit cards don't have to offer the same protections as personal credit cards, leaving you vulnerable to sudden rate hikes, changing due dates and more.

Millennials: Can Your Social Media Posts Boost Your Insurance Premiums?

Before you post that new great shot of you skydiving, partying, or zip-lining through the jungle, consider whether you want to share it with your insurance company. Because there's a good chance they're watching.

If You Can't Afford Auto Insurance, It's Probably Not Your Imagination

Drivers in predominantly black neighborhoods overpay for car insurance.

Is Your Used Vehicle a Timebomb? Loophole Lets Auto Dealers Sell Millions of Recalled Cars as Safe

Consumer groups charge a recent federal decision allows car dealers to market "death traps" to unwitting buyers. They suing over a legal loophole that permits a dealer to sell used cars with unfixed recall defects as "safe."

5 Risky Fundraising Mistakes All Entrepreneurs Should Avoid

All entrepreneurs make mistakes, but to make sure your great idea has the best chance of getting off the ground, avoid these.