Understanding Credit Cards

These resources are for people who are new to the world of credit cards. Consider going through these if you've just received your first card, want to better understand commonly used credit card terminology or want to learn how credit cards work.

Managing Credit Card Debt and Balance Transfers

People often turn to balance transfers to manage their existing debt more effectively. If you plan to tread this path, it’s important to know how much money you stand to save, the effect the process has on your credit score and the time the balance transfer might take to complete.

Featured Credit Card & Financial Experts

Financial gurus from across the U.S. help scrutinize all our content to ensure you get access to the most accurate and up-to-date information possible. They also help answer questions you see on different pages. Here are the experts who’ve worked with us on all the pages for new credit card users and for those hoping to build their creditworthiness.

MoneyGeek’s Best Credit Cards for Every Category

We’ve collected and reviewed data for close to 2,500 American credit cards. Our experts arrive at revised lists of the best credit cards from different segments each month. They do this by subjecting new and existing cards to our unique ranking methodology that considers category-specific parameters. For instance, not all the factors that go into arriving at the best cards for bad credit are the same as the ones we consider when selecting the top cards for excellent credit.