Personal finance can be complex and blurry. We're here to help bring your money into focus.

Trust in the Geek

Anyone can be a Money Geek

Life is full of tough financial decisions. From budgeting decisions to major home purchases, we make money choices every day. But we often make these decisions in the dark, not knowing if we are making the best decisions for what we need. This is because personal finance education isn't prioritized in our public education system, but people are still needing to be make impactful life decisions. We started MoneyGeek in 2016 to make personal finance more approachable and accessible - so anyone can be a "geek" when it comes to personal finances.

We're focused on personal finance

We work with fantastic writers and experts (over 75 and counting) to deliver great free content for all of us. We're connoisseurs of insurance rate tables and statistical releases from the Federal Reserve (some of us have calendar reminders for upcoming data releases). Our analysts live to get into the data and are excited to build financial tools and analysis that turn raw data into insights that help you. We help bring your financial picture in focus so you can make choices with your money that will really pay off.

About MoneyGeek's geeks

We're a small but mighty team of people who are passionate about personal finance. We've worked at big companies, been self-employed or have side hustles. We have families to protect and save for. We're trying to spend less and save more for retirement. Sometimes, we end up late at night trying to figure out which health care plan is going to be best for us (this may or may not involve a crazy spreadsheet). We work hard and care a ton about our work. For some of us, small talk is a challenge because we think everyone wants to debate whether you should pay off your mortgage or invest that money. You might say we're a little geeky.

The MoneyGeek Team

Doug Jones
Doug JonesCo-Founder and CEO

Doug started his first business at 12 years old: a neighborhood snow removal, lawn and fence service. His professional career began at Intel Corporation, while moonlighting as a Princeton Review GMAT and SAT instructor. Doug was introduced to the world of digital media at QuinStreet and then at BrightEdge, where he created the Professional Services team and worked with clients such as Nike and Walmart. In 2012, Doug co-founded ABUV Media, alongside Dan Schuessler, where he served as co-CEO until the successful sale of the business in 2018. Doug studied finance and entrepreneurship at Carnegie Mellon University, bouncing between the classroom and the soccer field as a student-athlete. Doug geeks out on tech angel investments and coaching drills for his sons' soccer teams.

Dan Schuessler
Dan SchuesslerCo-Founder, CFO and Product & Design

Dan is all about improving people's financial fitness. He believes there is a gap in personal finance education and feels MoneyGeek's wide variety of financial resources can help people exercise this muscle. Prior to co-founding MoneyGeek, alongside Doug Jones, Dan co-founded ABUV Media, a consumer-focused content company, where he served as co-CEO until the successful sale of the business in 2018. Throughout his career, he has held several senior finance roles including head of financial planning at OpenTable and P&L director for a $2 billion joint venture between Intel Corporation and Micron Technology. He also holds a Bachelor of Science in finance from Cal Poly. Dan geeks out on optimizing his travel credit card points and perfecting his deadlift at Crossfit®.

Megan Filbin
Megan FilbinDirector of Project Management

Megan lives her life one spreadsheet at a time. She loves process and organization in all aspects of her life and is passionate about planning goals, keeping a pulse on her financial health, and taking advantage of the valuable resources MoneyGeek provides. She has held positions in marketing, operations, and most recently, spent several years driving website development as a technical project manager. Megan geeks out on finding the best flight deals and planning for her next big trip.

Doug Milnes
Doug MilnesHead of Marketing and Communications

Doug learned about personal finance from his parents who were experts in insurance and retirement services at Prudential. Prior to joining MoneyGeek, he led the growth product team at and worked in marketing analytics at Clorox. He has also spent more than a decade in corporate finance performing valuations for Duff and Phelps and financial planning and analysis for various companies including OpenTable. He holds a master's degree in Predictive Analytics (Data Science) from Northwestern University and is a CFA charter holder. Doug geeks out on building financial and predictive models and using data to make informed decisions.

Renée Deveney
Renée DeveneySenior Content Manager

Renée believes in the power of words to teach and inspire people to take charge of their finances. She knows that even right-brained creatives can master steps to manage money and build wealth. As a content creator and manager, she’s empowered small businesses to find their voice and helped big brands reach a global audience. From some of the world’s leading theme parks to a national network of behavioral health facilities, Renée has developed messaging that sparks interest and action. She is a graduate of Rollins College in Winter Park, Florida, where she studied English literature, creative writing and the FAFSA. Renée geeks out on racking up travel rewards points and snagging musical theatre tickets.

Greg Hamlin
Greg HamlinSr. Director of Data Analytics / Business Intelligence

Greg learned about personal finance from a young age thanks to his parents' focus on everyday budgeting, financial planning, and stretching each dollar as far as possible. Greg has a passion for data-driven decisions and being actively involved in the lives of his kids. He started his career consulting in the Financial Services sector and has worked in digital media since 2007. Greg earned his degree in Information Systems from Carnegie Mellon University and geeks out on building tools to help himself and others work through life's decisions big and small.

Nathan Paulus
Nathan PaulusDirector of Content Marketing

Nathan owes his perspective on personal finance to his grandmother who early on in his childhood engrained the concept, “it’s not how much you make, it’s how much you save.” Before discovering his career path in content marketing, Nathan moonlighted a small grant writing operation, and ran a regional janitorial company. He joins MoneyGeek eager to lend his penchant for content creation and management of marketing research teams. He holds a B.A. in English from the University of St. Thomas Houston, where he also was captain of the rugby team. Nathan geeks out on spinning vinyl and adding to his record collection.

Mark Fitzpatrick
Mark FitzpatrickSenior Content Manager

Mark Fitzpatrick is a senior content manager with MoneyGeek specializing in insurance. Mark has years of experience analyzing the insurance market and creating original research and content. He graduated from Boston College with a Bachelor of Arts and Johns Hopkins University with a Master of Arts.

Megan Hull
Megan HullWeb Content Editor

A word nerd at heart, Megan is committed to creating quality content that fills in knowledge gaps and improves people’s lives. Previously, she worked at one of the nation’s largest behavioral health care providers and has written content for medical practices across the country. She went to school at the University of Central Florida, where she studied English, with a focus in technical communications and literature. Megan geeks out on psychology, cooking and secondhand finds

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