How You Can Get Same-Day Car Insurance Instantly

Most auto insurance companies offer same-day car insurance coverage, providing proof of insurance instantly. To find the best option for your needs and get a rate, use MoneyGeek’s quote tool or browse our insurance reviews.


With online quote options, it is now easier than ever to get a car insurance quote instantly for same-day coverage. Most, but not all, major insurers offer reasonably accurate online quotes, but that requires having your personal information and vehicle information, plus insurance history, ready when quoting. Whether you’re looking for affordable car insurance or a company with a good service reputation, you can still find the right insurance company, even if you need a quote and proof of insurance immediately. However, buying in advance may provide cheaper car insurance rates with more discount options available.


If You Need Car Insurance Fast, You Can Get It Online Almost Instantly

There are several reasons someone may need car insurance now. They could be buying their first car or replacing an old car with a new one. Or maybe their current car insurance policy is expiring, and they need same-day coverage so it doesn’t lapse.

Whatever the reason, almost all major car insurance companies offer quotes instantly online. If the quote is acceptable, the customer can complete the policy the same day, getting proof of insurance immediately.

Of the top 15 auto insurance companies in the country based on market share, Auto-Owners Insurance is the only one that doesn’t offer the option to get an online quote. Auto-Owners works with independent agents in participating states to provide quotes, usually within 24 hours of a request being made. Auto-Owners customers may get same-day coverage, but it’s likely not as instant as with other carriers.

Major Insurance Companies Offering Same-Day Car Insurance

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How to Get the Best Same-Day Car Insurance for Your Needs

Even if you need car insurance with same-day coverage, you should still be able to get an auto insurance policy that’s the best fit for your needs. The cheapest car insurance companies offer the best savings, but some companies will sacrifice service quality to provide low rates. The best car insurance companies offer a blend of affordability and service, though they may not be the cheapest in your area.

Available options for the cheapest and best car insurance depend greatly on where you live. The table below details the average cost of same-day car insurance by state.

The Average Cost of Same-Day Car Insurance by State

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The quotes provided are for coverage limits of $100,000 per person for bodily injury, $300,000 per accident for bodily injury and $100,000 per accident for property damage. Comprehensive and collision insurance are also included.

Information You Need to Get Car Insurance Now

If you want same-day car insurance immediately, you’ll need to have the right information available before you start an online quote. You should already know most of the information, like your address, age, marital, and employment status. The rest of the needed information is more specific, including:

  • Your driving record: Gather information with dates for violations and type of claim for accidents in recent years.
  • Other driver information: If there are other drivers in the household, you’ll need their info too.
  • Your insurance history: What company is it? What type of coverage limits do you have? And how long have you been insured? If you have been with the car insurance company for a year or less, you may need the previous company’s information.
  • Vehicle information: Make, model, year, annual mileage, current vehicle mileage and specific safety features available (daytime running lights, anti-lock brakes, factory-installed accident sensors, theft recovery devices, etc.).
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Do you know how much car insurance you need? First-time car buyers have several options on how much liability insurance to buy and whether to add comprehensive, collision and other coverages. Most insurance experts advise purchasing as much liability insurance as you can afford. MoneyGeek recommends newer car drivers choose full coverage to protect their finances and their vehicle.

When Drivers Can’t Get Same-Day Car Insurance

Not all drivers will qualify for immediate same-day car insurance coverage. There are three scenarios where a driver may not be able to get an online quote instantly:

  • Missing information noted above that prevents the driver from getting a quote.
  • Owning or purchasing a rare car that requires specialty insurance coverage.
  • Having a high-risk driving history, with multiple serious convictions like DUIs or driving with a revoked or suspended license.

In the last situation, car insurance companies may not cover you now or at all. These high-risk drivers should contact their state’s Automobile Insurance Plan Service Office, which helps drivers who can’t find car insurance.

When Drivers Shouldn’t Get Same-Day Car Insurance

Getting same-day coverage may not always be the best deal for drivers looking for the cheapest car insurance rates. Not all online quote platforms show every coverage and discount, like bundle discounts or pay-per-mile insurance. If you don’t need proof of insurance right now, getting a quote in advance could maximize your savings.

Reasons to Buy Car Insurance in Advance


With many insurance companies, buying a car insurance policy at least seven days before the needed effective date entitles you to an advanced quote discount.


Not all online quote tools offering same-day coverage and proof of insurance show all possible discounts, which means you could be missing out on potential savings.


An online car insurance policy might not include all available coverages like pay-per-mile insurance, which may be a good choice for low-mileage drivers.

Expert Advice: Same-Day Car Insurance

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