Cheapest Car Insurance in Oregon (June 2024)

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Updated: June 14, 2024

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Country Financial offers the cheapest overall car insurance in Oregon. MoneyGeek's analysis also shows that American Family provides the cheapest auto insurance for certain types of drivers.

If you want an insurer that combines quality service with affordability, we analyzed the best car insurance companies in Oregon to help you identify an ideal option.

Why Trust MoneyGeek? We offer reliable information from reputable sources like Quadrant Information Services and the Oregon Division of Financial Regulation.

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These rates reflect the cheapest car insurance quotes in Oregon as of June 2024.

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Cheapest Minimum Liability Car Insurance in Oregon (June 2024)

Based on our findings, the cheapest auto insurance carriers in Oregon for a policy that only meets the minimum state requirements are:

  • Country Financial: $443 per year
  • Progressive: $532 per year

Dairyland has the priciest minimum auto insurance coverage in Oregon, costing an average of $2,105 per year.

Oregon’s minimum car insurance includes liability coverage for property damage and bodily injury, personal injury protection and uninsured motorist coverage.

Data filtered by:Results filtered by:
Age Range:
Age Range:30-59
Coverage Level:
Coverage Level:Minimum Coverage
Country FinancialAnnual Premium$443Monthly Premium$37
ProgressiveAnnual Premium$532Monthly Premium$44
TravelersAnnual Premium$539Monthly Premium$45
Capital Insurance GroupAnnual Premium$579Monthly Premium$48
State FarmAnnual Premium$582Monthly Premium$48
KemperAnnual Premium$600Monthly Premium$50
GEICOAnnual Premium$629Monthly Premium$52
American FamilyAnnual Premium$663Monthly Premium$55

Although minimum coverage car insurance is the most affordable, it does not cover the costs incurred to repair your car. For added protection, opt for a full coverage policy, which includes comprehensive and collision coverage to financially protect your vehicle.

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Find the Best Car Insurance in Oregon for You


The price of your auto insurance will depend on the provider’s requirements and your unique driving profile. Use the table above to compare Oregon’s most affordable car insurance quotes for a minimum coverage policy.

Estimating how much car insurance you need allows you to select the most appropriate coverage.

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Our analysis also includes top car insurance companies in Oregon for quality service and affordability.

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MoneyGeek reviewed the average annual car insurance premiums in Oregon across drivers with different backgrounds to show how costs vary.

Cheapest Full Coverage Car Insurance in Oregon (June 2024)

According to MoneyGeek’s review, the companies with the cheapest full coverage car insurance rates in Oregon are:

  • Country Financial: $965 per year
  • American Family: $969 per year

At about $3,281 per year on average, Dairyland is the state’s most expensive full coverage car insurance provider.

Full coverage policies are significantly more expensive than those offering minimum coverage. Full coverage from Country Financial, for instance, costs $522 more than its minimum coverage.

However, full coverage auto insurance provides better financial protection after an at-fault accident because it covers repairs to your vehicle. Aside from damage caused by collisions, you also get protection from vandalism, theft, weather events and other non-collision incidents.

Data filtered by:Results filtered by:
Age Range:
Age Range:30-59
Coverage Level:
Coverage Level:Full Coverage
Country FinancialAnnual Premium$965Monthly Premium$80
American FamilyAnnual Premium$969Monthly Premium$81
TravelersAnnual Premium$985Monthly Premium$82
Capital Insurance GroupAnnual Premium$1,042Monthly Premium$87
KemperAnnual Premium$1,076Monthly Premium$90
NationwideAnnual Premium$1,136Monthly Premium$95
ProgressiveAnnual Premium$1,191Monthly Premium$99
State FarmAnnual Premium$1,198Monthly Premium$100

The amount of car insurance you need will impact your rate significantly. Our sample full coverage policy has liability protection with the following limits:

  • $100,000 in bodily injury liability per person
  • $300,000 in bodily injury liability per accident
  • $100,000 in property damage liability per accident

To save on your premium, you could select a policy with lower liability limits, such as the minimum coverage option, or if you have full coverage, choose higher deductibles for comprehensive and collision insurance. Note that lower liability limits may put you at risk of inadequate coverage if you are involved in an at-fault accident.

How to Compare Cheap Oregon Car Insurance Quotes Online

Most auto insurance providers allow you to request a quote through their websites, which can take up to 15 minutes. Obtaining quotes across several companies to secure the best rates can be time-consuming, as you must provide your personal information on each platform.

You can save time using our car insurance calculator, which facilitates quicker comparisons across multiple parameters that suit your profile. As a starting point, you can provide your gender, age and driving history below to estimate your premiums for most Oregon insurers.

Car Insurance Calculator

MoneyGeeks's car insurance calculator will give you a customized estimate of your auto insurance cost. It's free to use, requires no personal information and we won't send you any spam.


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Jul 12, 2024

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Cheapest Car Insurance in Oregon by Age (June 2024)

Age is one of the biggest factors affecting car insurance rates in Oregon. MoneyGeek found that Nationwide, American Family, and Country Financial are the most affordable options depending on you and your family members.

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Cheapest for teens: Nationwide
Cheapest for young adults: American Family
Cheapest for seniors: Country Financial

Cheapest Car Insurance in Oregon for Teens and Their Families (June 2024)

Insurers offering the cheapest car insurance in Oregon for teens on a family policy include:

  • Nationwide: $1,573 per year for male teens and $1,464 per year for female teens
  • Allstate: $1,894 per year for male teens; State Farm: $1,605 for female teens

Capital Insurance Group is the most expensive insurer for adding teens to their parents' policies, costing $3,437 for policies with male teens and $3,592 for female teens.

In Oregon and the rest of the U.S., car insurance rates for teens decrease as they age, giving older teen drivers the lowest premiums. Oregon's most affordable insurer for 19-year-old males is Nationwide ($1,374 per year).

The sample profile used in this category is for a 16-year-old on a family policy with full coverage. Adding a teen driver to the family's policy is typically less costly than purchasing separate coverage for them. Plus, if the teen is under 18, they cannot legally purchase car insurance without a parent or guardian's consent. For instance, a 16-year-old pays an average of $5,795 for an individual policy. The same coverage will cost $2,468 on a family policy, giving parents around $3,327 in savings per year.

Data filtered by:Results filtered by:
NationwideFamily Plan Annual Premium$1,464Individual Plan Annual Premium$3,303
State FarmFamily Plan Annual Premium$1,605Individual Plan Annual Premium$2,283
AllstateFamily Plan Annual Premium$1,806Individual Plan Annual Premium$6,867
KemperFamily Plan Annual Premium$1,973Individual Plan Annual Premium$3,551
TravelersFamily Plan Annual Premium$2,100Individual Plan Annual Premium$4,387
ProgressiveFamily Plan Annual Premium$2,523Individual Plan Annual Premium$8,028
FarmersFamily Plan Annual Premium$2,725Individual Plan Annual Premium$9,201
GEICOFamily Plan Annual Premium$2,914Individual Plan Annual Premium$7,220
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On average, car insurance rates for male teens tend to be significantly more expensive than for female teens. That's because male teens tend to have higher accident rates and more reckless driving behavior. This rate difference is not as notable when drivers reach their 20s and beyond.

Some insurance companies, including the top insurers in Oregon, offer teen and student driver discounts to allow parents to save on premiums. Nationwide provides a good student discount. Allstate and State Farm offer student away at school and good student discounts.

Cheapest Car Insurance in Oregon for Young Adults (June 2024)

For drivers in their 20s, the most affordable car insurance providers in Oregon are:

  • American Family: $1,063 per year
  • Kemper: $1,135 per year

Dairyland policies have the highest average premium for young adult drivers, costing $3,529 per year.

A full coverage policy for young drivers is typically more costly than for middle-aged drivers, with an average difference of $210 in Oregon.

Data filtered by:Results filtered by:
Age Range:
Age Range:22-29
Coverage Level:
Coverage Level:Full Coverage
American FamilyAnnual Premium$1,063Monthly Premium$89
KemperAnnual Premium$1,135Monthly Premium$95
TravelersAnnual Premium$1,145Monthly Premium$95
Country FinancialAnnual Premium$1,215Monthly Premium$101
NationwideAnnual Premium$1,375Monthly Premium$115
Capital Insurance GroupAnnual Premium$1,381Monthly Premium$115
State FarmAnnual Premium$1,396Monthly Premium$116
ProgressiveAnnual Premium$1,451Monthly Premium$121

Cheapest Car Insurance in Oregon for Seniors (June 2024)

Senior drivers can purchase the cheapest car insurance in Oregon from the following companies:

  • Country Financial: $911 per year
  • American Family: $931 per year

The highest premium comes from Dairyland at about $3,061 per year on average.

Oregon residents in their 60s tend to pay lower rates for car insurance than middle-aged drivers. On average, a full coverage policy costs senior drivers about $32 less per year. Note that premiums are higher for drivers in their 70s and 80s because they are more likely to file a claim.

Data filtered by:Results filtered by:
Age Range:
Age Range:60 +
Coverage Level:
Coverage Level:Full Coverage
Country FinancialAnnual Premium$911Monthly Premium$76
American FamilyAnnual Premium$931Monthly Premium$78
Capital Insurance GroupAnnual Premium$940Monthly Premium$78
TravelersAnnual Premium$985Monthly Premium$82
NationwideAnnual Premium$1,049Monthly Premium$87
State FarmAnnual Premium$1,113Monthly Premium$93
GEICOAnnual Premium$1,128Monthly Premium$94
KemperAnnual Premium$1,161Monthly Premium$97

State Farm, Nationwide, GEICO and most insurers feature discounts for senior drivers, including safe and defensive driving discounts. Insurers consider other factors besides age while computing your rates. Comparing multiple quotes is a sure way of obtaining the best coverage for your needs.

Cheapest Car Insurance for Higher Risk Drivers (June 2024)

If you have a traffic violation on your record, such as a DUI, speeding ticket, or an at-fault accident, Oregon’s most affordable auto insurance provider is American Family. Travelers is the cheapest provider for those with sports cars.

Generally, having a violation increases your rates considerably. To lower your premiums, take a safe driving course and regularly review your driving record for errors. Work to improve your profile over time so you can access cheaper insurance options.

Capital Insurance Group is the most affordable provider for drivers with poor credit.


Cheapest after a ticket: American Family ($1,155 per year)
Cheapest after an accident: American Family ($1,200 per year)
Cheapest after a DUI: American Family ($1,155 per year)
Cheapest for poor credit: Capital Insurance Group ($1,476 per year)
Cheapest for sports cars: Travelers ($902 per year)

Cheapest Car Insurance in Oregon After a Ticket

In Oregon, drivers with a speeding ticket will get the cheapest premium for a full coverage policy from the following providers:

  • American Family: $1,155 per year
  • Capital Insurance Group: $1,218 per year

Dairyland is the most expensive option at $3,875 per year. After getting a ticket, you might pay around $340 more for your car insurance.

Data filtered by:Results filtered by:
Age Range:
Age Range:30-59
Coverage Level:
Coverage Level:Full Coverage
American FamilyAnnual Premium$1,155Monthly Premium$96
Capital Insurance GroupAnnual Premium$1,218Monthly Premium$101
Country FinancialAnnual Premium$1,237Monthly Premium$103
State FarmAnnual Premium$1,336Monthly Premium$111
KemperAnnual Premium$1,339Monthly Premium$112
TravelersAnnual Premium$1,364Monthly Premium$114
NationwideAnnual Premium$1,418Monthly Premium$118
ProgressiveAnnual Premium$1,606Monthly Premium$134

Cheapest Car Insurance in Oregon After an Accident

An at-fault accident can increase your auto insurance premium significantly, and the lowest average rates in Oregon come from the following companies:

  • American Family: $1,200 per year
  • Capital Insurance Group: $1,333 per year

Dairyland has the highest average car insurance rate for drivers with an at-fault accident, charging $4,203 per year. Based on our analysis, the average premium for the cheapest full coverage policy can increase by $565 annually due to an at-fault accident.

Data filtered by:Results filtered by:
Age Range:
Age Range:30-59
Coverage Level:
Coverage Level:Full Coverage
American FamilyAnnual Premium$1,200Monthly Premium$100
Capital Insurance GroupAnnual Premium$1,333Monthly Premium$111
Country FinancialAnnual Premium$1,355Monthly Premium$113
TravelersAnnual Premium$1,422Monthly Premium$118
NationwideAnnual Premium$1,449Monthly Premium$121
KemperAnnual Premium$1,487Monthly Premium$124
State FarmAnnual Premium$1,549Monthly Premium$129
FarmersAnnual Premium$2,006Monthly Premium$167
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An at-fault accident is going to result in a premium increase that may last for years. To avoid that, include accident forgiveness coverage on your auto policy. With this optional coverage, your first at-fault accident will not cause your policy cost to increase. It is available from many insurers, and some award it for free if you maintain a clean motor vehicle record prior to the accident. — Mark Friedlander, Director, Corporate Communications, Insurance Information Institute

Cheapest Car Insurance in Oregon After a DUI

The following carriers offer the lowest full coverage auto insurance rates in Oregon if you have a DUI:

  • American Family: $1,155 per year
  • State Farm: $1,336 per year

The company with the most expensive car insurance for this violation is Dairyland, costing about $3,456 per year. On average, a DUI increases your annual rate by $622.

Data filtered by:Results filtered by:
Age Range:
Age Range:30-59
Coverage Level:
Coverage Level:Full Coverage
American FamilyAnnual Premium$1,155Monthly Premium$96
State FarmAnnual Premium$1,336Monthly Premium$111
Country FinancialAnnual Premium$1,408Monthly Premium$117
ProgressiveAnnual Premium$1,409Monthly Premium$117
Capital Insurance GroupAnnual Premium$1,491Monthly Premium$124
TravelersAnnual Premium$1,587Monthly Premium$132
FarmersAnnual Premium$1,935Monthly Premium$161
NationwideAnnual Premium$2,163Monthly Premium$180

Cheapest Car Insurance in Oregon for Drivers With Poor Credit (June 2024)

In Oregon, the most affordable auto insurance companies if you have a bad credit score are:

  • Capital Insurance Group: $1,476 per year
  • Country Financial: $1,505 per year

Dairyland charges the highest premium for those with poor credit at $4,340 per year.

Typically, a credit score above 750 will get you better rates. In Oregon, drivers with poor credit pay approximately $835 more per year for car insurance than drivers with good credit scores.

Data filtered by:Results filtered by:
Age Range:
Age Range:30-59
Coverage Level:
Coverage Level:Full Coverage
Capital Insurance GroupAnnual Premium$1,476Monthly Premium$123
Country FinancialAnnual Premium$1,505Monthly Premium$125
TravelersAnnual Premium$1,645Monthly Premium$137
KemperAnnual Premium$1,666Monthly Premium$139
NationwideAnnual Premium$1,690Monthly Premium$141
American FamilyAnnual Premium$1,742Monthly Premium$145
ProgressiveAnnual Premium$1,852Monthly Premium$154
GEICOAnnual Premium$2,002Monthly Premium$167

Insurance companies quote higher car insurance premiums if you have a poor credit history since they consider you more likely to file a claim. Utilizing your creditworthiness to determine how much you should pay for insurance is not allowed in some states, but is allowed in Oregon.

Although you can improve your credit score and lower your auto insurance premiums over time, a short-term solution is comparing providers and choosing the best rate for your needs. Some lenders also offer discounts that can lower your costs significantly.

Cheapest Car Insurance in Oregon for Sports Cars (June 2024)

The cheapest auto insurance providers in Oregon if you drive a sports car are:

  • Travelers: $902 per year
  • Capital Insurance Group: $905 per year

Policies from Dairyland are the most expensive for sports car insurance at $2,970 per year on average.

Sports cars cost more to repair and replace than ordinary cars. This usually translates to higher insurance costs. In Oregon, drivers pay an average of $47 more for insurance over a Toyota Camry LE if they have a sports car.

Data filtered by:Results filtered by:
Age Range:
Age Range:30-59
Coverage Level:
Coverage Level:Full Coverage
TravelersAnnual Premium$902Monthly Premium$75
Capital Insurance GroupAnnual Premium$905Monthly Premium$75
American FamilyAnnual Premium$920Monthly Premium$77
KemperAnnual Premium$1,117Monthly Premium$93
FarmersAnnual Premium$1,200Monthly Premium$100
NationwideAnnual Premium$1,243Monthly Premium$104
State FarmAnnual Premium$1,346Monthly Premium$112
GEICOAnnual Premium$1,514Monthly Premium$126

MoneyGeek used a Ford Mustang as the sample sports car to source quotes for this study. Rates may vary slightly depending on the sports car model. Insurance costs for electric, sports, and luxury cars are often higher than those for other model types.

Cheapest Car Insurance in Oregon for Military Drivers (June 2024)

USAA provides cheap car insurance to Oregonians with military backgrounds at about $864 per year. The insurer offers policies exclusively to those in the military and is widely available across the U.S.

MoneyGeek Top Pick
  • Annual premium of $864

For active-duty military officers or those with a military background, USAA offers the cheapest full coverage insurance policy in Oregon, with an average annual premium of $864. In addition to being the most affordable, USAA provides special coverage benefits and discounts tailored to the needs of military personnel.

Cheapest Car Insurance in Oregon by City

Where you live can influence your auto insurance rates in Oregon. Cities with a high accident rate, vandalism, theft and similar occurrences may have higher car insurance costs because residents are more likely to file claims.

Our analysis shows that Eugene has the cheapest auto insurance in Oregon, with a policy costing $893 from Capital Insurance Group. Portland has the highest cost at $1,236 per the year from Country Financial.

Use the following table to learn about car insurance before across Oregon cities.

EugeneCheapest CompanyCapital Insurance GroupAnnual Premium$893
GreshamCheapest CompanyCountry FinancialAnnual Premium$1,175
HillsboroCheapest CompanyCountry FinancialAnnual Premium$1,006
PortlandCheapest CompanyCountry FinancialAnnual Premium$1,236
SalemCheapest CompanyCountry FinancialAnnual Premium$1,010

Car Insurance in Oregon: What You Need to Know

Oregon requires car insurance policies to include bodily injury and property damage liability coverages. The minimum coverage must also have uninsured motorist coverage and personal injury protection. Drivers who meet the self-insurance requirements can use it as an alternative to standard auto insurance policies.

Oregon Car Insurance Requirements

All auto insurance policies in Oregon must meet the minimum state requirements for bodily injury liability, property damage liability, personal injury protection and uninsured motorist coverage. Minimum coverage policies are the cheapest but offer limited protection.

If you have a serious infraction, such as a DUI, reckless driving or driving without a license, you must have an SR-22 on file with the Oregon Driver and Motor Vehicles Department. Commonly called SR-22 insurance, it is a certificate of financial responsibility your car insurer files on your behalf to prove you have the required car insurance to drive legally in Oregon.

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    Bodily Injury Liability

    Your policy should include at least $25,000 coverage per person for bodily injury and $50,000 per accident. If you are involved in an accident, this coverage will pay for treating any injured third parties. A lower limit means you may need to pay for the additional cost out of pocket.

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    Property Damage Liability

    Oregon requires that car insurance policies have a $20,000 property damage liability per accident. If you damage a third party’s property during an accident, you will pay for any costs above the $20,000 out-of-pocket limit.

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    Personal Injury Protection

    Oregon’s $15,000 personal injury protection covers medical treatment for drivers and their passengers after an accident without regard to who is at fault. Keeping the PIP at a minimum means you will need alternative funds to cover any extra medical costs.

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    Uninsured Motorist Bodily Injury Liability

    If you are hit by an uninsured driver or experience a hit-and-run, uninsured motorist coverage pays the damages you incur. In Oregon, drivers are required to have at least $25,000 per person and $50,000 per accident coverage limits. You may also include underinsured motorist, which covers the additional costs of damages when a driver with insufficient coverage hits you.

MoneyGeek recommends purchasing a car insurance policy with at least $100,000 in bodily injury liability per person and $300,000 per accident to ensure adequate protection. For property damage coverage, the ideal limit is $100,000. If you finance or lease your car, you will likely be required to have full coverage insurance that includes comprehensive and collision insurance.

Comprehensive insurance coverage pays to repair or replace your car due to damage caused by non-collision incidents, such as theft, vandalism, fire and severe weather, including hail and flooding. Collision coverage pays for damage caused by an at-fault accident with another vehicle or striking an object like a tree or fence. It also covers rollover accidents and pothole damage.

If you have a valuable car with high repair and replacement costs, full coverage may be better than liability-only insurance.

Car Insurance Alternatives in Oregon

In Oregon, it is illegal to drive without a car insurance policy. Residents with at least 25 vehicles registered in their name may also meet the minimum auto insurance requirements by obtaining self-insurance.

To qualify for a self-insurance certificate, you must meet any of the following requirements:

  • Meet the public body requirements stipulated in ORS 30.260 and OAR 735-050-0020.
  • Qualify as a federal agency in the United States.
  • Have a certified copy of the written decision from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration authorizing you as a self-insurer.
  • Provide documents required to meet the OAR 735-050-0020 requirements and possess more than 25 cars registered in your name.

The certificate remains valid for one year. During application, you must provide financial statements, details of the vehicles to be insured and accident history statements.

FAQ: Car Insurance in Oregon

When shopping for a car insurance provider, you may have questions about affordability and service quality. MoneyGeek answered questions about auto insurance in Oregon to get you started.

Which company offers the cheapest car insurance in Oregon?
Should you buy the cheapest car insurance available in Oregon?

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