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How far will your salary go in another city? Compare cost of living for up to 4 U.S. cities and the national average with our comprehensive calculator. Because living costs are just one part of the equation, you can also see how job opportunities and population stats stack up for the cities you're comparing -- all with beautiful, easy-to-understand visuals.

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How do we get our data?

To provide a comprehensive side-by-side comparison of almost 500 U.S. cities, we've combined cost of living data from the Council for Community and Economic Research's Cost of Living Index, employment data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics and demographic data from the U.S. Census Bureau. In all instances, the data sets used are the most recent available; because the U.S. Census is conducted only once a decade, we've adjusted the demographic data according to the most recent annual American Community Survey to reflect population changes.


Our Cost of Living Calculator is a powerful tool that can help you make big life decisions. Here are just some questions our calculator can answer, whether you're moving, changing or starting a career or simply exploring the data:

  • Is it more expensive or less expensive to live in another city compared to mine? Can I expect to spend more or less on housing or transportation costs? How do they compare with the national average?
  • What salary do I need to maintain my current standard of living in another city or set of cities?
  • What does an average person with my job title make in another city or set of cities? Is this profession stagnating in those places, or is there huge growth in those types of jobs in recent years?
  • Who lives in these cities -- do the residents skew young or old? How racially or ethnically diverse is the population in these cities?


There are lots of cost of living calculators out there. We set out to create the best one we know how. Here's what our calculator offers:

Comparison of up to 4 cities side-by-side, in addition to the national median. Almost all other cost of living calculators let you see only a pair of cities at a time. When you're considering moving to multiple locations or just curious about different areas of the country, you want to look at multiple cities.

Job salary information. Cost of living is important, but your income prospects are not the same in each city. What does an average person in your profession make in that city? What are the growth trends? Our calculator has this covered for the majority of cities in our database.

Population information. If you're relocating, you don't just care about how much income you'll need to keep your current standard of living: You want to know what it might be like to live there. Other calculators provide city profiles separately from cost of living details but don't let you compare all these demographic stats side-by-side, all at once with cost of living and employment data.

Reliable data sets gathered by government or reputable research institutions. Some calculators rely on user-generated data, but this method isn't reliable unless you have a lot of contributors who remember exactly how much they spent on everything from healthcare to bread within the last year.

Beautiful charts and graphs. Rows of figures in a table can get boring, or worse, overwhelming. We've included charts and graphs so you can see differences between cities at a glance and explore the rich information assembled here.