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Updated: November 23, 2021

Updated: November 23, 2021

Advertising & Editorial Disclosure

MoneyGeek is committed to helping you make informed personal finance decisions by providing accurate information, tools and resources. Throughout our site, you’ll find reviewed, fact-checked content that empowers you with financial knowledge.

Whether you’re looking to compare car insurance quotes, review insightful data studies or find a mortgage lender, you’ll find curated content to fit your needs. MoneyGeek’s editorial, data and research teams uphold quality standards so you have access to unbiased information you can trust.

Unbiased Reviews and Research-Backed Data Studies


In addition to in-depth data studies and informative articles, MoneyGeek also provides recommendations and advice. MoneyGeek’s editorial content is backed by research findings from leading academics in behavioral economics and experimental psychology.

While advertising partners may feature in some of MoneyGeek’s articles, our reviews and recommendations are not sponsored, endorsed or influenced by advertisers. Our articles are the result of unbiased research, data studies and comparisons. Each contributor is committed to upholding quality standards to produce consistent and honest resources. MoneyGeek goes beyond editorial reviews by employing data-backed studies to help you make informed decisions.

MoneyGeek’s Editorial Process and Contributors

Every piece of content published by MoneyGeek is subject to a rigorous review process to maintain quality editorial standards. From research and development to writing, editing, fact-checking and more, each article is vetted and verified. Creating each web page involves a collaborative and detailed process to ensure our readers are provided with valuable and factual information.

To provide reliable information, MoneyGeek employs a team of professional writers, researchers, editors and data analysts. Working together, these professionals offer transparent resources you can trust.

Experienced Authors

MoneyGeek’s authors include a diverse team of topical experts, journalists and writers with personal finance expertise. Our authors are dedicated to creating insightful content to answer your questions and offer the information you need. MoneyGeek’s writers have contributed to nationally recognized publications, including Forbes, Consumer Reports, MarketWatch, CNBC, The Los Angeles Times and more.

Many authors have distinct experience and backgrounds in niche personal finance topics, offering topical expertise to provide you with factual information. With an emphasis on diversity and inclusion, MoneyGeek’s writers present a range of perspectives, backgrounds and experiences to make personal finance accessible and relatable.

Meet MoneyGeek’s Writers

We work with a growing team of subject matter experts and financial journalists to provide you with reliable, transparent information. MoneyGeek’s team of writers includes:


Thorough Editing and Fact-Checking

Each web page on MoneyGeek’s website is carefully reviewed by a team of skilled fact-checkers who verify the accuracy of the content. Each page is validated by a professional editor to ensure clear and concise messaging, detailed citations and substantiated data. As part of the process, editors check overall quality, confirm data and verify sources.

Professional Review


In addition to being edited and fact-checked, many web pages are professionally reviewed by topical specialists to verify the methodology and overall messaging of the content. These specialists include insurance agents, mortgage originators, research analysts and other distinguished authorities on financial topics.

Helpful Featured Experts

For certain topics, MoneyGeek provides expert insight from academic and professional leaders in finance, economics or other relevant fields. We’ve consulted with more than 700 professionals, including thought leaders from Harvard University, Boston College, Carnegie Mellon and organizations like the Consumer Federation of America, the American Bankruptcy Institute and the National Bureau of Economic Research.

These specialists provide expert input and advice on a wide range of topics. While the views expressed by topical contributors do not reflect an endorsement by MoneyGeek, they are vetted and reviewed for accuracy. Expert commentary helps improve thought diversity and provides additional resources, viewpoints and information on specific subjects.

MoneyGeek’s Featured Experts

With subject matter experts from various fields, MoneyGeek provides balanced opinions and advice from professionals across the country. Some of MoneyGeek’s noteworthy contributors include:


Detailed Data Collection and Analysis

MoneyGeek sources data from reputable leaders in finance, economics and related industries, including government, academic and nonprofit organizations. Our team conducts research and performs in-depth analysis to provide relevant information on a variety of financial topics. MoneyGeek’s data team also produces first-party studies to offer unique insight into major economic and financial topics that impact the lives of millions of people across the country.

Verified Sources

When appropriate, MoneyGeek references reputable authorities, studies and statistics. The editorial team thoroughly fact-checks and cites these sources, which are primarily government, research, academic or nonprofit organizations. When used, sources are referenced and/or linked to within the content and/or at the end of the web page with a citation. Sources are up to date, accessible and validated on the date of publication.

Our Promise to You


MoneyGeek is made up of industry veterans, topical experts and everyday geeks looking to make smart money moves one decision at a time. We’re committed to sharing valuable information to make your financial journey simpler.

Our team promises to uphold journalistic integrity, produce innovative tools and promote insightful data to help you make strides toward financial health. We understand that finance can feel broad, sometimes complex and even emotional. We’re here to help break down personal finance step by step so you can make positive changes, save money and build a lasting foundation of financial literacy.

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If you'd like to contribute to MoneyGeek or learn more about our commitment to quality, please contact Renée Deveney at renee@moneygeek.com.