The Cheapest Car Insurance in Missouri for 2022

MoneyGeek collected quotes from the best car insurance companies in Missouri to find the lowest rates. The data found State Farm is the most affordable company for an average driver, and you can save about $1,167 by comparing quotes.

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Ensure you're getting the best rate for your auto insurance. Compare quotes from the top insurance companies.

Last Updated: 5/13/2022
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On average, State Farm provides the most affordable car insurance policy in Missouri. But car insurance rates change because of factors, like coverage amount, driving history, age and credit score.

As an example, Allstate is the cheapest company for seniors and people looking to buy a full coverage auto policy in Missouri. If you’re a veteran or in a military family, USAA may be the cheapest auto insurance option for you.

"For those looking for an even more local solution, we also broke down the cheapest companies by city, as well as the best car insurance companies in Missouri for those looking to balance quality service and cost.

To find out how MoneyGeek calculated the cheapest car insurance in Missouri, read our methodology."

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Cheapest Minimum Liability Car Insurance in Missouri

The most affordable car insurance in Missouri is a minimum liability coverage policy. This coverage meets the minimum requirements of the state.

The cheapest car insurance providers in Missouri for minimum coverage are:

  • State Farm: $438 per year
  • Allstate: $569 per year

If you or a family member are in the military, USAA's $190 average annual rate is by far the most affordable option. MetLife is the most expensive company for minimum coverage in Missouri, costing an average of $980 per year.

Cheapest Minimum Car Insurance in Missouri
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These prices are only estimates based on rates for an average Missouri driver and should not be used to compare insurance prices.

Insurance Rates

Compare Auto Insurance Rates

Ensure you're getting the best rate for your auto insurance. Compare quotes from the top insurance companies.


Cheapest Full Coverage Car Insurance in Missouri

While full coverage insurance in Missouri costs more than a liability-only policy, it provides added protection and higher limits. A full coverage policy consists of comprehensive and collision insurance that protects drivers from road accidents and off-road incidents.

Full coverage prices vary significantly between Missouri insurers. By comparing quotes from different auto insurance companies, you can find the best rates.

The cheapest options for full coverage car insurance in Missouri are:

  • Allstate: $893 per year
  • State Farm: $906 per year

For military personnel and their families, USAA has the lowest prices, averaging $485 per year for full coverage. Progressive has the highest rates for a full coverage policy, with an average cost of $1,652 per year.

Cheapest Full Coverage Car Insurance in Missouri

Your car insurance costs may differ from these figures based on factors like your credit score, history of violations, age and more. The full-coverage policy averages shown are for comprehensive and collision insurance with $100,000 bodily injury liability coverage per person, $300,000 bodily injury liability coverage per accident and $100,000 property damage coverage per accident.

How to Compare Cheap Missouri Car Insurance Quotes Online

Most insurers in Missouri have a section on their website where customers can request reasonably accurate quotes. Make sure to determine your specific needs before you start shopping.

  • Use the same coverage levels as you compare rates. For instance, if you want a comprehensive and collision policy with a $1,000 deductible, specifying this to all providers makes it easier for you to compare rates.
  • MoneyGeek can help you get a quote estimate through its car insurance calculator — without providing personal information. You only need to provide specific details if you want a personalized quote. You may also use MoneyGeek’s data to choose which companies you want to contact for a quote.
  • Based on MoneyGeek’s study, the cheapest companies in Missouri are State Farm and Allstate. You can start by getting a quote from these companies.

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Cheapest Car Insurance for Drivers With a DUI in Missouri

Drivers in Missouri with a serious traffic violation like a DUI pay more for car insurance and might also need to file an SR-22. The average cost of car insurance for residents with a DUI is $1,852 per year. Drivers without a DUI pay $1,305.

Insurance companies offering the lowest rates for drivers in Missouri with a DUI are:

  • State Farm: $980 per year
  • American Family: $1,068 per year

If you or a family member have military affiliations, USAA offers the lowest price point, averaging $807 annually for Missouri drivers with a DUI.

Average Car Insurance Rates With a DUI

From 2009-2018, 2,506 people died in alcohol-related car crashes in Missouri. 2.2% of Missouri drivers report driving after consuming too much alcohol in the last 30 days.<.p>

Getting a DUI can cause serious legal consequences and greatly impacts the cost of car insurance. In Missouri, it’s possible to get a DUI without driving if the driver has physical control of the vehicle. A first-time offense could land a driver in jail for up to six months, while repeat offenders could see up to four years of jail time.

The above table are estimates of what drivers in Missouri can expect to pay in auto insurance if they receive a DUI. Specific figures vary, so drivers are encouraged to contact the insurance companies directly for an individualized quote.

You’ll still be able to get cheap car insurance with a DUI in Missouri by shopping around for the best rate. Taking DUI prevention steps and maintaining a good driving record can also help you lower your rate after getting a DUI.

Cheapest Car Insurance in Missouri for Drivers With an At-Fault Accident

An at-fault accident on your record can have a significant effect on your car insurance rate. MoneyGeek’s analysis shows that drivers in Missouri with an at-fault accident pay an average of $1,759 annually for a car insurance policy.

The cheapest companies for drivers in Missouri with an at-fault accident are:

  • State Farm: $1,055 on average per year
  • Allstate: $1,066 on average per year

For veterans and military families, USAA offers the most affordable car insurance policies after an accident in Missouri at an average cost of $649 annually.

Cheapest Car Insurance With an At-Fault Accident

Cheapest Car Insurance for Drivers With Tickets in Missouri

Car insurance rates in Missouri are higher for drivers with minor traffic offenses like speeding tickets. On average, Missouri drivers with tickets pay $1,575 per year compared to drivers without a ticket who pay $1,305 annually.

The best full coverage auto insurance providers in the state for drivers with tickets are:

  • State Farm: $980 per year
  • Allstate: $1,010 per year

Are you or a family member in the military? If so, USAA's $569 annual average rate is easily the cheapest.

Average Car Insurance Rates With a Ticket

A moving violation, like a speeding ticket or distracted driving ticket, can cause your insurance rates to rise.

Most Missouri drivers know they’re not supposed to drive while texting or eating, but distracted driving still takes place every day. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, there were 848 crashes in Missouri caused by distracted driving in 2018.

The above table features estimates regarding what drivers who receive a ticket for distracted driving or speeding can expect to pay for car insurance in Missouri.

The amount a moving violation affects your car insurance rates depends on your insurance provider in addition to several other factors. In Missouri, distracted driving that causes an accident could increase your insurance rates by over 50% for three years or longer.

Cheapest Car Insurance Companies in Missouri for Drivers With Bad Credit

Poor credit scores cause a spike in car insurance costs in Missouri. The average cost for drivers with a good score in Missouri is $1,305, while drivers with poor credit scores pay an average of $2,370.

Car insurance providers that offer the best full coverage rates for drivers with poor credit scores are:

  • Allied: $1,354 per year
  • Allstate: $1,459 per year

For current and former military members (and their families), USAA offers the lowest rates for Missouri drivers with bad credit, averaging $837 annually.

Average Car Insurance Rates for Drivers With Bad Credit

Insurance companies use your credit report to give you an insurance score that helps determine how likely you are to make a claim. In general, drivers with lower credit scores file more insurance claims.

The average credit score in Missouri is 701, but drivers with lower scores could see higher insurance rates. Luckily, there are still plenty of cheap options with top-rated auto insurance companies in Missouri, even if you’re in the process of increasing your credit score. The following estimates are what drivers in Missouri can expect to pay if they have poor credit scores.

There’s no way to tell how your credit score will affect your insurance rates. Each insurance carrier uses a different scoring system to determine your risk level. Your best bet is to ask for quotes from multiple companies so you can weigh your options for the best price.

Cheapest Car Insurance in Missouri for Seniors

Young adults and middle-aged drivers pay lower premiums than senior drivers in Missouri. On average, senior drivers pay $1,355 per year while younger drivers in the state pay $1,305.

The cheapest car insurance companies in Missouri for senior drivers are:

  • Allstate: $856 per year
  • State Farm: $873 per year

For people with military affiliations, the lowest price point for Missouri seniors is USAA, averaging $510 per year.

Average Car Insurance Rates for Seniors

As you age, it can become harder to see and your reaction time could potentially slow down. This change can reduce your ability to drive safely. In 2017, 13.3% of fatal crashes in Missouri involved a driver over the age of 65.

To help prevent devastating crashes, Missouri requires drivers 70 and older to take a road sign recognition test and a vision test every three years. Maintaining regular driving tests could also help you find cheap car insurance for seniors in Missouri. The above table estimates are what seniors can expect to pay for their auto insurance in Missouri.

Car insurance rates for seniors in Missouri tend to be higher because many seniors have slower reflexes and less reliable eyesight. Shopping around with different companies and following safe driving practices is the best way to help you maintain your driving independence and cheap insurance.

Cheapest Car Insurance in Missouri for Young Drivers

Young drivers are less experienced than seniors, so insurance companies consider them high risk and charge them expensive car insurance rates. In Missouri, a 16-year-old pays an average of $2,498 per year for auto insurance. A 25-year-old pays an average of $1,305 annually for a car insurance policy.

MoneyGeek found that Allstate is the cheapest car insurance company on average for drivers who are 16-25 years old.

Annual Car Insurance In Missouri for Young Drivers

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  • Age
    Average Cost
    Cheapest Company
    Company Cost
  • $2,498
  • $2,323
  • $2,073
  • $2,685
  • $2,328
  • $1,881
  • $1,686
  • $1,539
  • $1,457
  • $1,305

Most young drivers in Missouri are added to their parents’ existing auto insurance policy. Adding your child to your policy often helps save money, as finding cheap car insurance for students and young drivers in Missouri can be difficult. Make sure to compare quotes from several insurers to find the best rate for you and your young driver.

Insurance Rate Information for Military Drivers and Veterans

Missouri has more than 15,000 active-duty military personnel and more than 479,000 veterans. Most major auto insurance companies, and those that cater exclusively to military families, offer military discounts to these groups. Discounts are usually automatic for qualifying individuals.

Insurance companies will still look at factors like credit and driving history when setting a rate, so be sure to get quotes from multiple companies. The Missouri Department of Insurance also offers tips on lowering your insurance rates beyond a military discount. The following estimates reflect what active-duty personnel and veterans can expect to pay for auto insurance in Missouri.

Average Rates for Missouri service members

25 years$1,246
50 years$1,014
25 years$1,228
50 years$1,016

Car Insurance in Missouri: What You Need to Know

To drive in Missouri, you must register your vehicle with the Missouri Department of Revenue and carry auto insurance. Missouri also requires vehicles to pass a safety inspection, except for vehicles under a certain age and mileage.

Proof of Insurance in Missouri

You must carry proof of car insurance when driving in Missouri. This can be a traditional insurance card or a digital version on a smartphone or other mobile device. Insurance cards should include the driver's name, insurance policy number and vehicle(s) covered. According to the Missouri Department of Revenue, state residents are must show proof of insurance in the following situations:

  • When registering or renewing a car
  • When asked by a law enforcement official
  • When applying for or renewing a driver's license

Minimum Liability Insurance Requirements in Missouri

Missouri state law mandates that all vehicle owners and drivers have auto liability insurance coverage. The Missouri minimum auto insurance requirements are 25/50/25 coverage:

  • $25,000 for each injured person per accident
  • $50,000 per accident for bodily injury to two or more people
  • $25,000 per accident for property damage

In addition to liability insurance, drivers in Missouri must also hold uninsured motorist coverage, with the minimum requirements as follows:

  • $25,000 for bodily injury per person
  • $50,000 for bodily injury per accident

Alternatives to Insurance in Missouri

You can drive without car insurance in Missouri if you qualify for one of three costly alternatives: a surety bond, a real estate bond or a cash/securities deposit. After filing the proper financial bonds or securities, you will receive a certificate to submit to the Department of Revenue in lieu of an auto liability insurance policy. Here are the details behind each option:

  • Surety Bond: You may submit a $75,000 surety bond and power of attorney form to the Missouri Department of Revenue.
  • Real Estate Bond: You must file a Justification of Sureties form to the circuit court judge in the county or city where the property is located. The form must show two or more property owners holding real estate with at least $150,000 in equity value.
  • Cash or Securities Deposit: You may deposit cash or negotiable securities to meet proof of financial responsibility if you file one of the following with the State Treasurer's office: a cash deposit of at least $75,000, a Certificate of Deposit worth $75,000, stock or bonds certificates valued at $75,000 or other approved negotiable securities.

Whether you choose an insurance policy or other proof of financial responsibility, you must keep the policy in every vehicle you own or operate in the state.

How Much Coverage Do You Need in Missouri?

Motorists in Missouri are required to maintain a minimum level of liability insurance. However, the minimum required amount may not be enough to cover the cost of an accident, especially if the other driver is uninsured.

Insurance consumer groups note, drivers should ideally carry ten or more times the minimum required liability coverage. Adding collision or comprehensive coverage could be a good idea if your car is new or valuable.

Cheapest Car Insurance in Missouri by City

The car insurance costs in Missouri change depending on where you live in the state. MoneyGeek’s data shows that St. Louis is the most expensive city for a car insurance policy; it has an average annual premium of $1,490. Columbia has the cheapest car insurance policies in Missouri at an average cost of $1,037 per year. These averages are for a full coverage policy.

Click your city to find out more information about car insurance rates.

Average Insurance Rate by City in Missouri

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FAQs About Car Insurance in Missouri

Cost and coverage limits are the main topics discussed in car insurance questions within Missouri. Here are some of the common questions within the state.

Expert Advice on Finding Cheap Car Insurance in Missouri

To help you find credible and accurate information on car insurance in Missouri, MoneyGeek gathered expert advice from proven professionals. The views and opinions expressed are those of the individual contributor.

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Floyd R. Gibson Missouri Endowed Professor Emeritus of Law at The University of Missouri

Insurance Rates

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Ensure you're getting the best rate for your auto insurance. Compare quotes from the top insurance companies.


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