The Cheapest Car Insurance in Utah for 2022

MoneyGeek collected and analyzed quotes from insurance companies in Utah to find the cheapest car insurance. We found that GEICO offers the lowest rate for most drivers in Utah at an average cost of $400 for a minimum coverage policy.

The most affordable option for you may change depending on your needs. For example, American Family is ideal for a driver with a DUI on their record, while USAA is best with a military background. Ultimately, you could save around $775 per year by shopping around and comparing quotes.

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Ensure you're getting the best rate for your auto insurance. Compare quotes from the top insurance companies.

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Last Updated: 9/27/2022
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To help you look for more accurate estimates based on where you live, MoneyGeek broke down the cheapest auto insurance in Utah by city. We also rounded up the best car insurance companies in Utah if you want the best blend of quality service and cost.

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Why Trust MoneyGeek? Utah car insurance rates in this study are based on our analysis of data and information from the Utah Department of Insurance and Quadrant Information Services.

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These rates were updated in August 2022 to reflect how car insurance rates in Utah have changed up to this month.


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Cheapest Minimum Liability Car Insurance in Utah

Minimum liability coverage is the cheapest car insurance policy in Utah. The coverage meets the minimum requirements of the state and gives Utah drivers limited protection.

MoneyGeek compared average car insurance quotes and found that the most affordable insurers in Utah for minimum liability coverage are:

  • GEICO: $400 per year
  • Farmers: $648 per year

USAA has an even lower average rate of $362 per year, but its policies are only available to military members and their families. The most expensive company for minimum coverage in Utah is American Family, with an average annual cost of $1,012.


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These prices are only estimates based on rates for an average Utah driver and should not be used to compare insurance prices.

Insurance Rates

Compare Insurance Rates

Ensure you are getting the best rate for your insurance. Compare quotes from the top insurance companies.


Cheapest Full Coverage Car Insurance in Utah

A full coverage policy in Utah provides comprehensive and collision coverage, which covers your vehicle damage in an at-fault accident or because of, for example, theft or hail.

MoneyGeek found that, on average, the cheapest full coverage car insurance in Utah is from:

  • GEICO: $689 per year
  • Esurance: $1,007 per year

If you or a family member are in the military, you can get coverage from USAA for an average cost of $655 annually. American Family charges the highest full coverage policy rate of $1,431 per year.

Full coverage often has higher liability limits alongside additional protection, so it costs more than minimum liability coverage. Because full coverage rates vary between insurance companies, comparing quotes from multiple providers can help you secure the lowest rate.


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You may be required to pay more or less than the above quotes depending on your age, credit score and other relevant factors. The above costs are averages for comprehensive and collision coverage with $100,000 bodily injury liability coverage per person, $300,000 bodily injury liability coverage per accident and $100,000 property damage coverage per accident.

How to Compare Cheap Utah Car Insurance Quotes Online

Insurance companies in Utah allow customers to request more accurate quotes from their websites. Outlining your specific needs before shopping around can help you find affordable rates.

  • Specify the same coverage level while comparing quotes. If you wish to get a policy with $50,000 in bodily liability insurance per accident, for example, using this figure across all providers enables you to obtain more accurate figures.
  • Use MoneyGeek’s calculator to determine the insurance cost for an average driver. For a more personalized quote, you’ll need to enter more details. You can also use the MoneyGeek pricing information to identify the best companies to approach for a quote.
  • Consider using MoneyGeek’s recommended carriers. According to MoneyGeek, USAA, GEICO and Farmers offer the lowest car insurance rates in Utah.

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Cheapest Car Insurance in Utah for Young Drivers

Young drivers pay more for car insurance due to their inexperience behind the wheel. In Utah, the average annual cost of full coverage car insurance for a 16-year-old driver is $3,387, while a 25-year-old driver pays around $1,292.

GEICO offers the cheapest auto insurance policy in Utah for drivers aged 16-25 years. MoneyGeek found it was the least expensive company on average for every age in that range for our sample driver with a full coverage policy.


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  • 17
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  • 25

Car insurance for young drivers and students can be very expensive due to their lack of experience. That's why it's important to shop around for quotes and discounts before purchasing a policy. In Utah, GEICO offers the lowest rate for a 16-year-old and 25-year-old driver, with an average annual rate of $2,215 and $690, respectively. That means that a nine-year difference results in roughly saving $1,525 annually.

Cheapest Car Insurance in Utah for Seniors

Seniors in Utah pay more than middle-aged drivers for car insurance. The average cost for seniors is $1,298 per year for full coverage, compared to around $1,174 annually for the average 40-year-old.

On average, the cheapest full coverage car insurance in Utah for senior drivers is with:

  • GEICO: $934 per year
  • Nationwide: $1,043 per year

Seniors with a military background may qualify for USAA auto insurance in Utah for roughly $766 per year.


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While older drivers often have more experience behind the wheel, they may develop physical impairments due to aging, such as vision loss, slower reflexes and changes in attention. As a result, seniors tend to pay a higher auto insurance premium.

When shopping for car insurance, collect quotes to compare from multiple companies and look for discounts for seniors offered in Utah. For example, you could save around $638 annually by choosing GEICO instead of American Family.

Cheapest Car Insurance for Drivers With Tickets in Utah

Drivers with a speeding ticket pay more for car insurance. The average cost of full coverage for those with a ticket is $1,444 per year, compared to drivers without a ticket who pay $1,174.

The car insurers in Utah with the average lowest rates for drivers with a ticket are:

  • GEICO: $852 per year
  • Nationwide: $1,170 per year

If you are part of a military family, you may get full coverage in Utah from USAA for $829 per year on average with a ticket.


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Many insurers look at distracted driving and speeding infractions as a risk. A violation will most likely increase your insurance rates, but how much depends on your carrier and if you have a clean driving record. It’s important to note that if you are cited for distracted driving, your insurance premium could increase even if you were not involved in an accident.

The Utah DMV uses a point system to mark your record of traffic violations. According to Utah Courts, if you drive one year without being convicted of a moving traffic violation, half of the points on your driving record will be removed. If you drive two years without a moving traffic violation, all of the points on your record will be removed. In most cases, clearing your record is a waiting game.

Maintaining cheap car insurance rates with a ticket in Utah is still possible. If you have tickets, some insurance companies will offer a reduced premium if you take a defensive driving course. Speak with your insurer to discuss the best option for you.

Cheapest Car Insurance for Drivers With a DUI in Utah

A driver in Utah with a history of a serious traffic violation like driving under the influence (DUI) pays a higher premium for auto insurance and is often required to file an SR-22. The average cost of car insurance for drivers with a DUI in Utah is $1,753 per year, while drivers without a DUI pay around $1,174.

On average, the companies with the cheapest full coverage car insurance for drivers with a DUI in Utah are:

  • American Family: $1,451 per year
  • State Farm: $1,453 per year

USAA has the lowest rate for eligible Utah military-affiliated drivers with a DUI at approximately $1,208 per year.


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The real costs of a DUI can be far-reaching. They can include fines, court fees, towing/impound charges and DMV reinstatement fees. Furthermore, some insurance companies may choose not to insure you.

If you’re convicted of a DUI in Utah, it’s critical to shop around to find the most affordable auto insurance rates. For example, MoneyGeek found the difference between the cheapest (American Family) and the priciest car insurance company (Nationwide) in the state is around $597 per year.

Cheapest in Utah for Drivers With an At-Fault Accident

Having an at-fault accident on your driving record in Utah can significantly increase your car insurance premium. On average, the cost of full coverage is $1,842 if you’re found responsible for causing an accident.

On average, the most affordable car insurance companies for drivers with an at-fault accident in Utah are:

  • GEICO: $1,177 per year
  • American Family: $1,451 per year

USAA is the cheapest option if you have a military background, with an annual average cost of $991 for Utah drivers with an at-fault accident.


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Cheapest Car Insurance in Utah for Drivers With Bad Credit

A bad credit score negatively impacts your car insurance costs in Utah. Drivers with a good score pay an average of $1,174 per year, while those with poor credit pay around $2,247.

On average, the companies with the most affordable full coverage car insurance for drivers with bad credit in Utah are:

  • GEICO: $1,254 per year
  • Nationwide: $1,394 per year

For military-affiliated drivers with bad credit, USAA's average rate of $1,133 per year is the cheapest option.


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In Utah, the average credit score is 716. Those with a lower score often pay a higher car insurance premium.

The difference between the most affordable and expensive Utah insurers for drivers with bad credit is around $2,610. Once you improve your credit, make sure to reevaluate your rate by shopping around for insurance quotes.

Cheapest Car Insurance in Utah for Military Drivers

USAA is the cheapest car insurance company in Utah for retired and active-duty military personnel. The average price of a USAA minimum coverage policy in the state is $362 per year — around $38 cheaper compared to the second-most affordable company, GEICO.

MoneyGeek Top Pick
  • Average Rate: $362 per year (minimum coverage)
  • Ranks cheapest out of nine insurers

While USAA already has affordable rates for military personnel, policyholders can get additional savings through discounts. Bundling USAA car insurance with a home or renters policy can result in a discount, as can insuring more than one car.

Cheapest Car Insurance in Utah by City

In Utah, car insurance costs can change significantly depending on where you live. An average driver in Provo pays the cheapest annual average premium for auto insurance at $1,066, while West Valley City residents can expect to pay $1,174.

You can find more information about insurance in your area by clicking your city.


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Car Insurance in Utah: What You Need to Know

Utah residents must insure their vehicles. Failure to do so can lead to several penalties.

Utah Insurance Requirements

State law dictates that drivers carry minimum coverage of 25/65/15, plus personal injury protection (PIP). Essentially, your policy must include at least $25,000 for bodily injury liability per person, $65,000 for bodily injury liability per accident, $15,000 for property damage per accident and $3,000 for PIP.

State minimum car insurance is the cheapest coverage you can get in Utah. However, it’s still best to purchase more liability coverage to avoid paying money out-of-pocket if in an at-fault accident. Experts generally recommend getting $100,000 for bodily injury per person and $300,000 per accident.

The failure to insure your vehicle in Utah results in a suspension of your license and registration. You also pay a fine of $400 for your first offense and $1,000 for subsequent offenses within three years. To get your license and registration reinstated, you need to obtain an SR-22 certificate from a Utah-licensed insurance company that shows proof of insurance coverage and pay a $100 reinstatement fee.

FAQs About Car Insurance in Utah

Many Utah drivers have questions about car insurance costs and coverage limits. Find answers to some of the most commonly asked car insurance questions below.

Expert Advice on Finding Cheap Car Insurance in Utah

To help you find credible and accurate insight on car insurance in Utah, MoneyGeek received expert advice from trusted professionals. The perspectives and opinions expressed are those of the individual contributor.

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