The Cheapest Car Insurance in Georgia for 2021

To identify the cheapest car insurance providers in Georgia, MoneyGeek analyzed policies from leading insurance providers. Based on our findings, GEICO offers the cheapest car insurance in the state for the average driver. MoneyGeek also found that Georgia drivers can save up to $1,292 per year by comparing quotes.

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GEICO offers the cheapest car insurance in Georgia for the average driver. Factors like age, driving history, credit score and coverage level can significantly change premiums, so the most affordable company for you may be different depending on your driving profile and desired coverage level.

If you have poor credit, Nationwide may be a better option for you, while State Farm has the lowest rates for drivers with at-fault accidents on their record. USAA is also an affordable option if you are from a military family.

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The Cheapest Car Insurance in Georgia

Cheapest Minimum Liability Car Insurance in Georgia

Auto liability insurance is mandatory for drivers in Georgia. A liability-only policy is the most affordable option and meets the state’s minimum requirements.

The cheapest car insurance companies in Georgia for minimum coverage are:

  • USAA: $493 per year (serves only those with a military background)
  • GEICO: $722 per year

MetLife is the most expensive carrier for minimum coverage, with average annual prices of $1,437.

Cheapest Minimum Car Insurance in Georgia
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These prices are only estimates based on rates for an average Georgia driver and should not be used to compare insurance prices.


Cheapest Full Coverage Car Insurance in Georgia

Many factors decide which company offers the most affordable car insurance in Georgia for your specific needs. MoneyGeek ranked the most affordable companies according to comprehensive and collision coverage for the average driver. Taking the time to compare car insurance quotes can help you determine how much you could pay for insurance as you consider different providers.

The most affordable car insurance providers in Georgia for full coverage are:

  • USAA: $931 per year (serves only those with a military background)
  • Nationwide: $1,372 per year

The costliest carrier for full coverage is Progressive, with average rates of $2,223 per year.

Cheapest Full Coverage Car Insurance in Georgia

Please remember that your individual costs will vary from these examples. Premiums are for a plan with comprehensive and collision insurance and with $100,000 in bodily injury liability coverage per person, $300,000 in bodily injury liability coverage per accident and $100,000 in property damage coverage per accident.

How to Compare Cheap Georgia Car Insurance Quotes Online

Leading insurance firms in Georgia offer a convenient online quote tool to help drivers easily get accurate quotes.

  • When comparing quotes, use consistent limits that meet your needs. For example, if you get a quote from a carrier for $300,000 in bodily liability insurance per accident, you should use the same limit while comparing rates with other insurers.
  • If you’re only after estimates for car insurance in your area, you can simply enter your ZIP code into MoneyGeek’s car insurance calculator. However, a personalized quote may require you to provide more detailed information about yourself.
  • In Georgia, the three cheapest companies for liability coverage are USAA, GEICO and State Farm. You can begin your research by getting rates from these providers.

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Cheapest Car Insurance for Drivers With a DUI in Georgia

A severe driving offense in Georgia, like a DUI, can raise your car insurance costs. Georgia drivers with a DUI on their record are charged an average of $2,929 per year for their auto insurance coverage compared to $1,638 for those without violations.

The cheapest car insurance companies in Georgia for a driver with a DUI and full coverage are:

  • State Farm: $1,545 per year
  • USAA: $1,805 per year (serves only those with a military background)

Although Nationwide is the second cheapest insurer for Georgia drivers with a clean record, State Farm has lower rates for those with a DUI.

Average Car Insurance Rates With a DUI

Data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found that nearly 3,241 people died in Georgia due to alcohol-involved crashes from 2009-2018. The rate of deaths per 100,000 people due to drunk driving sits higher than the national average. In addition to facing prison time, fines, fees and license suspension, those convicted of a DUI can also expect their insurance to go up. The following table looks at approximate costs of car insurance for those with a DUI conviction.

Finding cheap car insurance with a DUI in Georgia can feel nearly impossible since there are many costs associated with a DUI, but keeping a pristine driving record and taking part in an alcohol awareness driving course can help. DUIs currently stay on your record for a decade in Georgia, after which time your rates should reduce further.

Cheapest Car Insurance in Georgia for Drivers With an At-Fault Accident

There is a significant difference in the cost of insurance for a safe driver versus a driver that has an at-fault violation on their record. Drivers with a clean record pay an average of $1,638 per year on car insurance. In comparison, those with an at-fault accident on their record pay an average of $2,595 per year.

The most affordable car insurance companies for drivers with at-fault accidents on their records are:

  • State Farm: $1,676 per year
  • Allstate: $1,908 per year

If you belong to a military family, USAA is also an affordable option, offering an average annual insurance rate of $1,303.

Cheapest Car Insurance With an At-Fault Accident

Cheapest Car Insurance for Drivers With Tickets in Georgia

Even a minor driving violation like a speeding ticket can increase your auto insurance prices in Georgia. Drivers with a speeding ticket in Georgia need to shell out $2,110 per year on average as compared to $1,638 for clean drivers.

The most affordable auto insurers in Georgia for a driver with full coverage and a speeding ticket are:

  • USAA: $1,074 per year (serves only those with a military background)
  • State Farm: $1,545 per year

In comparison, USAA and Nationwide offer the most affordable rates for drivers with no violations.

Average Car Insurance Rates With a Ticket

If you get a ticket in Georgia for speeding or distracted driving, finding cheap car insurance may take some extra work, but it can be done. Georgia instituted a new law in 2018 prohibiting motorists from using their cellphones while driving, causing distracted driving tickets to increase. First-time offenders must pay a $50 fine and receive a point on their license. Getting such a ticket can impact your insurance rates. The following table looks at a few approximate costs for coverage for those with tickets.

The high toll of distracted driving can add up, but it will go away in time – provided you don’t get another ticket. The Georgia Department of Driver Services assigns various points for driving infractions, but residents can obtain a points reduction of up to seven points once every five years.

Cheapest Car Insurance Companies in Georgia for Drivers With Bad Credit

A healthy credit score can lower your car insurance costs. In Georgia, a driver with poor credit is charged an average annual rate of $2,695 for auto insurance coverage compared to $1,638 for the average driver with good credit.

The least expensive car insurance carriers in Georgia for a driver with poor credit and full coverage are:

  • USAA: $1,627 per year (serves only those with a military background)
  • Nationwide: $1,906 per year

These two insurers also offer the cheapest full coverage for drivers with good credit.

Average Car Insurance Rates for Drivers With Bad Credit

Credit scores act as an important component for insurance companies when developing quotes because the scores help them assess an applicant’s ability to pay their monthly premiums. Experian states that a credit score of 670 serves as the lowest number considered “good.” As of 2019, Georgia holds an average credit score of 682. The higher your credit score, the lower the auto insurance premiums you will likely have to pay.

Check out the above estimates on what Georgia drivers with low credit scores may have to pay for auto insurance.

Improving your credit score takes time, but it can be done. Making timely payments, keeping your credit card utilization rates down and using credit responsibly can help raise your score.

Cheapest Car Insurance in Georgia for Seniors

Senior drivers in Georgia are typically charged slightly higher rates by car insurers. In Georgia, senior drivers need to pay $1,756 per year on average for their car insurance compared to $1,638 for the average adult driver.

The cheapest car insurance companies in Georgia for senior drivers with full coverage are:

  • USAA: $1,072 per year (serves only those with a military background)
  • Country Financial: $1,369 per year

While Nationwide’s full coverage rates are cheaper for the average 40-year-old driver, Country Financial offers lower premiums for senior drivers.

Average Car Insurance Rates for Seniors

Georgia seniors accounted for 13.5% of the 2,283 drivers involved in fatal Georgia crashes during 2017. This equates to 308 seniors total.

While the majority of seniors are competent and safe drivers, Georgia auto insurance companies sometimes charge this demographic higher rates. Factors such as the driver’s age, the type of car they drive, the amount of driving done and their driving record all affect senior auto insurance rates. The following table showcases what seniors in Georgia can expect to pay for car insurance.

The Georgia Department of Driver Services requires residents aged 64 and older to pass a vision screening test each time they renew their license. There are other car insurance basics for seniors to be aware of, like choosing a safe vehicle and enrolling in a safe driving course.

Cheapest Car Insurance in Georgia for Young Drivers

Young drivers are riskier to insure as they’re typically involved in more traffic accidents than older, more experienced drivers. This results in higher insurance premiums for young drivers. For example, the average cost to insure a 16-year-old driver in Georgia is $5,088 per year, while a 25-year-old driver may only pay an average of $2,066 annually for the same policy.

Based on MoneyGeek’s analysis, Allstate offers the cheapest car insurance rates for young drivers between the ages of 16 and 25.

Annual Car Insurance In Georgia for Young Drivers

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  • Age
    Average Cost
    Cheapest Company
    Company Cost
  • 16
  • 17
  • 18
  • 19
  • 20
  • 21
  • 22
  • 23
  • 24
  • 25

Georgia uses a graduated driver's license program for drivers aged 18 and younger. The Teenage and Adult Driving Responsibility Act (TADRA) was passed in response to the high number of fatal vehicle crashes involving young drivers in Georgia. The program provides a way for teens to gain experience driving under the safest conditions and avoiding high-risk situations.

To graduate from a learner's permit to an intermediate license in Georgia, you must complete at least 40 hours of supervised driving, including at least six hours at night. If you want to get your intermediate license at age 16, you must complete a driver education course approved by the Department of Driver Services. Anyone under age 18 who wants a driver's license must also be enrolled in school.

To keep insurance rates as low as possible, AAA advises Georgia parents to ask their insurance agent about raising their deductible, seeing if their teen qualifies for a good student discount, and signing a parent-teen driving agreement. This may help keep rates down and children safe by preventing collisions and DUIs.

Even though your child is going off to college, don't expect your insurance premiums to decline quite yet. Unfortunately, statistics show that drivers under age 25 — especially males — are more likely to get in accidents, so expect their insurance rates to remain high for quite a while.

Students can help offset those costs by getting good grades. In Georgia, insurance companies must offer discounts on liability, first-party medical, and collision coverage to good students. The requirement extends to college students. Qualifying learners must rank in the upper 20% of their class, have a "B" or 3.0 GPA or better, or make the Dean's list or honor roll. If your child meets the criteria, ask your insurer about the discount.

Georgia drivers under the age of 20 accounted for roughly 8% of all drivers involved in fatal crashes during 2019. Young drivers do not possess the depth of experience held by those who have been behind the wheel longer. Because of this, expect auto insurance rates to sit higher for teens than adults. The table below gives a few approximate costs for young drivers in Georgia.

Insurance Rate Information for Military Drivers and Veterans

Georgia currently has nearly 130,000 active, reserve and civilian-military personnel. If you are in the Armed Forces, ask your insurance agent how the company handles military deployments and insurance. Make sure you stay on top of premiums and renewals and ask if you will be penalized for allowing your policy to lapse while on deployment.

In Georgia, you may cancel your registration while on deployment as long as the vehicle will not be driven on public roads during your absence. You must submit a form to the Tax Commissioner's office in your home county and have your commanding officer certify your deployment.

The following table features estimates of what military drivers and veterans can expect to pay for auto insurance in Georgia.

Average Rates for Georgia service members

25 years$1,604
50 years$1,235
25 years$1,441
50 years$1,273

Car Insurance in Georgia: What You Need to Know

If you own a car, you must hold liability insurance to drive on Georgia’s public roads and highways or to register a vehicle in this state.

Proof of Insurance in Georgia

By law, your insurance company must issue an insurance card for each vehicle it insures. You must carry this card in your vehicle at all times, but it no longer suffices to prove that you have insurance in Georgia. For that, your insurance policy will have to show up as active in the Electronic Insurance Compliance System's database. Law enforcement and vehicle registration officials have access to the database and can check your insurance status on the spot. You can also check your own insurance status through the Georgia Drives e-Service.

Minimum Liability Insurance Requirements in Georgia

Georgia's minimum limits for liability insurance are:

  • Injury liability of $25,000 per person
  • Injury liability of $50,000 per accident
  • Property damage liability of $25,000

Note that these are the state's legal minimums. Experts strongly recommend you consider higher limits and additional coverage.

How Much Coverage Do You Need in Georgia?

Georgia law requires you to carry liability insurance, but that only covers the other party's expenses if you cause an accident. It won't cover your medical costs or damage to your vehicle.

If you have a new vehicle with a loan, your lender will probably require that you carry collision and comprehensive insurance to cover damage to your vehicle in the event of an accident, theft or natural disaster. On the other hand, if your car is old and you don't owe money on it, you may choose to forgo this insurance.

You may want to consider uninsured motorist coverage to protect yourself from other drivers who skirt the law. "About 20 states require drivers to purchase uninsured motorist coverage," says Michael Barry, Vice President of Media Relations at the Insurance Information Institute. "And it is a good idea to do so, even in states where it is not mandatory to do so. About 1 in 7 U.S. drivers are uninsured, so your uninsured motorist coverage gives you financial protection if you're involved in an accident with someone who meets that criterion."

Cheapest Car Insurance in Georgia by City

The cost of your car insurance may vary depending on where you live in the state. According to MoneyGeek’s analysis, Athens has the most affordable full coverage car insurance at $1,173 per year. In comparison, drivers in Atlanta tend to pay the most for car insurance, with an average cost of $1,638 per year for a similar policy.

If you want to read up on the specifics of car insurance in your city, you can do so by clicking it.

Average Insurance Rate by City in Georgia

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FAQs About Car Insurance in Georgia

MoneyGeek answers frequently asked questions about car insurance coverages and premiums in Georgia to help drivers make an informed buying decision.

Expert Advice on Finding Cheap Car Insurance in Georgia

To help you find trustworthy and accurate information on car insurance in Georgia, MoneyGeek collected expert advice from proven professionals. The views and opinions shared are those of the individual contributor.

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  3. How do regulations and rules in Georgia impact insurance pricing and how consumers might shop for coverage?
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