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The Best Bundled Insurance in Vermont

The Best Home and Auto Bundles in Vermont

To determine which insurance bundle in Vermont offers the best combination of affordability, quality and savings opportunities, MoneyGeek looked at several different standards. According to our study, the following insurance companies offer the best auto and home insurance bundles in Vermont:

  • Allstate: MoneyGeek score of 87 out of 100
  • State Farm: MoneyGeek score of 87 out of 100

Allstate and State Farm earned excellent scores in the categories of home and auto satisfaction and in discounts offered. However, Allstate’s lower price edged out State Farm in terms of cost-effectiveness.



Earned an excellent score for discounts

Earned above-average insurance bundle satisfaction

Offers the cheapest insurance nationwide


Does not offer discounts for multiple cars or defensive driving

Does not offer better car replacement coverage


Allstate ranked as the best bundle insurance in Vermont based on its exceptional discounts and customer satisfaction record. When you choose Allstate's bundled insurance, which costs roughly $1,367 yearly, your rate is reduced by $316, and you save 19%.

Allstate’s homeowners insurance is a great option for homeowners seeking a balance of financial stability, customer satisfaction and affordability. It offers numerous discounts, making it the cheapest home insurance provider in the nation. Allstate’s discounts include bundle and automatic payment discounts, deductible rewards and claims forgiveness.

Allstate’s car insurance, which receives above-average ratings for both customer happiness and user complaints, is a reliable choice for prospective buyers. The insurance company offers a variety of popular add-on coverages, including roadside assistance, rental car reimbursement, accident forgiveness and new car replacement. In addition, Allstate offers specialized coverage for media and portable electronics.

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State Farm


Has outstanding insurance bundle satisfaction

Offers impressive discounts

Provides several bundling options for policyholders


Has higher rates than other insurers

Does not offer accident forgiveness coverage


MoneyGeek ranks State Farm as the second-best auto and home insurance provider in Vermont, with an annual premium of about $1,466. Bundling your insurance policies with State Farm saves $371, or around 20%.

State Farm is a reliable option for homeowners insurance and offers seven discounts, close to the industry average. The company offers discounts for protective devices, home renovations, new homes and bundling. Additionally, State Farm's home insurance provides a range of coverages, including scheduled personal property, mold coverage, sewer or drain back-up and earthquake coverage.

State Farm is a highly regarded auto insurer with an outstanding track record for financial stability, discounts, affordability and customer complaints. State Farm's auto insurance add-on coverages include roadside assistance, rental car reimbursement and travel reimbursement. However, the company does not offer several standard coverages, such as accident forgiveness, new car replacement and gap insurance.

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The Best Home and Auto Bundle Discounts in Vermont

In Vermont, consumers who bundle auto and home insurance save an average of 15% of the total cost, or $279 per year. According to MoneyGeek's findings, State Farm's 20% discount is the highest in the state, whereas Allstate is right behind at 19%.

However, the company with the highest discount does not always offer the lowest rate. For example, although Allstate’s discount rate is lower than State Farm’s, the company offers the cheapest home and auto insurance bundle in Vermont.

Home and Auto Bundle Discount in Vermont

The Cheapest Home and Auto Bundles in Vermont

According to MoneyGeek's research, the following insurance companies offer the cheapest home and auto insurance in Vermont:

  • Allstate: $1,367 per year
  • State Farm: $1,466 per year

However, the least expensive option may not be the best for your objectives and requirements. MoneyGeek recommends comparing each company’s advantages, disadvantages and features to maximize your long-term savings.

MoneyGeek Top Pick

Allstate offers the best and cheapest home and auto insurance bundle in Vermont. Policyholders save an average of 19% or $316 by bundling.

Allstate also offers various discounts to policyholders who bundle home and auto insurance. Homeowners policy discounts include automatic payment, early payment and loyalty. In addition, customers who remain claims-free receive 5% back on their home insurance renewal.

Allstate offers auto policy discounts for good grades, safe driving, installing anti-theft devices, having airbags and automatic payment. However, the company does not provide multiple car or defensive driving discounts.

Car Insurance
Annual Premium



State Farm


The Cheapest Non-Bundle Insurance Combinations in Vermont

Bundling your home and auto insurance policies is not always the cheapest option. You may be able to combine insurance policies from two different providers and realize greater cost savings.

In Vermont, however, combining the cheapest State Farm auto insurance ($777) with the cheapest Allstate home insurance ($983) costs $1,760 annually, which is $393 more than Allstate’s bundled price.

Auto Company
Home Insurance
Annual Premium

State Farm




State Farm


Should You Bundle Home and Auto Insurance in Vermont?

You can save substantial amounts by bundling your home and auto insurance. Bundling makes managing your policies easier since you only deal with one company. However, not everyone may find insurance bundling the most economical or optimal option.

  • discount icon

    Bundle discounts in Vermont can save you between 20% and 19% per year.

    State Farm has the highest discount rate, as customers who bundle their plans save 20% or more. Vermont residents who bundle their auto and home insurance policies with State Farm can save up to $371.

  • homeInsurance icon

    Bundles are a convenient way to combine your most important property insurance policies.

    Bundling your auto and home insurance offers several benefits, including saving time and money.

  • uninsured icon

    In rare cases, it might be better not to bundle in Vermont.

    In Vermont, bundling costs less than combining the least expensive policies from two carriers. For example, combining State Farm auto insurance ($777) and Allstate home insurance ($983) will cost $1,760 yearly, $393 more than Allstate’s $1,367 bundled policy.

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