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MoneyGeek used several factors to determine which companies offer the best general liability insurance for small businesses. These factors include affordability, customer satisfaction, financial strength and online quote time. Small business owners can benefit from general liability insurance, as it provides coverage for claims made against the business for bodily injury, property damage and more. Thimble is our overall choice for the best general liability insurance for small businesses, with fast quote speeds, cheap rates and superior financial strength.

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Best General Liability Insurance for Small Businesses

Overall Best General Liability Insurance

Thimble earned the highest MoneyGeek score, making it the best company overall for small business general liability insurance. It received a high score for fast quote time, superior financial strength and affordable average rates. This carrier’s average monthly general liability business insurance rates are $22 for sole proprietors and $66 for LLCs.

The table below shows the companies we analyzed for best general liability insurance with costs and ranked by MoneyGeek score.

MoneyGeek Score
Sole Proprietor Monthly Cost
LLC Monthly Cost
















No Data

The Hartford








MoneyGeek’s Pick: Thimble



Offers affordable rates for LLCs and sole proprietors

Excellent AM Best rating for financial strength

Fast online quote time with nationwide availability


High number of customer complaints

Cheaper average rates for sole proprietors than LLCs


Not only does Thimble offer affordable general liability rates for LLCs and sole proprietors, but it also has the fastest average online application time, which can help when you need a quote quickly. Its superior financial strength means it can afford to pay claims. However, it has a higher-than-average number of customer complaints. This carrier offers several other policies a small business owner may need, including workers’ compensation, professional liability, business equipment protection and a business owner’s policy (BOP).

Best General Liability Insurance for Employers

If you have employees, Nationwide may be the right fit for your general liability business insurance needs. It ranks as the best general liability insurance for LLCs with 20 employees. Nationwide’s average monthly cost for LLCs with 20 employees is $47.

How did MoneyGeek choose this company?

MoneyGeek’s Pick: Nationwide



Lower-than-average number of customer complaints

Excellent AM Best financial strength rating

Lower-than-average general liability rates for LLCs


Longest quote time of selected carriers

Online quotes not available in AK, HI, LA and OK

Highest average general liability rates for sole proprietors


Nationwide offers cheap average rates for LLCs with 20 employees, but the number of employees is a significant factor in how much you pay for general liability business insurance. Expect to pay more if you have more employees and less if you have fewer employees. This carrier has few customer complaints and a high financial strength rating. However, it also has higher average costs for sole proprietors, and online quotes may not be available in all states. We could not get online quotes in Alaska, Hawaii, Louisiana or Oklahoma.

Best General Liability Insurance for Businesses With No Employees

For businesses with no employees, consider biBERK for general liability business insurance. This company has the cheapest general liability insurance rates for sole proprietors without employees at $25 per month. It also has an excellent financial strength rating and a lower-than-average number of customer complaints.

How did MoneyGeek choose this company?

MoneyGeek’s Pick: biBERK



Excellent AM Best financial strength rating

Lower-than-average number of customer complaints


Long online quote time compared to competitors

No quotes available online for LLCs with 20 employees

General liability insurance only available in 27 states


biBERK has few customer complaints with an excellent financial strength rating, making it a great option for small business sole proprietorships with no employees. It earns the highest ranking for financial strength thanks to it falling under the Berkshire Hathaway Insurance Group umbrella. However, this carrier has the second-longest online quote time and only provides general liability insurance in 27 states. We were unable to obtain an online quote for LLCs with 20 employees in any state.

Best General Liability Insurance for Customer Satisfaction

For businesses that place a high degree of importance on customer satisfaction, The Hartford may be the best general liability insurer to consider for small business insurance. Based on the data we collected from the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) complaint index, this company gets far fewer complaints than industry competitors.

MoneyGeek’s Pick: The Hartford

The Hartford


Superior financial strength AM Best rating

Fast online quote times


High average rates for LLCs and sole proprietors

Online quotes not available in AK or HI


The Hartford has been providing insurance products for over 200 years, giving this carrier a strong reputation in the industry. Its longevity is in part due to its strong customer satisfaction, earning the top spot with the fewest customer complaints compared to competitors. However, The Hartford isn’t the cheapest option for general liability business insurance, with an average monthly rate of $68 for LLCs and $32 for sole proprietors. While it has fast online quote times, we were unable to get quotes in Alaska or Hawaii; businesses in these states may need to contact an agent directly.

How Much Does General Liability Insurance Cost?

The average monthly cost for LLCs is $67, whereas sole proprietors pay an average of $28, according to our analysis of general liability insurance for small businesses. Quotes are based on no prior claims history or employees for a sole proprietor with $500,000 in revenue, while the LLC profile has 20 employees with $1.25 million in payroll costs and $5 million in annual revenue.

Insurance companies use multiple factors to determine general liability insurance costs, including:

  • Policy limits: The more coverage you need, the more you’ll pay for general liability insurance. Choosing a higher deductible can offset premium costs but require that you pay more out of pocket if you file a claim.
  • Industry: The riskier the industry you do business in, the more your cost for general liability insurance will be.
  • Business location: Your main business location ZIP code can also affect insurance costs. Areas with a higher risk of crime and weather events or with greater population density typically pay for more general liability insurance.
  • Number of employees and payroll costs: More employees and higher payroll costs provide greater risk to the insurance company, which can increase your cost of general business liability insurance.
  • Claims history: Using risk management to promote a safe workplace can reduce your claims exposure, which can help you save on small business insurance. If you have prior claims, however, your cost of insurance coverage will increase.

How to Choose the Best General Liability Insurer for Your Small Business

When deciding on the best general liability insurance for your small business, there are several factors to consider. Evaluating your business insurance needs and comparing quotes and customer experience data from each company can help you determine which company offers the best general liability business insurance for you.

Research Customer Experiences

Reviewing a company’s customer satisfaction ratings and reviews can help you get a feel for how the company will treat you as a customer.

Although you can check customer reviews on the insurance company’s website, they might not provide the complete picture and may be skewed as favorably for the insurer. Explore third-party online reviews to get an idea of how the company treats current and past customers, especially throughout the claims process.

Organizations like the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) can also give you valuable information. The NAIC customer complaint index is 1.00. Figures above 1.00 mean the company has higher-than-average complaints compared to industry competitors, while a lower score means the company has fewer-than-average customer complaints. The fewer complaints, the more customers are satisfied with the service the insurance company provides, making it a better option for smooth transactions with an easy and satisfactory claims process.

Consider Your Business Needs

Each business has different needs for general liability insurance. For example, if you only need coverage for a short time, Thimble may be of interest, as it provides short-term policies. Competitors typically only offer 12-month policies.

If you work in a high-risk industry, like general contracting, or have many employees, your coverage needs are usually greater than a sole proprietor or low-risk industry business.

Although online quote tools can help you get a fast price, they might not provide information on the coverage you truly need. It may be beneficial to speak with an insurance agent knowledgeable about your industry to guide you on what coverage limits and policy types are best for your business.

Compare General Liability Quotes

Comparison shopping can be critical, as rates for general liability insurance vary significantly by insurance company, business structure, industry and number of employees. Putting in the extra time to evaluate your coverage needs and what each insurance company offers could save you thousands of dollars on general liability business insurance coverage.

Online general business insurance quotes allow you to get rates from multiple companies quickly, making it easier to compare them. Just make sure you’re getting quotes for the same coverage limits and deductible amount so that you can get an accurate comparison across all companies.

Frequently Asked Questions About General Liability Insurance

Online quoting and customer reviews make it easier to find the best general liability insurance for small businesses. If you still have questions, reviewing the answers to the most common questions about general liability business insurance can help.

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