To determine the best general liability insurance companies in Nebraska, MoneyGeek considered key factors such as affordability, customer satisfaction, financial stability and online quote processes.

Thimble is our pick as the best overall general liability insurer in Nebraska, with an average policy cost of $54 per month for LLCs with 20 employees and $22 per month for sole proprietors with no employees.

MoneyGeek also found that Next offers the most affordable coverage in the state at $25 per month for both LLCs and sole proprietors.

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Best General Liability Insurance in Nebraska

Why Trust MoneyGeek? We collected 1,229 general liability insurance quotes and analyzed cost information alongside customer satisfaction and financial stability reports to determine the best general liability insurance companies for small businesses in Nebraska.

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Coverage costs and company information for general liability insurance providers in Nebraska were last updated in 2023.

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Best Overall General Liability Insurance in Nebraska

MoneyGeek’s analysis found the best general liability insurance provider in Nebraska is Thimble. It received a MoneyGeek score of 90 out of 100, offering a quick online quote process and affordable rates for single proprietors.

The following table displays the MoneyGeek scores and average costs of the insurance companies we ranked in Nebraska.

How was this MoneyGeek score calculated?

ThimbleMoneyGeek Score90Monthly Cost Without Employees$22Monthly Cost With 20 Employees$54
NationwideMoneyGeek Score90Monthly Cost Without Employees$33Monthly Cost With 20 Employees$35
NextMoneyGeek Score88Monthly Cost Without Employees$25Monthly Cost With 20 Employees$25
biBERKMoneyGeek Score88Monthly Cost Without Employees$23Monthly Cost With 20 EmployeesNo Data
The HartfordMoneyGeek Score87Monthly Cost Without Employees$31Monthly Cost With 20 Employees$49
HiscoxMoneyGeek Score84Monthly Cost Without Employees$29Monthly Cost With 20 Employees$77
Best OverallScore: 90
2/5LLC Affordability
5/5Sole Proprietor Affordability
2/5Customer Satisfaction
3/5Financial Stability
5/5Online Quote Process

Offers the cheapest rates for sole proprietors

Swift online quote system


Receives more complaints than average

Relatively pricey premiums for LLCs

Company Highlights

Thimble is MoneyGeek's pick as the best general liability insurer in Nebraska. If you're a sole proprietor, you can get the lowest prices from Thimble at approximately $22 monthly. The company also features a quick quoting system that takes around 19 seconds, the fastest among the insurers we surveyed.

In addition, AM Best gave Thimble an A+ rating for financial stability. This means you can be confident about receiving your payout should you make a qualified claim.

Cheapest General Liability Insurance in Nebraska

On average, Next provides the cheapest general liability insurance in Nebraska. It costs $25 per month for both LLCs and sole proprietors.

MoneyGeek used an affordability score combining the monthly costs for sole proprietors and LLCs to find the least expensive provider in the state. As such, the winning company in this category may not have the lowest cost for either business type individually.

How was this MoneyGeek score calculated?

CheapestScore: 96
5/5LLC Affordability
4/5Sole Proprietor Affordability
0/5Customer Satisfaction
2/5Financial Stability
4/5Online Quote Process

With the lowest prices for LLCs

Quick online estimates


Below-average financial stability

Company Highlights

Based on MoneyGeek’s analysis, Next is Nebraska’s cheapest general liability provider. Compared to six companies, Next offers the cheapest rates for LLCs and the second lowest premiums for sole proprietors at $25 per month.

You can easily compare Next's rates with other providers since getting an estimate takes approximately 1 minute and 14 seconds. This allows you to verify if Next is your company's lowest provider.

However, Next received relatively low financial stability ratings from AM Best, meaning this insurer may experience difficulties in fulfilling its financial obligations.

Best General Liability Insurance for Employers in Nebraska

Nationwide is MoneyGeek’s pick for employers in Nebraska looking for general liability insurance, with a MoneyGeek score of 95 out of 100. We determined our rankings in this category by calculating the average monthly cost of general liability insurance for LLCs with 20 employees.

Employee size is a significant factor in determining the cost of insurance. Companies with fewer than 20 employees generally pay less than our average cost, while those with more than 20 employees typically pay more.

How was this MoneyGeek score calculated?

Best for EmployersScore: 95
4/5LLC Affordability
5/5Customer Satisfaction
4/5Financial Stability
3/5Online Quote Process

Strong customer service reputation

Second most affordable rates


Slowest quote application process

Company Highlights

Nationwide stands out as the best general liability insurance provider for Nebraska LLCs, thanks to its cheap rates and outstanding customer service. This exceptional combination offers customers great value for their money, enabling them to have a positive experience while keeping costs low.

In addition, Nationwide has received an A+ rating for financial stability from AM Best. This indicates that the company is financially sound and capable of covering its policyholders' claims.

Nonetheless, Nationwide's quote process could be improved, as it typically takes around 3 minutes to receive an estimate from the provider.

Best General Liability Insurance for Sole Proprietors in Nebraska

biBERK offers the top general liability insurance for sole proprietors in Nebraska, with a MoneyGeek score of 97 out of 100 and a policy cost of around $23 per month.

Our rankings were determined based on the average costs for sole proprietors with no employees. However, those in higher-risk industries such as construction may be subject to higher costs for general liability insurance.

How was this MoneyGeek score calculated?

Best for Sole ProprietorsScore: 97
5/5Sole Proprietor Affordability
4/5Customer Satisfaction
5/5Financial Stability
3/5Online Quote Process

Offers the second-cheapest premiums

Excellent customer service

Outstanding financial stability


Quote process is longer than average

Company Highlights

For general liability insurance in Nebraska, sole proprietors may find biBERK is their top choice, with an average policy cost of $23 per month, the second most affordable option in our analysis.

biBERK also has strong financial stability, as evidenced by its A++ (Superior) rating from AM Best, which is the highest rating available. The company also has a solid reputation for customer satisfaction, receiving fewer complaints than the industry average. This gives sole proprietors peace of mind, knowing they're covered by a reliable and trustworthy insurer.

Do You Need General Liability Insurance in Nebraska?

General liability insurance isn't mandatory in Nebraska except in certain industries. However, we recommend getting it to protect you from third-party liability claims. It includes the following coverages:

  • Third-party bodily injuries: This coverage helps pay for medical expenses if a customer is injured while on your business premises.
  • Third-party property damage: This portion takes care of expenses related to damages caused by your business or employees to someone else’s property.
  • Personal and advertising injury: This covers legal expenses and damages if someone sues your business or employees for libel, slander or copyright infringement.

Nebraska also mandates other forms of business insurance for certain types of businesses.

Workers' compensation insurance is required for businesses with one or more employees. However, folks working for the federal government, railroad companies or domestic settings are exempted from this requirement.

Nebraska also mandates that businesses obtain commercial auto insurance for their owned vehicles, with a minimum coverage limit of:

  • $25,000 per person
  • $50,000 per accident for bodily injury
  • $25,000 for property damage
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The Nebraska Department of Economic Development assists small businesses through various programs and resources. This includes access to capital, business planning assistance, workforce training and networking opportunities. It also offers resources for foreign companies doing business in the state.

How Much Is General Liability Insurance in Nebraska?

In Nebraska, business owners can expect to pay an average of $48 per month for general liability insurance if they have 20 employees. The average monthly cost drops to $27 for sole proprietors with no employees.

The quoted rates assume a policy with a $2 million aggregate limit, a $1 million occurrence limit and a $0 deductible.

The aggregate limit represents the maximum amount the insurance provider pays for claims during the policy period, while the occurrence limit is the maximum amount the insurer covers per claim. The deductible is how much the business owner must pay out of pocket before insurance coverage takes effect.

It's crucial for small business owners in Nebraska to evaluate their insurance needs carefully and obtain adequate coverage to protect their companies from financial losses due to liability claims.

Factors That Impact General Liability Insurance Costs in Nebraska

The cost of general liability insurance varies for each business depending on specific factors, which we’ve listed below:

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    Policy limits

    Higher coverage limits can result in higher insurance premiums, as the insurer pays out more in the event of a claim. On the other hand, lower coverage limits can result in lower insurance premiums. Still, a business may be exposed to financial risk if a claim exceeds the coverage limit.

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    Number of employees and payroll costs

    The number of employees and payroll costs can impact the cost of general liability insurance, as businesses with higher payrolls and more employees generally pose a higher risk of liability claims, resulting in higher insurance premiums.

    business icon

    Business location

    Insurance companies tend to charge higher rates to businesses in more populated or riskier areas due to the higher likelihood of filing a claim. As such, the statewide prices in this study may not reflect citywide quotes.

    uninsured icon

    Claims history

    Previous claims can increase the perceived risk of a business, which can result in higher general liability insurance premiums. Meanwhile, if you haven’t filed claims in the past, you may experience lower rates.

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    The industry in which a business operates can affect the cost of general liability insurance, with high-risk industries like construction typically having higher premiums. Refer to the table below to see how Nebraska's average general liability insurance costs vary by industry.

CleaningMonthly Cost Without Employees$58Monthly Cost With 20 Employees$1,048
General ContractorMonthly Cost Without Employees$130Monthly Cost With 20 Employees$1,832
Software DevelopmentMonthly Cost Without Employees$27Monthly Cost With 20 Employees$48

Frequently Asked Questions About General Liability Insurance in Nebraska

To find the best general liability insurance for your business, consider various factors and your specific needs. We've provided answers to frequently asked questions to assist you in making an informed decision.

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