MoneyGeek thoroughly evaluated multiple factors to find the best general liability insurance in Connecticut. We considered factors such as affordability for LLCs and sole proprietors, customer satisfaction, financial stability and the convenience of the online quote process.

Based on our analysis, Thimble emerged as the best insurance provider, excelling in both quality and affordability. It also stands as the cheapest insurance provider in Connecticut, offering highly competitive rates. Thimble provides the lowest average monthly premiums for sole proprietors without employees, starting at $22. Meanwhile, LLCs with 20 employees can secure coverage at $63 per month.


Best Overall General Liability Insurance in Connecticut

Thimble outperforms its competitors, earning an impressive MoneyGeek score of 93 out of 100, solidifying its position as the leading provider of general liability insurance in Connecticut. To further assist you in making an informed decision, we have compiled a comprehensive table below, presenting the MoneyGeek scores and pricing of all the evaluated companies for easy comparison.


Cheapest General Liability Insurance in Connecticut

Thimble provides the cheapest general liability insurance in Connecticut, offering an average monthly premium of $22 for sole proprietors and $63 for LLCs. MoneyGeek developed an "affordability" score to assess companies in this category, with consideration for the monthly rates offered to both sole proprietors and LLCs. Note that the winning company's rates for these entities may not be the cheapest available.


Best General Liability Insurance for Employers in Connecticut

Nationwide offers employers the best general liability insurance in Connecticut, earning an impressive MoneyGeek score of 98 out of 100. Its coverage comes at a competitive average monthly rate of $38.

Insurance prices are significantly influenced by the number of employees a business has. MoneyGeek conducted rankings based on the average monthly cost for limited liability companies (LLCs) with 20 employees as a benchmark. Generally, businesses with fewer than 20 employees can expect to pay below the average rate, while those with more than 20 employees can anticipate higher premiums. The employee count serves as a key factor in determining insurance costs and should be taken into consideration when evaluating insurance options.


Best General Liability Insurance for Sole Proprietors in Connecticut

With an impressive MoneyGeek rating of 95 out of 100, Thimble is the top choice for sole proprietors looking for general liability insurance in Connecticut. With an average monthly rate of $22, Thimble offers the most affordable insurance policies in the state.

We focused on the typical costs incurred by sole proprietors without employees. However, the price of general liability insurance can vary based on its location and its industry, as these factors may expose the company to different risks.


Do You Need General Liability Insurance in Connecticut?

While general liability insurance is not legally required for businesses operating in Connecticut, it is highly recommended as a necessary form of business insurance. This type of coverage offers essential protection against potential lawsuits and claims that may arise. Although the state does not enforce a mandatory obligation, certain industries and contracts may require general liability coverage to mitigate risks effectively.

Per Connecticut law, businesses with one or more employees are required to have workers' compensation insurance, with a few exceptions for sole proprietors, LLC members and household workers working less than 25 hours per week. This important coverage ensures that employees are protected in the event of work-related injuries or illnesses, providing them with necessary benefits and support.

Connecticut imposes specific minimum legal requirements for commercial auto insurance, which include the following:

  • $25,000 per person
  • $50,000 per accident for bodily injury
  • $25,000 for property damage
smallBusiness icon

Connecticut's DECD Office of Small Business Affairs can help business owners access business expansion or relocation resources. It provides support in areas such as financing and technical assistance and can serve as a single point of contact to aid with navigating the various services offered by federal, state, public/private and nonprofit organizations. If you require assistance, contacting this office can provide guidance and support to navigate the available resources effectively.

How Much Is General Liability Insurance in Connecticut?

General liability insurance in Connecticut typically carries an average monthly cost of $89 for LLCs with 20 employees and $28 for sole proprietors. These cost estimates are based on an insurance plan featuring a $0 deductible, a $2 million aggregate limit and a $1 million occurrence limit.

The deductible is the initial amount owners must pay before insurance coverage starts to reimburse claims, serving as a threshold that policyholders must meet before the insurer contributes. The aggregate limit represents the maximum amount the provider is willing to pay for claims within the policy period. Once this limit is reached, the insurance plan will cover no further claims for that specific period. On the other hand, the occurrence limit sets a cap on the maximum coverage amount that the insurer can provide for each claim, ensuring a limit on the reimbursement obtained for a single claim or incident during the policy period.

Factors That Impact General Liability Insurance Costs in Connecticut

The rates for general liability insurance may vary across insurance companies and depend on several significant factors:


Frequently Asked Questions About General Liability Insurance in Connecticut

If you're having difficulty choosing the best general liability insurance for your specific needs and requirements, we've compiled answers to some frequently asked questions to help you make an informed decision.

Thimble stands out as the best general liability insurance company in Connecticut. Thimble is an attractive option with its fast online quotes, affordable rates and solid financial stability. However, considering your specific coverage needs and the number of employees you have, it's worth exploring other options that may better fit your requirements.

Thimble provides the most cost-effective general liability insurance in Connecticut, with an average monthly premium of $22 for sole proprietors and $63 for LLCs. However, determining the most affordable option for you depends on various factors, including the number of employees your business has.

In Connecticut, general liability insurance safeguards businesses against third-party claims concerning bodily injury, property damage and personal injury. However, this insurance does not cover professional errors or negligence, intentional acts or injuries sustained by employees.

Although general liability insurance is not mandatory in Connecticut, obtaining this coverage for your business is highly advisable. Opting for general liability insurance is a wise decision as it helps protect your business assets from liability claims initiated by other parties.

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