MoneyGeek identified the best general liability insurance providers in West Virginia by considering important variables like pricing, financial stability, client satisfaction and the online quote procedure. We declared Thimble the best insurer due to its impressive scores across these metrics. This provider charges an average monthly premium of $66 for LLCs with 20 employees and $22 for sole proprietors without an employee.

When prioritzing rates, MoneyGeek found that Next provides the most affordable general liability insurance for small company owners in West Virginia. General liability insurance from Next is priced at $28 for sole proprietors with no workers and $25 per month for a LLC with 20 employees.


Best Overall General Liability Insurance in West Virginia

We ranked Thimble as the number one general liability insurance provider in West Virginia. This insurer earned a MoneyGeek score of 92 out of 100.

The following table compares the average pricing and MoneyGeek ratings of the West Virginia service providers we researched.

Best OverallScore: 92
3/5LLC Affordability
5/5Sole Proprietor Affordability
2/5Customer Satisfaction
3/5Financial Stability
5/5Online Quote Process

Affordable policies for LLCs and sole proprietors

Very fast online quoting system

Rated A+ by AM Best for financial stability


Received more customer complaints than other providers

Company Highlights

Thimble offers a winning combination of affordability, customer service and financial strength, making it our top choice for general liability insurance in West Virginia. It provides the least expensive liability insurance for sole proprietors at $264 annually, and LLCs will also find it reasonably priced at $797 a year.

Thimble’s financial stability provides peace of mind for its customers concerned about the company not making good on its claims. It also offers one of the most streamlined online quoting systems available, with customers receiving an estimate less than 20 seconds after submitting their request.

Cheapest General Liability Insurance in West Virginia

At an average of $28 per month for LLCs and $25 per month for sole proprietors, Next provides West Virginia's most affordable general liability insurance.

MoneyGeek’s affordability scoring combines the monthly fees for sole proprietors and LLCs to rank insurers in this category. As a result, our winner might not always offer the lowest price for both entities.

CheapestScore: 96
5/5LLC Affordability
4/5Sole Proprietor Affordability
0/5Customer Satisfaction
2/5Financial Stability
4/5Online Quote Process

Most affordable general liability insurance provider for LLCs

Second-most affordable policy for sole proprietors


Lowest AM Best rating among others in our study (A-)

Takes over a minute to provide online quotes

Company Highlights

On average, Next is the least expensive general liability insurance provider in West Virginia. It offers the cheapest rate for LLCs among the five major insurers in our research at $26 per month and the second-lowest premium for sole proprietors at $25 per month.

According to AM Best, Next has an A- (Excellent) grade, indicating that it’s likely to fulfill its financial commitments and pay claims made by customers. Even so, AM Best ratings for the other insurance providers we evaluated were higher. Next also offers online quotes, but its wait time could be faster.

Best General Liability Insurance for Employers in West Virginia

Nationwide is the best general liability insurance provider for employers in West Virginia. It received an MG score of 96 out of 100. The average monthly premium for LLCs with 20 employees was the basis for our rankings. Nationwide’s average rate for these LLCs is $45 a month.

The number of employees significantly impacts how much general liability insurance costs. Fewer than 20 employees will lead to generally cheaper premiums, and those with over 20 will usually spend more.

Best for EmployersScore: 96
4/5LLC Affordability
5/5Customer Satisfaction
4/5Financial Stability
3/5Online Quote Process

Offers affordable general liability insurance for LLCs

Sound financial stability

Great customer satisfaction ratings


Slow online quotes

Company Highlights

Nationwide is the top general liability insurance provider for businesses in West Virginia due to its competitive pricing, excellent customer service and high rating for financial stability.

The average monthly premium for insurance for LLCs with 20 employees is $45, the second-cheapest price in the state. The company’s low complaint rating means it typically meets its policyholders’ expectations. Nationwide's excellent financial stability also means it can be trusted to settle claims.

Best General Liability Insurance for Sole Proprietors in West Virginia

Thimble offers the best West Virginia general liability insurance for sole proprietors, earning a MoneyGeek score of 95 out of 100. Its rates for these policyholders average $22 a month.

For this category, we based our rankings on the average general liability premiums for sole proprietors. This type of insurance may cost more for those working in more hazardous professions, like construction.

Best for Sole ProprietorsScore: 95
5/5Sole Proprietor Affordability
2/5Customer Satisfaction
3/5Financial Stability
5/5Online Quote Process

Offers the most affordable general liability insurance for sole proprietors

Provides quick online quotes

High scores in financial stability


Relatively high rate of customer complaints

Company Highlights

With its unbeatable pricing of general liability insurance for sole proprietors, Thimble took the top spot in this category. At $264 per year or $22 per month, it offers the most affordable policies for sole proprietors among the companies we reviewed.

This company has an A+ rating from AM Best, indicating exceptional financial stability, so policyholders don't need to worry about their insurer failing overnight and losing their potential claims. With the ability to provide an estimate in less than 20 seconds, it also offers the fastest online quoting system among its competitors.

Do You Need General Liability Insurance in West Virginia?

Although West Virginia state law does not mandate general liability insurance, buying a policy to safeguard your company from financial loss due to liability claims from third parties makes sense. General liability insurance offers protection for:

  • Personal and advertising injury: General liability insurance pays for your legal fees and losses if a customer or employee sues your company or employees for copyright infringement, libel or slander.
  • Third-party bodily injuries: General liability insurance assists in covering medical expenses if a client is hurt while visiting your establishment.
  • Third-party property damage: General liability insurance covers costs associated with property damage to third parties brought on by your company or its personnel.

In some industries, having general liability insurance may be necessary to win contracts or get business permits.

Businesses in West Virginia with more than three employees are required to carry workers' compensation insurance and other types of business insurance. Company-owned automobiles must also obtain commercial auto insurance with the following minimum liability limits:

  • $25,000 per person
  • $50,000 per accident for bodily injury
  • $25,000 for property damage
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West Virginia's Small Business Development Center (SBDC) is a statewide network that provides crucial knowledge for successfully launching and growing a small business. The SBDC will assist in finding a suitable location for a growing business's operations with an eye toward target audiences, transportation requirements and market optimization.

How Much Is General Liability Insurance in West Virginia?

For LLCs with 20 employees, general liability insurance in West Virginia costs an average of $66 per month, whereas it costs just $29 per month for sole proprietors with no employees.

Note that these prices apply to a policy with a $0 deductible, a $1 million occurrence limit and an aggregate limit of $2 million. The occurrence limit is the maximum amount an insurer can cover per claim. The aggregate limit signifies the highest amount an insurance company can pay for claims within a policy period. The deductible is the sum that business owners are responsible for paying before insurance begins to cover expenses.

Factors That Impact General Liability Insurance Costs in West Virginia

Depending on a few specific factors, the price of general liability insurance varies for every business. The most significant among them are:


Frequently Asked Questions About General Liability Insurance in West Virginia

Various factors, including your unique business demands, will determine which general liability insurance package is ideal for you. Here are some answers to the most frequently asked questions to help you make more informed decisions.

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