How Much Is Car Insurance in North Carolina? (June 2024)

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ByMark Fitzpatrick
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ByMark Fitzpatrick
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Reviewed byMark Friedlander
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Updated: June 19, 2024

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In North Carolina, drivers pay about $885 yearly for full coverage car insurance. If they opt for minimum coverage, it's about $445 annually.

Many factors influence your car insurance premium, including your credit record, age and the level of coverage you choose. Where you live affects the price, too, as some areas have higher rates of accidents or theft.

Why Trust MoneyGeek? We analyzed North Carolina auto insurance rates using data and information from the North Carolina Department of Insurance and Quadrant Information Services.

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These rates reflect the average cost of car insurance in North Carolina as of June 2024.

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Average Car Insurance Costs in North Carolina

North Carolina's average full coverage car insurance cost is around $885 annually or $74 monthly. Knowing your state's average car insurance cost helps you assess the quotes you receive. Consider comparing car insurance quotes to find an affordable plan that suits your needs. Here's what you might pay for auto insurance in North Carolina: from minimum coverage to full coverage.

100/300/100 Full Cov. w/$1,000 Ded.Average Annual Premium$885Average Monthly Premium$74
100/300/100 Liability OnlyAverage Annual Premium$552Average Monthly Premium$46
State Minimum Liability OnlyAverage Annual Premium$445Average Monthly Premium$37

Why Are Car Insurance Rates Moderate in North Carolina?

Car insurance in North Carolina is relatively affordable when compared to the national average cost of car insurance. For example, North Carolina's average annual premium for state minimum coverage is $445, or about $37 per month, which is cheaper than the national figures that approximate $573 annually or $48 monthly for the same level of coverage. North Carolina's rates are more moderate due to the state's lower-than-average number of uninsured drivers, competitive insurance market and the efficient state insurance regulatory framework that keeps premiums in check.

Average Car Insurance Costs in North Carolina by Company

Car insurance premiums can differ greatly by company, even within the same state. For instance, in North Carolina, State Farm offers the most affordable full coverage at an annual premium of $503, while Kemper is more expensive with an average premium of $1,528 annually.

Searching for the cheapest car insurance in North Carolina could mean significant savings, so it's wise to review and compare different providers' offers for state minimum or minimum coverage plans.

Data filtered by:Results filtered by:
Coverage:Full Coverage
Age Group:
Age Group:30-59
State FarmAnnual Premium$503Monthly Premium$42
North Carolina Farm BureauAnnual Premium$531Monthly Premium$44
ProgressiveAnnual Premium$612Monthly Premium$51
ErieAnnual Premium$631Monthly Premium$53
NationwideAnnual Premium$869Monthly Premium$72
National GeneralAnnual Premium$975Monthly Premium$81
GEICOAnnual Premium$1,011Monthly Premium$84
AllstateAnnual Premium$1,306Monthly Premium$109

Average Car Insurance Costs in North Carolina by Coverage Level

The cost of car insurance in North Carolina is also impacted by the coverage level. The monthly cost for minimum coverage averages around $37, whereas opting for full coverage with a $1,000 deductible can increase the expense to approximately $74.

It is often advised to secure full coverage car insurance since it includes both comprehensive and collision coverage, but this will probably increase the premium. However, selecting a higher deductible, like $1,000, can help mitigate these costs.

State Minimum Liability OnlyAverage Annual Premium$445Average Monthly Premium$37
100/300/100 Liability OnlyAverage Annual Premium$552Average Monthly Premium$46
300/500/300 Liability OnlyAverage Annual Premium$702Average Monthly Premium$59
State Minimum Liability w/ Full Cov. w/$1,000 Ded.Average Annual Premium$814Average Monthly Premium$68
State Minimum Liability w/ Full Cov. w/$500 Ded.Average Annual Premium$845Average Monthly Premium$70
State Minimum Liability w/ Full Cov. w/$1,500 Ded.Average Annual Premium$880Average Monthly Premium$73
100/300/100 Full Cov. w/$1,000 Ded.Average Annual Premium$885Average Monthly Premium$74
100/300/1000,000 - 500 comp_collAverage Annual Premium$916Average Monthly Premium$76

Minimum Car Insurance Requirements in North Carolina

In North Carolina, the minimum car insurance requirements include $30,000 for bodily injury per person, $60,000 per accident and $25,000 for property damage per accident, along with uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage matching these limits.

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    $30,000 for bodily injury liability per person

    This is the minimum coverage amount required in North Carolina for bodily injury liability for one person injured in an accident.

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    $60,000 for bodily injury liability per accident

    North Carolina requires this minimum coverage for all persons injured in a single accident.

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    $25,000 for property damage liability per accident

    This amount is the state minimum in North Carolina for the cost of property damage in an accident.

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    $30,000 uninsured motorist bodily injury per person

    In North Carolina, this coverage protects against injuries caused by uninsured drivers, per person.

    firstAidKit icon

    $60,000 uninsured motorist bodily injury per accident

    This state minimum coverage applies to all injuries in an accident caused by an uninsured driver.

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    $25,000 uninsured/underinsured property damage coverage

    This is the minimum amount required in North Carolina to cover property damage caused by uninsured or underinsured drivers.

Average Car Insurance Costs in North Carolina by City

Your car insurance rates can vary significantly just by your North Carolina location. The most affordable city for full coverage is High Point at $807, while the priciest is Fayetteville at $1,103.

North Carolina car insurance rates are influenced by factors such as your driving history, credit rating and the type and amount of coverage you select. Other local conditions, like crime rates and traffic density, also impact premiums.

CaryFull Coverage Annual Premium$821Minimum Coverage Annual Premium$431
CharlotteFull Coverage Annual Premium$1,088Minimum Coverage Annual Premium$583
DurhamFull Coverage Annual Premium$816Minimum Coverage Annual Premium$426
FayettevilleFull Coverage Annual Premium$1,103Minimum Coverage Annual Premium$557
GreensboroFull Coverage Annual Premium$895Minimum Coverage Annual Premium$456
High PointFull Coverage Annual Premium$807Minimum Coverage Annual Premium$413
RaleighFull Coverage Annual Premium$928Minimum Coverage Annual Premium$491
WilmingtonFull Coverage Annual Premium$902Minimum Coverage Annual Premium$489

Average Car Insurance Costs in North Carolina by Age

Age affects car insurance costs in North Carolina. Younger drivers, aged 22 to 29, typically pay the most, with annual premiums averaging $943. Costs decrease as drivers mature, with an average of $885 for drivers aged 30 to 59; costs slightly increase to $887 for those 60 and over.

Data filtered by:Results filtered by:
Coverage:100/300/100 Full Cov. w/$1,000 Ded.
22-29Average Annual Premium$943Average Monthly Premium$79
30-59Average Annual Premium$885Average Monthly Premium$74
60 +Average Annual Premium$887Average Monthly Premium$74

Average Car Insurance Costs in North Carolina for Teens

In North Carolina, age and gender impact car insurance rates. Adding a 16-year-old male to a family policy averages an annual cost of $2,598. For 16-year-olds looking to secure their own policy, the price is higher at $3,244 for an individual premium. Often, a parent or guardian's signature is required for car insurance for teens under 18.

Data filtered by:Results filtered by:
16Added to Family Policy Premium$2,598Individual Premium$3,244
17Added to Family Policy Premium$2,601Individual Premium$2,648
18Added to Family Policy Premium$2,060Individual Premium$2,189
19Added to Family Policy Premium$1,327Individual Premium$1,350
20Added to Family Policy Premium$1,374Individual Premium$1,323
21Added to Family Policy Premium$1,206Individual Premium$1,174
22Added to Family Policy Premium$1,166Individual Premium$1,158
23Added to Family Policy Premium$1,193Individual Premium$1,137

Average Car Insurance Costs in North Carolina for New Cars

The average annual cost of full coverage car insurance for a 2012 car model is $925, while the same coverage for a 2022 model jumps to $1,304. This increase is due to newer models having higher actual cash values, more expensive repair costs and an increased likelihood of theft, all of which contribute to a rise in premiums If you're driving a newer model, securing comprehensive and collision coverage is a prudent choice since it protects against various incidents, including theft, natural disasters and accidents.

Data filtered by:Results filtered by:
Coverage:Full Coverage
Age Group:
Age Group:30-59
2012 VehicleAnnual Premium$925Monthly Premium$77
2022 VehicleAnnual Premium$1,304Monthly Premium$109
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The actual cash value (ACV) is a car's worth after subtracting depreciation, not the replacement cost. Insurance uses the ACV to determine your payment up to the policy's limit if your car is damaged or stolen. The ACV is key to how much you get from insurance for a claim.

Average Car Insurance Costs in North Carolina by Driving Record

The average cost of car insurance in North Carolina varies significantly based on the driver's record.

  • With a ticket: $1,378 per year; $115 per month
  • With an at-fault accident: $1,295 per year; $108 per month
  • With a DWI: $3,471 per year; $289 per month

The type of violation has a direct impact on the increase in car insurance premiums. The more severe the violation, the higher the cost. These extra costs will continue as long as the violation remains on your driving record, which can vary by state. For example, in North Carolina, a DWI can affect your car insurance rates for several years. While a DWI is typically the most expensive violation for car insurance, some companies may charge more for other violations.

The table below shows the average cost of car insurance in North Carolina for different driving records.

Data filtered by:Results filtered by:
Coverage:100/300/100 Full Cov. w/$1,000 Ded.
Age Group:
Age Group:30-59
CleanAverage Annual Premium$885Average Monthly Premium$74
At-fault AccidentAverage Annual Premium$1,295Average Monthly Premium$108
TicketAverage Annual Premium$1,378Average Monthly Premium$115
DUIAverage Annual Premium$3,471Average Monthly Premium$289

Average Car Insurance Costs in North Carolina by Credit Score

In North Carolina, your average car insurance cost can vary significantly based on your credit score, with premiums ranging from $834 for excellent credit to $1,437 for poor credit. Your credit score is a key factor insurers use to determine your rate, where a good score could mean more affordable coverage. A good credit score ranges from 670 to 739, while excellent credit is 740 and above.

Data filtered by:Results filtered by:
Coverage:100/300/100 w/ $1000 Deductible
Age Group:
Age Group:30-59
ExcellentAnnual Premium$834Monthly Premium$69
GoodAnnual Premium$931Monthly Premium$78
FairAnnual Premium$1,062Monthly Premium$89
Below FairAnnual Premium$1,215Monthly Premium$101
PoorAnnual Premium$1,437Monthly Premium$120

Factors Affecting Car Insurance Rates in North Carolina

Discover the key elements that impact the average cost of car insurance in North Carolina and how these factors could affect your rates.

  • Age and Driving Experience: Younger drivers often face higher insurance premiums due to inexperience, while mature drivers benefit from lower rates as they gain years of driving without major incidents.
  • Driving Record: A clean driving record with no accidents or violations can lead to more affordable insurance rates, as it indicates responsible driving behavior to insurers.
  • Credit Score: In North Carolina, your credit score can significantly influence your car insurance rates, with higher scores generally leading to more favorable premiums.
  • Location within North Carolina: Urban areas with denser traffic can result in higher insurance costs due to the increased risk of accidents, theft and vandalism.
  • Vehicle Type: The make, model and year of your vehicle can affect insurance rates — luxury and sports cars generally incur higher premiums due to costlier repairs and replacements.
  • Coverage Type: The level of coverage you choose, including collision insurance and comprehensive insurance, impacts your premium. Higher coverage limits lead to higher costs.
  • Insurance Claims History: Drivers with a history of filing numerous claims may be considered a higher risk, which can result in increased insurance rates.
  • Marital Status: Married drivers may receive lower car insurance rates as they are statistically found to be involved in fewer accidents compared to single drivers.
  • Annual Mileage: The less you drive, the lower your risk of accidents, which can lead to reduced insurance rates. Higher annual mileage can mean higher premiums.
  • State Minimum Coverage: Opting for state minimum coverage can make for the most affordable option, but it may not provide comprehensive protection in all instances of accidents or damage.

How to Save Money on Car Insurance in North Carolina

To secure affordable car insurance in North Carolina, compare rates, opt for a higher deductible and utilize all possible discounts to lower premiums effectively.

    shoppingCart icon

    Shop around for insurance rates

    Comparing rates from multiple insurers can lead to finding the cheapest car insurance in North Carolina. Dedicate time to research and evaluate different providers to secure the most affordable rates.

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    Maintain a clean driving record

    A clean driving record is essential for lower premiums. Avoiding accidents and traffic violations can significantly decrease insurance costs, making policies more affordable for North Carolina drivers.

    barChart icon

    Consider your coverage

    Carefully assess your coverage needs. Over-insuring can lead to unnecessary costs, while under-insuring may leave you vulnerable. Tailor your policy for a balance between protection and affordability.

    homeInsurance icon

    Bundle insurance policies

    Bundling car insurance with other policies like home or renters insurance can unlock discounts. Insurers often reward multi-policy holders with lower rates, reducing overall insurance expenses.

    discount2 icon

    Ask for discounts

    Take advantage of available discounts. Many insurers offer reduced rates for safe drivers, students with good grades, and for installing anti-theft devices, contributing to a more affordable premium.

    car2 icon

    Choose a higher deductible

    Opting for a higher deductible can lower your premium. However, ensure you can afford the deductible in case of a claim. This strategy can lead to significant savings on your policy cost.

    carInsurance icon

    Improve your credit score

    In North Carolina, a good credit score can influence your insurance rates. Work on improving your credit score to gain access to better insurance rate offers.

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