The Cheapest Car Insurance in Iowa for 2022

Among the most popular car insurance companies in Iowa, you can purchase the cheapest coverage from GEICO. MoneyGeek gathered quotes from several providers and found varying rates. You can save up to $525 by shopping around and comparing quotes.

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Ensure you're getting the best rate for your auto insurance. Compare quotes from the top insurance companies.

Last Updated: 5/13/2022
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Although GEICO offers the cheapest insurance for the average driver, rates vary. Your age, driving history, credit score and coverage levels may affect your premium.

Depending on your profile, you may find a provider offering lower premiums. For instance, if you have a DUI, State Farm has the most affordable policies in Iowa.

USAA’s policies are only available to military families. If you’re eligible, it’s one of the most affordable car insurance options in Iowa.

For those looking for an even more local solution, we also broke down the most affordable companies in Iowa by city, as well as the best car insurance companies in Iowa for those looking to balance quality service and cost.

To find out how MoneyGeek calculated the cheapest car insurance in Iowa, read our methodology.

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Cheapest Minimum Liability Car Insurance in Iowa

A policy that meets the state minimum liability coverage requirement is the cheapest car insurance option in Iowa. Liability only car insurance coverage only offers basic protection. Those looking for broader protection should consider getting higher levels of coverage.

The following insurance providers are the cheapest options for minimum coverage in Iowa:

  • GEICO: $232 per year
  • State Farm: $273 per year

USAA is the cheapest option at roughly $226 per year but is only available to current and former military members.

Allstate is the most expensive car insurance company in Iowa. The provider offers the most expensive rate for minimum coverage, costing $488 per year.

Cheapest Minimum Car Insurance in Iowa
  • Company
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  • 5.

These prices are only estimates based on rates for an average Iowa driver and should not be used to compare insurance prices.

Insurance Rates

Compare Auto Insurance Rates

Ensure you're getting the best rate for your auto insurance. Compare quotes from the top insurance companies.


Cheapest Full Coverage Car Insurance in Iowa

A full coverage policy with comprehensive and collision insurance is the best option if you are looking for insurance that covers most road and off-road accidents in Iowa. It costs more than the minimum coverage but has higher liability limits and includes expenses for damages to your own car. To get the most accurate policy at a fair price, compare quotes from different insurers.

Based on average rates in Iowa, the cheapest auto insurers for a full coverage policy are:

  • GEICO: $473 per year
  • State Farm: $616 per year

USAA is the second most affordable auto insurance option for military at an average of $614 per year, but it is only offered to former and current military members.

The most expensive car insurance company in Iowa for a full coverage policy is MetLife, which costs an average of $998 annually.

Cheapest Full Coverage Car Insurance in Iowa

The biggest auto insurance companies in Iowa have different ways to calculate rates, so your premium will not match any of these examples. These rates are based on a comprehensive and collision insurance policy with $100,000 in bodily injury liability coverage per person, $300,000 in bodily injury liability coverage per accident and $100,000 in property damage coverage per accident.

How to Compare Cheap Iowa Car Insurance Quotes Online

The cost of car insurance in Iowa depends on your needs. In most cases, Iowa drivers can get reasonably accurate quotes on the websites of auto insurance providers.

  • Make sure the quotes have the same coverage levels. For example, if you receive a quote from one company with $50,000 in bodily liability coverage per accident, quotes from other companies should have the same limit.
  • MoneyGeek’s car insurance calculator can provide an estimated quote based on your ZIP code. If you want something personalized, you’ll need to provide additional information. You can also use MoneyGeek’s price data to choose the companies you would check out.
  • Based on average rates for the average driver, the most affordable options are USAA, GEICO and State Farm. You can begin your search for the best auto insurance in Iowa by getting quotes from these companies.

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Cheapest Car Insurance for Drivers With a DUI in Iowa

Severe driving violations in Iowa, including a DUI, will increase your auto insurance rates since insurers find it riskier to cover drivers with violations, and you might also need to file an SR-22. The average cost of auto insurance for an average driver with a clean record in Iowa is $778 per year, while the average annual rate for drivers with a DUI is $1,283.

The cheapest options for Iowa drivers with a DUI and full coverage policy are:

  • State Farm: $671 per year
  • American Family: $754 per year

Although GEICO and USAA are the cheapest insurers for drivers without a DUI, State Farm and American Family are the most affordable options for Iowa drivers with a DUI.

Average Car Insurance Rates With a DUI

From 2009-2018, 916 people in Iowa were killed in accidents involving alcohol. In data collected and published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 3.0% of residents admitted to driving after drinking too much within the last 30 days compared to the national average of 1.7%. Getting a DUI can have a huge impact on a person’s life, with possible jail time, fines and it can mean no longer being eligible for the cheap car insurance rates.

Getting the best price for auto insurance in Iowa with a DUI can be hard, but it’s not impossible. A DUI can impact rates for as long as it stays on your driving record. Preventing future DUIs can help you maintain the most affordable rates.

Cheapest Car Insurance in Iowa for Drivers With an At-Fault Accident

A violation on your driving record can significantly increase your car insurance rates in Iowa. If you have an at-fault accident on your record, your premium costs on average $1,130 per year. That’s $352 higher than a safe driver’s average rate of $778 annually.

MoneyGeek analyzed premiums from various companies in Iowa and found the cheapest car insurance policies after an accident to be from:

  • GEICO: $687 per year
  • State Farm: $725 per year

If you have an accident on your driving record, you can still save money using these companies.

Cheapest Car Insurance With an At-Fault Accident

Cheapest Car Insurance for Drivers With Tickets in Iowa

Minor driving violations like speeding tickets can raise the auto insurance rate of an Iowa driver. The average cost for a driver with a ticket in the state is $966, which is $188 more than the average rate for drivers with a clean record.

For Iowa drivers with a speeding ticket on their record, the cheapest full coverage auto insurance options are:

  • GEICO: $493 per year
  • State Farm: $671 per year

State Farm offers lower auto insurance rates for Iowa drivers with speeding tickets than USAA, which is the second most affordable insurer for drivers with a clean record.

Average Car Insurance Rates With a Ticket

Distracted driving is a common issue in all states and includes texting or talking on a cell phone, having a conversation with passengers or eating while driving. Getting a ticket for speeding or distracted driving can mean you’re no longer eligible for cheap car insurance in Iowa.

A ticket may mean you can’t get the best rates, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still get affordable car insurance in Iowa. Any ticket you get can raise your rates for as long as the ticket stays on your driving record. Distracted driving can have a lifelong impact on yourself and others. Avoiding distractions and maintaining safe habits can help save you money on tickets, car insurance and more.

Cheapest Car Insurance Companies in Iowa for Drivers With Bad Credit

Having low credit scores in Iowa leads to higher insurance rates compared to the premiums of drivers with great credit scores. The average cost of car insurance for Iowa drivers with good credit is $778. Having a poor credit score increases the average annual rate to $1,271.

The cheapest car insurance companies for Iowa drivers with bad credit are:

  • GEICO: $653 per year
  • Allied: $922 per year

While USAA is the second cheapest company for a driver with a good credit score in Iowa, Allied has lower rates for those with bad credit.

Average Car Insurance Rates for Drivers With Bad Credit

Car insurance companies in many states consider credit scores when providing quotes. Iowa is no different. The average credit score in Iowa is 720, according to Experian, which is higher than the national average of 703. This rate means for most Iowans, getting cheap auto insurance quotes should be easier than in other states.

Drivers with bad credit may not qualify for the cheapest auto insurance rates in Iowa. Improving your credit score can help you get the most affordable car insurance rates with the best coverage.

Cheapest Car Insurance in Iowa for Seniors

Senior drivers in Iowa tend to have more expensive auto insurance premiums than young adults and middle-aged drivers. The average cost of auto insurance for senior drivers in Iowa is $792, which is $14 more than the average annual rate for a 40-year-old driver.

The cheapest options in Iowa for senior drivers are:

  • GEICO: $489 per year
  • State Farm: $594 per year

State Farm has a lower average cost for senior drivers in Iowa with full coverage compared to USAA, which is the second cheapest company for a 40-year-old driver.

Average Car Insurance Rates for Seniors

15.3% of the drivers involved in fatal Iowa car crashes in 2017 were people ages 65 and older. Seniors are considered a riskier age group than middle-aged drivers and may see their insurance rates increase over time. In Iowa, the standard driver’s license renewal is eight years. Once you turn 66, it reduces to seven and then lowers annually to two years for every year older you get. Seniors looking for auto insurance in Iowa can expect to pay the following rates.

Due to age, seniors can have reduced reaction time and a higher likelihood of being involved in collisions. Seniors with safe driving records may be able to find special rates on car insurance in Iowa.

Cheapest Car Insurance in Iowa for Young Drivers

Age and driving experience also contribute to higher car insurance rates in Iowa. Providers charge young drivers more expensive premiums because they are more likely to get into accidents and are, therefore, riskier to insure.

A car insurance policy for a 25-year-old driver costs $763 per year on average in Iowa. A 16-year-old pays around $1,877 for the same coverage. That’s a difference of $1,114.

MoneyGeek compared policies from various car insurance carriers specifically for young drivers — those between 16 and 25. We found that GEICO has the lowest average rate for all drivers within this age range.

Annual Car Insurance In Iowa for Young Drivers

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  • Age
    Average Cost
    Cheapest Company
    Company Cost
  • $1,877
  • $1,738
  • $1,584
  • $1,538
  • $1,328
  • $1,071
  • $969
  • $885
  • $818
  • $763

Iowa teenagers can get their learner's permit as early as the age of 14, which advocacy groups like the Insurance Institute of Highway Safety say is too young — even with a licensed driver in the car. With very young teenagers on the road, family premiums increase. Parents will have to take their young drivers' safety into their own hands. Practicing with them, sharing car responsibilities and creating a parent-teen agreement are great ways to keep your teens in good standing and safe.

There are some ways to keep rates low and qualify for cheap car insurance for young drivers in Iowa: maintain good grades, drive the safest car in the household and keep college students on the family policy (unless the car is in their name). Students who go to college more than 100 miles away from home and don’t take a car may qualify for the best rates on a family plan.

The above chart shows what families in Iowa can expect to pay when looking to add a young driver to their policy.

Insurance Rate Information for Military Drivers and Veterans

Most auto insurance companies offer discounts to the hundreds of active-duty military personnel living in Iowa and to the state’s retired veterans. Decide how much coverage you need, possibly greater than the state-required minimum, and then shop around to compare car insurance prices.

You'll need to show proof of insurance before the Iowa DMV will sell plates and register the vehicle. Iowa military residents must register their vehicles like any other citizen, while temporary military families can maintain their registration in their home state, so long as it's up-to-date. Military personnel and veterans can expect to pay the following for auto insurance in Iowa.

Average Rates for Iowa service members

25 years$1,136
50 years$860
25 years$1,030
50 years$869

Car Insurance in Iowa: What You Need to Know

The Iowa Code states that all cars on the road must be registered and insured. Always check with your local DMV for answers to specific questions about unused or inoperable vehicles.

Proof of Insurance in Iowa

While driving, you'll have to carry a paper version of your insurance card or an electronic version on a smartphone. This proof must include the following information:

  • The driver's name
  • The vehicle identification number
  • Dates for which the policy applies
  • Contact information for the insurer

You must show proof of insurance if you are in an accident or if an officer asks for it.

Minimum Liability Insurance Requirements in Iowa

Iowa, like most states, requires drivers to carry insurance to protect other drivers and their passengers. The minimum liability requirements for auto insurance are:

  • $20,000 for injuries to one person
  • $40,000 for injuries per crash
  • $15,000 for property damage

Alternatives to Insurance in Iowa

If you don't want to buy regular insurance, you'll have to find another way to prove that you can pay up to $55,000 to cover injuries and property damage from a crash. You can do so by buying a bond or making a security deposit. If you own a fleet of cars, you can apply for self-insurance.

Drivers with alternative forms of insurance should know that they don't offer great protection. On the contrary, at-fault drivers will still find themselves paying out in the case of a collision. If you have a bond with a lien against your property, you run the risk of losing that property to pay off another driver's medical bills.

How Much Coverage Do You Need in Iowa?

Although Iowa only requires basic liability coverage, drivers can benefit by getting a plan with more coverage. Here are three things they should consider.

First, a three-day hospital stay costs $30,000 on average, according to statistics from the federal government. One can see how a catastrophic accident — including hospitalization, rehabilitation and medication — could quickly add up. That's why industry experts recommend purchasing a policy with $100,000/$300,000 limits for bodily injury liability.

Second, Iowa is prone to flooding due to its location between the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers. You may want comprehensive coverage to protect your cars from flood damage. Collision coverage will also help in the case of damage caused by other vehicles, including those driven by uninsured drivers.

Finally, insurers automatically sign consumers up for policies to protect them from uninsured/underinsured drivers. You can sign a form to opt out, but you might want to keep this coverage. Nearly 9% of drivers on Iowa's roadways lack insurance and many of those who do have insurance only purchase the minimum. This means they likely wouldn't be able to cover the full costs of a serious crash.

Cheapest Car Insurance in Iowa by City

Car insurance in Iowa is also affected by where you live, as premiums often vary within the state.

Des Moines is Iowa’s capital city and has the largest population. Drivers living there pay $778 per year on average for full coverage auto insurance, while Cedar Rapids drivers pay roughly $725.

You can find more information about car insurance for a specific area by clicking on the city.

Average Insurance Rate by City in Iowa

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FAQs About Car Insurance in Iowa

Iowa drivers should consider various factors when looking for auto insurance. The most common questions that drivers are concerned about are those related to the price and which companies are the best.

Expert Advice on Finding Affordable Car Insurance in Iowa

  1. What are the key factors drivers in Iowa should look for when searching for the best auto insurance coverage?
  2. What steps can drivers in Iowa take to find affordable car insurance?
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Insurance Rates

Compare Auto Insurance Rates

Ensure you're getting the best rate for your auto insurance. Compare quotes from the top insurance companies.


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