Best Car Insurance for Military Families and Veterans

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Updated: May 20, 2024

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The best overall car insurance for military members is from USAA. Other than USAA, GEICO has the best military discounts — up to 15% of the total premium for eligible military members. State Farm is the best runner-up, scoring the second-highest after USAA nationwide.

Key Takeaways

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USAA offers the best car insurance for military members, veterans and their families in 44 states.

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Some insurance companies offer specialized discounts or coverages for military members, including deployment and car storage discounts.

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If you’re planning to store your car while deployed, review your coverage to ensure you're paying for appropriate protection while you’re not using your vehicle.

Why Trust MoneyGeek? We analyzed quotes and data obtained from Quadrant Information Services and reviewed ratings from credible third parties, including J.D. Power, AM Best and the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC). We used a comprehensive ranking system to assess providers as well as determine the best and most affordable car insurance for military members and veterans. Factors like rate affordability, customer satisfaction, financial stability and discounts were taken into account when selecting our top picks.

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Best Car Insurance for Military Members and Veterans

USAA consistently offers the best car insurance for the military community, whether for full coverage or state-minimum policies.

  • USAA: MoneyGeek score of 93 out of 100 ($679 per year, $57 per month)

USAA is often considered the gold standard for auto insurance — and for those in the military, it’s frequently the best for customer service and affordability.

Best for Military: USAA




Caters to the unique needs of individuals and family members with active or past military employment


Consistently offers cheap premiums and scores highly in customer service


Has various discounts and policies that can help policyholders lower their insurance costs



May not offer some add-on or unique coverage options that other providers offer


USAA is the best car insurance option for military members, veterans and their families. The company is uniquely attuned to this group's specific challenges, such as deployment-related storage and military base parking. It offers tailored policies that simplify the insurance process and a generous 60% discount for those facing deployment.

In addition to basic coverage, USAA provides value-added services like accident forgiveness and roadside assistance. These features ensure that you're getting standard coverage and a dependable and comprehensive insurance package that suits diverse needs.

Savings opportunities with USAA are abundant. Members have various ways to reduce costs, from bundling services and insuring multiple vehicles to unique offerings like legacy and mileage discounts. Plus, USAA Perks offers additional discounts on car maintenance, travel and online shopping, making it a well-rounded choice for insurance.

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MoneyGeek found the best car insurance for military families by comparing rates and coverage options from various insurers. Providers were also scored based on affordability, specialized coverage and customer service. Note that the rates mentioned have no discounts added, meaning you may get lower rates if you qualify for discounts.

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Coverage:100/300/100 Full Cov. w/$1,000 Ded.
USAAMG Best Score (out of 100)93Annual Premium$679Monthly Premium$57
State FarmMG Best Score (out of 100)88Annual Premium$883Monthly Premium$74
NationwideMG Best Score (out of 100)87Annual Premium$930Monthly Premium$78
GEICOMG Best Score (out of 100)88Annual Premium$936Monthly Premium$78
TravelersMG Best Score (out of 100)88Annual Premium$1,037Monthly Premium$86
ProgressiveMG Best Score (out of 100)86Annual Premium$1,120Monthly Premium$93
AllstateMG Best Score (out of 100)85Annual Premium$1,124Monthly Premium$94
FarmersMG Best Score (out of 100)86Annual Premium$1,192Monthly Premium$99

Runner-Up Car Insurance for Military and Veterans: State Farm

State Farm earns an honorable mention as a runner-up for the best auto insurance provider for military drivers in the U.S.

  • State Farm: MoneyGeek score of 88 out of 100 ($883 per year, $74 per month)

Although USAA and GEICO are our top picks for military families, State Farm also offers affordable rates and a variety of discounts to reduce costs.

Runner-Up for Military: State Farm

State Farm



Allows you to suspend your car insurance policy


Offers a wide variety of both common and unique discounts


Serves all states



No specific discounts for military members, veterans or their families


State Farm is a top pick for military drivers. It offers various discounts to help policyholders lower costs, although none specifically tailored to military members.

Most of its customer service can be done online or over the phone, a big plus for members managing insurance from afar. State Farm also lets you suspend your policy if you're deployed and need to store your car for more than 30 days.

With affordable rates, excellent service and military-friendly features, State Farm stands out for those in the military community.

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Best Car Insurance With Military Discount: GEICO

At GEICO, eligible military drivers can get a discount of up to 15% on their total premium.

  • GEICO: MoneyGeek score of 88 out of 100 ($936 per year, $78 per month)

Few car insurance providers beyond USAA and GEICO consistently offer special discounts to military members and veterans. Companies like State Farm and Progressive generally offer a 25% discount to military drivers in Louisiana, largely due to regional legal requirements.


GEICO has a long-standing commitment to serving military members, veterans and their families. Since its inception, the company has offered tailored discounts and services to meet the unique needs of military drivers. Whether you're on active duty, a veteran or a member of the National Guard or Reserves, you're eligible for GEICO's military discount. Additionally, GEICO offers an emergency deployment discount and special rates for members of military-affiliated organizations like the Association of the United States Army (AUSA).

The company's transparency about its military discounts makes it a top choice for service members. While other insurance providers may also offer military discounts, these vary by state and availability. With GEICO, you can count on consistent, reliable savings and services designed specifically for the military community.

Best Car Insurance for Military Drivers by State

USAA stands out as the leading choice for military drivers, earning the highest MoneyGeek score in an impressive 44 states. Erie, Auto-Owners and American National each earned the best MoneyGeek score in three states.

MoneyGeek has already done the heavy lifting, analyzing the top insurance options in your region. Simply browse the table below to pinpoint the best insurer in your state.

AlabamaCompanyUSAAMG Best Score (out of 100)94Annual Premium$651Monthly Premium$54
AlaskaCompanyUSAAMG Best Score (out of 100)92Annual Premium$519Monthly Premium$43
ArizonaCompanyAuto-Owners Insurance CoMG Best Score (out of 100)92Annual Premium$767Monthly Premium$64
ArkansasCompanyUSAAMG Best Score (out of 100)94Annual Premium$549Monthly Premium$46
CaliforniaCompanyUSAAMG Best Score (out of 100)94Annual Premium$1,012Monthly Premium$84

The average cost of car insurance differs greatly between states. For example, in Iowa, the average annual premium for a full coverage policy is $794. In contrast, Florida drivers pay an average of $1,627 for similar coverage.

Choosing the best insurance provider involves considering factors like your location, driving profile and history. While each company has unique discounts, they're not available in every state. Notably, USAA and GEICO offer military discounts across the U.S. Meanwhile, even without specific military discounts, State Farm could provide more economical rates in your region

When picking a provider, look for the most competitive rates first. Then, explore any extra discounts they might offer to further save on costs.

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In Louisiana, there's a unique advantage for members of the Louisiana Air National Guard and the Louisiana Army National Guard. State law mandates that car insurance companies offer a 25% premium discount to these service members.

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Companies Offering Military Discounts

Active-duty personnel stationed over 100 miles from their vehicle's location may qualify for a specific distance-based discount, while some providers give reductions of up to 15% on total premiums. Additionally, taking approved military driving courses or garaging vehicles on base can also lead to discounted rates.



If you are eligible for a membership with the Armed Forces Insurance, you may be able to benefit from its specialized car insurance coverage and get competitive premiums.


Active military personnel in Alabama, Mississippi or Georgia can benefit from Alfa’s discounts on car insurance for military members.

Active-duty military members deployed more than 100 miles from their car's garaging address may qualify for Arbella’s 10% discount on car insurance.

Direct Auto

Eligible military members can get a discount of up to 25% on key coverages, such as liability, comprehensive, collision and uninsured motorist coverage. Only available in Alabama, Florida and Louisiana.

Get a military discount at Direct General if you are an active service member and can provide acceptable documentation verifying your status.

Esurance may not have military discounts, but it does offer a program that can help active-duty members save significantly on car insurance. Active-duty members can cancel their car insurance with Esurance without penalty while they're away, and reinstate it once they return. This is not commonly offered by other providers.

Difference Between Military and Civilian Car Insurance

Car insurance is fundamentally the same for military members, veterans and civilians. State minimum car insurance requirements remain consistent for everyone, regardless of their military status. However, specific providers recognize the unique circumstances of active-duty service members and offer specialized discounts or coverages.

For instance, GEICO provides emergency deployment discounts for those deployed in imminent danger zones, ensuring they don't pay high premiums while their car isn't in use. USAA offers up to a 60% discount for those who store their undriven vehicles during deployment. Furthermore, vehicles garaged on military bases might be eligible for up to 15% savings on comprehensive coverage.

Compare Auto Insurance Rates

Ensure you're getting the best rate for your auto insurance. Compare quotes from the top insurance companies.

What to Consider When Storing a Car During Deployment

If you're planning on storing your car away while deployed, you should take advantage of all available discounts offered by your insurer. But you should also hold as little coverage as you need to keep your car safe while lowering your monthly bill. For instance, you can opt for liability-only car insurance by removing comprehensive and collision coverage. You can even get rid of liability insurance if you're willing to register your car again after returning from deployment.

Determining the right car insurance coverage and needs before you're deployed will ensure you get the best coverage at a good rate.

Insurance Option

Your state legally requires liability insurance. It might make sense to forego this protection if you want maximum savings. To suspend it, you’ll have to store your car so nobody else can drive it. If you suspend liability insurance, you must register your car again when you return from deployment. If you don’t suspend liability insurance, you can still lower your coverage to only meet the state-required minimums to save on premiums.

This insurance protects you against the cost of damage to your car from incidents on and off the road. It makes sense to maintain comprehensive coverage since it will financially protect you against the cost of unlikely damages to your car while it's in storage. If you aren't using your car, it could make sense to drop collision insurance. However, if you financed your car purchase or are leasing your car, your lender may not let you drop this coverage.

How Military Members and Veterans Can Save on Car Insurance

To save on car insurance, compare quotes from different companies, ask about special discounts — especially if you're a military member or veteran — and consider bundling your insurance policies. Regularly review your coverage, especially after major life events, to ensure you're getting the best deal.

Shop for Quotes

To get the best available car insurance rates, you should compare quotes from at least three different auto insurance companies. Get the same coverage limits and deductibles so you can compare apples to apples with what you have now.

Ask About Discounts

Ask about any discounts for which you may be eligible to get the cheapest rates with the best car insurance company. As a military member or veteran, you may qualify for special discounts.

Insure More With One Company

One particular discount you may be eligible for is the multi-policy discount. If you insure your home and car with the same provider, you can save up to 25%. Some insurance companies refer to this as a "bundling" discount.

Along with homeowners insurance, other policies you can consider for discounts include:

Review Your Coverages

Life events should trigger a coverage review for your auto insurance. You may have gotten married, had a baby or moved to another state. Maybe you paid off your car or bought a new one and need affordable full coverage protection. These changes can impact your car insurance needs, so it’s best to review your coverages and discounts to know you’re getting the cheapest rates.

Use a Checklist

As you’re collecting quotes to find the best car insurance for your needs, use a checklist that lists all your insurance requirements and be sure to use the same criteria for each company’s quotes. Using a checklist can also help ensure that you get all the discounts for which you’re eligible.

Pay in Full

While some insurers offer a no down payment car insurance to avail the lowest upfront payment, you can ultimately save by paying for your policy upfront and in full.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you're an active-duty, veteran or reserve member of the military, you may qualify for exclusive discounts. Find out more about military discounts by reading our answers to the most frequently asked questions.

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