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The Cheapest and Best Homeowners Insurance in Manchester

The Cheapest Home Insurance Companies in Manchester

Because most insurance providers offer the same core coverages, the policy cost is a significant factor when shopping around for a home insurance policy in Manchester.

On average, the cheapest home insurance companies in Manchester for $250,000 in dwelling coverage are:

  • Travelers: $728 per year
  • MetLife: $759 per year

For homes with $2 million in dwelling coverage, the average cheapest home insurance in Manchester is with:

  • USAA: $4,837 per year (only available to current and former military members and their families)
  • Allstate: $5,353 per year

To see how prices change due to dwelling coverage, view the table below.

The Cheapest Home Insurance in Manchester, Ranked

Dwelling Coverage:


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Insurance Rates


MoneyGeek’s sample policy with $250,000 initial baseline dwelling coverage includes a personal property limit of $100,000. Meanwhile, the policy with dwelling coverage of $2 million has an $800,000 personal property limit. The liability coverage is $100,000 for all policies, regardless of dwelling coverage limits.

If you don’t live in Manchester or are considering moving, you can check out home insurance companies and their prices in New Hampshire.

The Average Cost of Homeowners Insurance in Manchester for 2022


In Manchester and New Hampshire as a whole, the average cost of homeowners insurance is $898 per year. It is significantly cheaper — around $1,205 less — than the national average of $2,103 per year.

Calculate the Cost of Home Insurance in Manchester

When calculating the cost of home insurance in Manchester, companies consider your location, dwelling coverage limit, personal property coverage limit and credit score. MoneyGeek has a home insurance calculator to help you compare homeowners insurance quotes in New Hampshire.


Home Insurance Calculator


New Hampshire

Dwelling Coverage






Personal Property


Credit Score


low end

on average

high end

These are annual estimates. Get a personalized quote to determine your costs.


The Best Home Insurance Companies in Manchester

While cost is an important factor, it’s also vital to look at a company’s financial stability and customer service quality before selecting a homeowners insurance policy in Manchester. Filing claims can be stressful, so you want an insurer who can process claims fairly and quickly.

According to MoneyGeek’s analysis, the best home insurance companies in Manchester are:

  • Best Overall: Travelers
  • Runner-up: MetLife

We rated home insurance companies in Manchester based on affordability, financial stability and user satisfaction.





User Satisfaction


Financial Stability

Geek Quick Take
Geek Quick Take

Garnering a perfect score for affordability and financial stability, Travelers is MoneyGeek’s top pick for homeowners insurance in Manchester. In case of identity fraud, you can include in your policy up to $25,000 coverage for restoration purposes.

More About Travelers

If you’re an eco-conscious homeowner, Travelers provides extra coverage to repair your home with green materials. You can also opt for an additional replacement cost. That means if your home is damaged and expenses exceed your dwelling coverage, Travelers still covers the cost for repair.

Read MoneyGeek's Travelers home Insurance Review




User Satisfaction


Financial Stability

Geek Quick Take
Geek Quick Take

MetLife ranks second-highest for affordability in Manchester and is MoneyGeek’s runner-up for a home insurance policy. You can get add-on coverage for damage caused by water backup or sump pump discharge.

More About MetLife

MetLife offers additional coverage for ordinances or laws, which means it protects against building codes or laws. You might also be able to add lawn protection, coverage for natural property or debris removal. With MetLife, a policy automatically includes identity protection services, regardless of package level.

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Cheapest Home Insurance Companies in Manchester for Newly Constructed Homes

If you have a newly constructed home, it’s likely cheaper to insure since modern materials can resist damage better, making filing a claim less likely, and are easy for insurance companies to replace. MoneyGeek found insuring a Manchester home built in 2000 costs an average of $898 annually, and a policy for a newly constructed home costs an average of $680 per year.

On average, for those with new homes in Manchester with $250,000 in dwelling coverage, the cheapest insurance companies are:

  • Nationwide: $550 per year
  • Travelers: $569 per year
The Cheapest Home Insurance in Manchester for New Homes, Ranked

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Cheapest Home Insurance Companies in Manchester if You Have a Lot of Personal Property

For valuables in your home, a homeowners insurance policy includes personal property protection. The higher your personal property limit, the more expensive your premium. For MoneyGeek’s standard home insurance policy in Manchester, it costs an average of $975 annually for a $250,000 personal property limit and an average of $898 per year for a $100,000 personal property coverage limit.

If you’re a homeowner who needs a personal property coverage limit of $250,000, the cheapest insurance companies, on average, in Manchester are:

  • Travelers: $804 per year
  • MetLife: $824 per year
Cheap Companies in Manchester for Extra Personal Property Coverage

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Cheapest Home Insurance Companies in Manchester for High Deductibles

Before your home insurance provider in Manchester reimburses a claim, you pay the deductible out of pocket. If you have a high deductible, you pay less yearly, but your cost when filing a claim is higher — the deductible can very much impact your premium cost. In Manchester, MoneyGeek found a policy with a $2,000 deductible costs an average of $783 annually, while a policy with a $1,000 deductible costs an average of $898 per year.

In Manchester, on average, the cheapest homeowners insurance companies with a $2,000 deductible are:

  • Travelers: $659 per year
  • MetLife: $662 per year
The Cheapest Companies in Manchester for High Deductibles, Ranked

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Cheapest Home Insurance Companies in Manchester if You Have Poor Credit

Credit score is a significant factor insurance providers look at when calculating home insurance quotes in Manchester. Homeowners with poor credit pay higher rates compared to those with good credit. MoneyGeek’s research shows the annual premium with poor credit is around $1,866 and roughly $898 with good credit.

For individuals with poor credit, MoneyGeek found the cheapest homeowners insurance companies in Manchester are:

  • Farmers: $1,289 per year on average
  • Nationwide: $1,343 per year on average
The Cheapest Companies in Manchester for Poor Credit, Ranked

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Getting Online Homeowners Insurance Quotes in Manchester

Before you get home insurance quotes in Manchester online, make sure you have the following information.

  • Details about your home: You need to know your home’s age and size. Also, note if you have any security devices within your property.
  • Home replacement cost: The cost to replace your home dictates how much dwelling coverage you need. You should consult with a construction or real estate professional to get an estimate.
  • Personal information: Insurers always ask for your insurance history, the number of people in your home and your address.
  • Personal property value: How much your possessions cost to replace determines your personal property coverage limit.
Insurance Rates


Homeowners Insurance in Manchester Analysis: Methodology

MoneyGeek evaluated the home insurance premiums of eight companies in Manchester. We utilized information gathered in partnership with Quadrant.

Customer satisfaction ratings were obtained from J.D. Power, while we computed affordability using quotes for homes with varying coverage levels. For homeowners in different situations, MoneyGeek compiled quotes for increased dwelling or personal property coverage, newly constructed homes, higher deductibles and poor credit scores.

Our sample home is 2,500 square feet, built in 2000, with $250,000 in dwelling coverage and liability and personal property coverage of $100,000 each. It also has a $1,000 deductible.

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