The Best Cheap Homeowners Insurance in Brownsville, Texas for 2022: Quotes and Reviews

Homeowners insurance in Brownsville, Texas, costs an average of $3,889 a year or $324 per month. However, this can vary depending on the insurer. State Farm is the most expensive provider at roughly $6,895 annually, while Nationwide is the cheapest at around $1,003 annually. Homeowners can save up to $5,892 per year if they do their research. We've evaluated the best homeowners insurance in Brownsville if you're seeking a blend of affordability and quality coverage.


Insurance Rates

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Last Updated: 9/25/2022
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The Cheapest and Best Homeowners Insurance in Brownsville

The Cheapest Home Insurance Companies in Brownsville

In Brownsville, most home insurance providers offer similar coverage features, so it's crucial to compare rates while shopping for a policy.

On average, the cheapest home insurance companies in the city for a standard house with $250,000 in dwelling coverage are:

  • Nationwide: $1,003 per year
  • Farmers: $1,413 per year

For properties with $2 million in dwelling coverage, the top providers of cheap homeowners insurance in Brownsville are, on average:

  • Farmers: $5,204 per year
  • Nationwide: $5,720 per year

You can look at and compare home insurance quotes for various dwelling coverage levels using the chart below.

The Cheapest Home Insurance in Brownsville, Ranked

Dwelling Coverage:


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Insurance Rates


Personal property limits are $100,000 for policies with a $250,000 initial baseline dwelling coverage limit and $800,000 for policies with a $2 million dwelling coverage limit. All of the policies have a $100,000 liability limit.

If you live outside of Brownsville, you can look up home insurance rates in Texas to see what they are in your area.

The Average Cost of Homeowners Insurance in Brownsville for 2022


Brownsville homeowners spend up to $499 more per year for home insurance than the Texas state average of $3,390. Even the average cost of home insurance in this city, which sits at $3,889 per year, is greater than the national average of $2,103 per year.

Calculate the Cost of Home Insurance in Brownsville

The cost of home insurance in Brownsville is determined by a number of factors, including your location, credit score, the value of the personal property you want to insure and the dwelling coverage limit you need.

You can use MoneyGeek's house insurance calculator to compare quotes for home insurance in your state.


Home Insurance Calculator



Dwelling Coverage






Personal Property


Credit Score


low end

on average

high end

These are annual estimates. Get a personalized quote to determine your costs.


The Best Home Insurance Companies in Brownsville

When purchasing Brownsville home insurance, it's critical to look into the company's financial stability and track record of client satisfaction. While price is crucial, you also need to know that if you need to file a claim, it will be handled quickly and fairly.

The best homes insurance companies in Brownsville, according to MoneyGeek's research, are:

  • Best Overall: USAA
  • Runner-up: Nationwide

MoneyGeek assessed the city’s homeowners insurance companies based on pricing, user satisfaction scores and financial stability ratings.





User Satisfaction


Financial Stability

Geek Quick Take
Geek Quick Take

In terms of financial stability and customer satisfaction, USAA outperformed all other Brownsville insurers and scored third in. USAA is available to military families only and costs around $2,208 annually. It offers home rental coverage.

More About USAA

A USAA policy includes optional protection for homeowners who rent out rooms in their houses, in addition to coverage that compensates active military members if they lose their uniforms. It also provides discounts to policyholders who install safety devices in their homes, making the insurer even more affordable.

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User Satisfaction


Financial Stability

Geek Quick Take
Geek Quick Take

Nationwide earned great scores in customer satisfaction and financial stability plus a perfect affordability rating. On average, Nationwide policies in Brownsville cost $1,003 annually. It also offers rare add-on protections like better roof replacement coverage.

More About Nationwide

Nationwide includes the option of adding a few unique policies, such as paying the cost of replacing your roof with sturdier and safer materials and covering the cost of losing personal data in the event of a cyber attack. It also includes extra protection for high-value objects like jewels, watches, antiques and fine art. Plus, customers can get discounts for bundling.

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Cheapest Home Insurance Companies in Brownsville for Newly Constructed Homes

Homeowners with newly constructed homes in Brownsville can get lower home insurance premiums. This is because newer materials are more resistant to damage and easier to repair. A newly built home will cost an average of $2,570 per year to cover, whereas an old house built in 2000 can cost roughly $3,889 per year to insure.

On average, the cheapest home insurance companies in the city for recently built homes with $250,000 in dwelling coverage are:

  • Nationwide: $356 per year
  • Farmers: $961 per year
The Cheapest Home Insurance in Brownsville for New Homes, Ranked

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Cheapest Home Insurance Companies in Brownsville if You Have a Lot of Personal Property

Brownsville homeowners who want to cover more personal assets will have to pay more for home insurance. A homeowners insurance policy with $250,000 in personal property protection costs $3,995 per year on average, while a policy with $100,000 in personal property coverage costs approximately $3,889 per year.

On average, the following insurers offer the lowest home insurance quotes in Brownsville for policies with $250,000 in personal property coverage limits:

  • Nationwide: $1,095 per year.
  • Farmers: $1,464 per year.
Cheap Companies in Brownsville for Extra Personal Property Coverage

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Cheapest Home Insurance Companies in Brownsville for High Deductibles

Your deductible can have a huge impact on your home insurance costs in Brownsville. Lower deductibles mean higher premiums but will save you money when you file a claim, while higher deductibles mean lower premiums but more out-of-pocket costs when filing a claim. On average, a policy with a $2000 deductible will cost $3,444 per year, while a policy with a $1,000 deductible plays around $3,889 per year.

On average, the following are the city's lowest insurance carriers for policies with $2,000 deductibles:

  • Nationwide: $962 per year
  • Farmers: $1,122 per year
The Cheapest Companies in Brownsville for High Deductibles, Ranked

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Cheapest Home Insurance Companies in Brownsville if You Have Poor Credit

In Brownsville, your credit score has a considerable impact on your home insurance rates. This is because house insurance premiums are calculated using credit scores as a rating component. Home insurance costs an annual average of $7,831 for homeowners with poor credit scores, compared to roughly $3,889 per year for homeowners with good credit ratings.

On average, Brownsville's cheapest home insurance companies for homeowners with a poor credit score are:

  • Nationwide: $1,452 per year.
  • Universal North America: $4,630 per year

USAA’s average of $3,173 per year makes it the second most affordable homeowners insurance provider for policyholders with poor credit, but these policies are only for military personnel.

The Cheapest Companies in Brownsville for Poor Credit, Ranked

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Getting Online Homeowners Insurance Quotes in Brownsville

If you're looking to get Brownsville home insurance quotes online, insurers will request information from you to determine the proper coverage limits and premiums for your home. Here are some important details you'll need to provide:

  • Personal information: When seeking a home insurance quote online, personal information such as your address, who you live with and your insurance history will be requested.
  • Details about your property: The insurer will need particular information about your home, such as its size, when it was built and whether it has any safety features.
  • The cost of rebuilding your home as it is: Your dwelling coverage limit is defined by the actual cost of rebuilding your home as it is. The cost of replacement is a big determinant of how much house insurance costs. To guarantee that you present the insurer with an exact value, it’s wise to get an estimate from a building specialist.
  • Personal property value: The more personal property you have to insure, the more expensive your house insurance will be. Insurers will need to know the value of the personal property covered by your homeowner's insurance policy.
Insurance Rates


Homeowners Insurance in Brownsville Analysis: Methodology

For this study, MoneyGeek compared rates from ten Brownsville home insurance companies and collaborated with Quadrant to get most of the data.

Affordability scores were calculated using quotes for a property with various levels of coverage. J.D. Power surveys provided the customer satisfaction ratings used in this study. MoneyGeek also gathered quotes for homeowners who recently built homes, needed more dwelling or personal property coverage, had larger deductibles or had bad credit.

MoneyGeek used a basic profile of a 2,500-square-foot home built in 2000, with $250,000 in dwelling coverage, $100,000 in personal property coverage and $100,000 in liability limit. All insurance policies had a $1,000 deductible.

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