Jetty Renters Insurance Review: Cost & Service (2024)

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ByMark Fitzpatrick
ByMark Fitzpatrick

Updated: May 22, 2024

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MoneyGeek's Jetty renters insurance review gives Jetty a high rating due to its excellent financial stability and customer satisfaction. The company’s renters insurance, however, is only available if you rent a property that partners with Jetty. The company's National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) customer complaint ratio is higher than the national average. Furthermore, Jetty does not provide any discounts and has limited coverage options. Individuals looking for ways to save may not find Jetty to be the best option.

Does Jetty Have Good Customer Service?

It’s important to consider a company’s customer service record when shopping for renters insurance. You want to select a responsive company that processes claims quickly and fairly. It’s worth researching prospective insurers to make sure they offer quality customer service to match their price and policy offerings.

MoneyGeek's Jetty renters insurance review found that Jetty scores an A- rating from the BBB but has a National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) customer complaint index of 1.59, which is higher than the national average of 1.00. The company gets an A rating for financial stability from AM Best. Jetty does not offer renters discounts on any of its products, but it offers competitive rates and partners with several prominent real estate brands in the United States.

According to NAIC complaint reports, Jetty’s renters insurance has a customer complaint ratio of 1.59. The average score among insurers is 1.00, so Jetty’s complaint rate is higher than the national average.

Financial Stability Rating

A company’s financial stability is another important consideration when choosing renters insurance.

AM Best, one of two major rating agencies that evaluate insurers for financial strength and soundness, gives Jetty an A rating. An A rating is considered very strong and means Jetty has demonstrated an excellent ability to meet its financial obligations and should have no problem paying claims promptly if they arise.

What to Expect From Jetty Renters Insurance

Working with a renters insurance company should be easy. MoneyGeek explains below how to obtain a quote from Jetty and how customer service functions at the company.

Getting a quote

Individuals moving into a Jetty's partner property can get an estimate and purchase a plan via Jetty's website.

Customer support

Customers can contact Jetty by filling out a request form on its website.

Filing a claim

You can file a claim through the company’s website.

Canceling your policy

The standard Jetty plan has a 12-month term. You may cancel during the 12 months via email or through your account page.

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Jetty renters insurance is available through rental companies nationwide, except in:

  • Florida
  • Indiana
  • Missouri
  • Hawaii
  • North Carolina

How Much Does Jetty’s Renters Insurance Cost?

Renters insurance carriers base their premiums on various factors, including coverage limits, your credit score and more. Jetty charges a $15 to $25 monthly service fee, depending on your credit, income and rent information.

Speak with an agent to determine how much a Jetty renters insurance policy would cost. Depending on your coverage limit, which is determined by the value of your personal property, you may pay more or less for renters insurance.

When you apply for renters insurance with Jetty, the company will ask for basic information about you and your new home. Before deciding your rate, it will collect your social security number and do a soft credit check that does not affect your credit score.

The amount of coverage you choose will strongly influence your renters insurance cost. You don't want excessive or insufficient coverage. A typical starting amount is $20,000, but you can use MoneyGeek's personal property calculator to determine the best coverage amount for your needs.


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The cost of renters insurance varies widely. Knowing the value of your personal property can help you determine how much coverage you need.

What Discounts Does Jetty Offer?

A renters insurance policy from Jetty Insurance provides many benefits, including coverage for belongings such as electronics. The company also offers coverage for bed bugs and other protections.

While Jetty doesn’t offer renters insurance discounts, its rates are affordable relative to other similar policies on the market.

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Even though Jetty provides competitive rates, renters who want to save money on renters insurance should evaluate other providers. If you are determined to get renters insurance from Jetty, purchase less coverage to save money.

Which Coverage Types Does Jetty Offer?

Renters insurance companies typically advertise seven coverage add-on options. MoneyGeek's renters insurance review found that Jetty offers five optional coverages. However, three of these coverages — including bed bug protection, personal floater endorsement and portable electronics — are rare, while pet damage liability and scheduled personal property are more common.

MoneyGeek’s Jetty renters insurance review found that the provider offers five optional coverages. Jetty offers bed bug protection coverage as part of its standard policy, although you can decline it. The company offers pet damage liability, scheduled personal property, personal floater endorsement and portable electronics coverages as add-ons.

Bed bug protection

Jetty’s policies automatically include bed bug coverage, but you can choose to remove it.

Pet damage liability coverage

Jetty applies a canine liability exclusion based on state requirements and cannot be modified. Liability caused by a dog is coverable unless the dog is a restricted breed in states where this exclusion applies.

Scheduled personal property

Jetty provides valuable asset protection for items such as bikes, jewelry, designer clothing, musical instruments and more.

Personal floater endorsement

Coverage for valuables worth more than $5,000 (personal floater endorsement) is available with a maximum of $50,000 per category and $100,000 overall.

Portable electronics

Jett covers portable electronics like smartphones, laptops, tablets, and more against loss, theft, and even unintentional damage inside or outside the home.

To get the most out of your renters insurance coverage, be sure your policy includes coverage for personal property, liability, medical bills and additional living expenses.

Depending on your situation, you may need to purchase supplementary flood, earthquake and insect damage insurance. Carefully read the small print before signing up for a policy to know what’s included.

Renters Insurance Coverages: What to Expect

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  • Personal Property Coverage
  • Personal Liability Coverage
  • Medical Payments Coverage
  • Additional Living Expenses (Loss of Use)
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Rarely Offered:
  • Flood Coverage
  • Earthquake Coverage
  • Insect or Bed Bug Coverage

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Jetty Renters Insurance lets you choose between the following coverage limits:

  • The basic plan covers up to $10,000 for personal belongings and $1,000 for portable electronics. Additionally, it covers medical expenses up to $1,000, liabilities up to $100,000 and $3,000 for loss of use.
  • The essential plan covers up to $20,000 for personal belongings and $1,000 for portable electronics. It also covers liability up to $200,000, loss of use up to $6,000 and medical expenses up to $1,000.
  • The premium plan covers up to $40,000 for personal belongings and $3,000 for electronics. It covers up to $300,000 for liability, up to $3,000 for medical expenses and $12,000 for loss of use.

What Online Renters Insurance Tools Does Jetty Offer?

A customer who has a good experience will tell others, so it’s in an insurance company’s best interest to make their customers happy. Online tools can help improve the customer experience because they help avoid having to call an 800 number or going to a brick-and-mortar location. Self-service tools can save the customer time and money and provide peace of mind.

Jetty offers a series of helpful online insurance tools for renters, including payment, claim filing and FAQs about renters insurance.

Online price quotes
Online bill payment
Online Claim

Other Jetty Insurance Products

Jetty renters insurance is a financial services company founded in 2015. The company only offers renters insurance products.



To evaluate Jetty’s quality as a renters insurance company, MoneyGeek analyzed Jetty’s website, manually collected quotes and consulted consumer intelligence organizations such as J.D. Power, the NAIC and AM Best.

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