If you are looking for renters insurance companies that balance cost and service, MoneyGeek ranked the top renters insurance companies in Wyoming. Our research examined affordability, financial strength and customer service in companies across Wyoming to help you find the best company for your insurance needs.

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The Cheapest Renters Insurance in Wyoming

Cheap Renters Insurance Companies in Wyoming

Most consumers prioritize cost in choosing an insurance company. On average, the two companies in Wyoming that offer the lowest rates are USAA and State Farm. A USAA policy generally costs $78 per year on average, but their policies are only available to military members and their families. For most Wyoming drivers, State Farm offers the most affordable annual policy, at around $125.

The above quotes are for average monthly and annual renters insurance premiums. This is for personal property coverage of $20,000, liability coverage of $100,000 and a deductible of $500.

Personal Property Coverage:


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Insurance Rates

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Best Renters Insurance Companies in Wyoming

MoneyGeek’s analysis reveals that USAA is the highest-rated renters insurance company in Wyoming. We rated insurers in the state based on customer service ratings from J.D. Power, financial stability scores from AM Best and MoneyGeek’s affordability ratings. Keep in mind that USAA is only available to military families.

Finding the best renters insurance in Wyoming requires you to look beyond pricing. It’s also a good idea to find a provider that balances quality and affordability to ensure efficient service when you’re filing a claim.





User Satisfaction


Financial Stability

Geek Quick Take
Geek Quick Take

USAA is the best renters insurance company in Wyoming. They have perfect stability, satisfaction and affordability scores, but they’re only available to veterans, military members and their families. They offer cell phone insurance as an add-on.

More About USAA

Although USAA’s renters insurance is available in all states, only military members and their families are eligible to purchase policies from this company. They offer six add-on coverages and four discount opportunities, which is below the industry standard of seven and five, respectively. In terms of unique coverages, the provider offers collectible insurance.

USAA’s website allows users to obtain quotes and calculate their coverage, while their mobile app allows policyholders to manage their accounts on their smartphones. Customers can file a claim both through the website and the app.

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State Farm




User Satisfaction


Financial Stability

Geek Quick Take
Geek Quick Take

State Farm earned a perfect score for financial stability and a 4.84 out of 5 for customer service. However, they only earned a 3.0 for affordability out of 5. The company offers an add-on personal liability umbrella policy for extra protection against personal claims.

More About State Farm

State Farm’s renters insurance can be found in all states, including Washington, D.C. However, they have fewer coverage options and discount opportunities than the average, at three and two, respectively. Three of their optional coverages are unique, while all their discounts are commonly found among renters insurance providers.

State Farm’s website has all the features that a renter needs such as getting a quote and filing a claim. They also have a mobile app that helps policyholders manage their accounts.

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The best renters insurance for you is not always the cheapest company or policy. Sometimes, paying a bit more can help you save money in the long run if you need to file a claim.

Largest Renters Insurance Companies in Wyoming

Opting to buy renters insurance from an insurer with a large market share can be a wise decision. These types of companies can be more financially stable and tend to invest more in customer service. This can make for a better experience if you ever have to file a claim.

Market Share


State Farm






Mountain West Farm Bureau Mutual



Liberty Mutual





Average Cost of Renters Insurance in Wyoming


renters insurance is equal to the average.

In Wyoming, the average cost of renters insurance is $125 per year. Compared to the national average of $159 per year, it’s $34 more affordable.

Note that these rates are for a sample policy that has $100,000 in liability coverage, $20,000 in personal property protection and a $500 deductible. Since costs can vary depending on the value of your personal property, you can use our calculator below to determine how much your personal property is worth.



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You can save money on your premiums by comparing renters insurance quotes in Wyoming. For example, if you are eligible to purchase a policy from USAA instead of State Farm, you can save up to $47 per year on your renters insurance premiums.

What Factors Impact Renters Insurance Cost in Wyoming

Several factors affect the cost of renters insurance in Wyoming:

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    Your ZIP code affects renters insurance costs. Expect to pay higher premiums if you live in an area with high crime rates and significant weather risks.

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    Coverage Amount

    Performing an inventory of your property is advisable before asking for an insurance quote. This allows you to find out the cost of property replacement in case of disasters.

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    This refers to the amount you need to pay for a covered loss. Your insurer will deduct this amount from your payment claim.

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    Actual Cash Value (ACV) vs. Replacement Cost Value (RCV)

    RCV policies will replace your property with new items, while ACV policies will only pay you the depreciated cost of the items you own.

Insurance Rates

Compare Renters Insurance Rates

Ensure you're getting the best rate for your renters insurance. Compare quotes from the top insurance companies.


Renters Insurance in Wyoming: What You Need to Know

Renters insurance is a cost-effective way of securing your assets if an unexpected tragedy or incident occurs, like burglary, fire or inclement weather. That is why it’s important that you purchase renters insurance.

In Wyoming, 26% of the population are renters, with a monthly median rent of $822. The average monthly renters insurance premium is $10 for a standard policy with $20,000 in personal property coverage, $100,000 in liability coverage and a $500 deductible, which is a little over 1% of the monthly rental price in this state.

What Renters Insurance Typically Covers in Wyoming

It’s important to determine the extent of coverage offered by a rental insurance policy before deciding on a provider. Your policy could include coverage for personal property, additional living expenses, liability insurance and medical payments.

In Wyoming, personal property coverage includes damages resulting from property theft and natural disasters like floods, wildfires, storms, droughts, landslides and earthquakes that could take place in the state.

What Renters Insurance Typically Does Not Cover in Wyoming

There are certain exclusions in renters insurance coverage in Wyoming. Keep in mind that your renters policy may not cover the following:

  • Events
  • Structural Damage

    Renters insurance coverage insures only the property, not the building.

  • Flooding

    A standard renters policy does not cover water damage caused by flooding. As a renter, you can purchase incremental insurance from the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP).

  • Roommate Property

    It does not cover roommates’ belongings or damages to your car.

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Do you want to know more about renters insurance in Wyoming? The Wyoming Department of Insurance has various resources that can answer your questions. You can also research a carrier, file a complaint and seek assistance through their website.

Aside from their digital platforms, you can reach The Wyoming Department of Insurance via their:

  • Office Address: 106 E. Sixth Ave., Cheyenne, WY 82002
  • Phone Number: (307) 777-7401
  • Fax: (307) 777-2446

FAQs About Renters Insurance in Wyoming

To help renters find the lowest rates and the best policies, MoneyGeek answered some frequently asked questions about renters insurance in Wyoming.

Insurance Rates

Compare Renters Insurance Rates

Ensure you're getting the best rate for your renters insurance. Compare quotes from the top insurance companies.


Renters Insurance in Wyoming Analysis: Methodology

MoneyGeek analyzed renters insurance premiums from two of the top insurance companies in Wyoming that were provided in partnership with Quadrant. Our analysis includes quotes from ZIP codes across Wyoming. Quotes were gathered for policies with personal property coverage of $20,000, $50,000 and $100,000; liability coverage of $100,000 and a deductible of $500.

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