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Renters insurance is necessary for anyone who doesn’t own their home and wants to protect their belongings. However, just because industry experts strongly recommend renters insurance doesn’t mean you should pay an arm and a leg. MoneyGeek analyzed renters insurance rates across all 50 states and hundreds of cities to determine which companies offer the cheapest rates for you.

Insurance Rates

Compare Insurance Rates

Ensure you are getting the best rate for your insurance. Compare quotes from the top insurance companies.

The Cheapest Renters Insurance Companies for 2021

While quality coverage is something every renter wants, for the vast majority of people, the cost is the most important factor for renters insurance. Customers wondering who has the cheapest renters insurance should know that Allstate has the most affordable policies across the country, with an average price of $10 per month. State Farm comes in at a close second with an average price of $11 per month. These rates are for a sample policy with $20,000 in property coverage, $100,000 in liability coverage and a $500 deductible. Your premiums may be higher or lower depending on your situation.

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Monthly Rate
1. Allstate
2. State Farm
3. Farmers
4. Travelers
5. MetLife
6. Nationwide

Allstate renters insurance policies come with multiple types of coverage, including property coverage, guest medical and family liability coverage. They provide access to a local agent to answer any questions you may have about your coverage. Allstate also boasts a bundling discount when you purchase both renters insurance and auto insurance through them, potentially bringing your renters insurance costs to as little as $4 a month.

State Farm

State Farm insurance policies typically cover losses to your personal property caused by fire, smoke damage, water damage (as defined by your policy), theft and burglaries or vandalism. Renters insurance also protects your belongings away from home, which means if your bike or laptop gets stolen while traveling, you can still file a claim for those items. They also have a discount for bundling your insurance policies and additional discounts for installing security devices to protect against theft.

The Cheapest Renters Insurance Companies by State

Each state has its own laws and regulations regarding insurance, which means the cost of insurance can vary significantly from state to state. No matter which state you live in, purchasing renters insurance is a must. Residents of North Dakota, South Dakota and Maine will be pleased to know that their states have the nation’s cheapest renters insurance rates. On the other hand, Michigan residents will find that their state is the most expensive in the country for renters insurance.

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Cheapest Company by StateMonthly Rate
Alaska - Allstate$6
Alabama - State Farm$11
Arkansas - Nationwide$13
Arizona - Lemonade$8
California - Lemonade$7
Colorado - Allstate$9
Connecticut - Lemonade$5
Washington D.C. - Allstate$8
Delaware - State Farm$7
Florida - Travelers$9
Georgia - Lemonade$9
Hawaii - State Farm$8
Iowa - State Farm$6
Idaho - MetLife$6
Illinois - Lemonade$5
Indiana - Nationwide$10
Kansas - State Farm$8
Kentucky - State Farm$9
Louisiana - State Farm$10
Massachusetts - State Farm$10
Maryland - Lemonade$6
Maine - MetLife$6
Michigan - Farmers$17
Minnesota - State Farm$7
Missouri - State Farm$10
Mississippi - Nationwide$14
Montana - Allstate$8
North Carolina - State Farm$7
North Dakota - MetLife$4
Nebraska - MetLife$8
New Hampshire - MetLife$7
New Jersey - Lemonade$6
New Mexico - State Farm$8
Nevada - American Family$10
New York - Lemonade$5
Ohio - Lemonade$8
Oklahoma - State Farm$10
Oregon - MetLife$7
Pennsylvania - State Farm$10
Rhode Island - Amica Mutual$8
South Carolina - State Farm$10
South Dakota - Allstate$6
Tennessee - State Farm$10
Texas - Lemonade$7
Utah - Allstate$7
Virginia - Allstate$8
Vermont - State Farm$10
Washington - Allstate$7
Wisconsin - Allstate$7
West Virginia - Allstate$9
Wyoming - State Farm$10

Which Companies Offer Cheap Renters Insurance in Big Cities?

Many factors can impact your insurance rates in each city, including crime, weather and population density. A city with a small population and low crime rate will typically have much lower rates, which is why Fargo, North Dakota, has some of the lowest rates in the nation: it's cheapest insurer chargers our renter around $4 per month. High-density areas with higher crime rates pay more for renters insurance, which is why a sample renter in Detroit, Michigan, could pay as much as $17 a month for their coverage.

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Cheapest Company by CityMonthly Rate
Albuquerque, NM - State Farm$8
Anaheim, CA - Lemonade$6
Anchorage, AK - Allstate$6
Arlington, TX - Lemonade$7
Atlanta, GA - Lemonade$9
Aurora, CO - Allstate$8
Austin, TX - Lemonade$5
Bakersfield, CA - Lemonade$7
Baltimore, MD - Lemonade$6
Baton Rouge, LA - State Farm$11
Billings, MT - Allstate$8
Birmingham, AL - State Farm$11
Boise, ID - MetLife$6
Boston, MA - State Farm$10
Bridgeport, CT - Lemonade$5
Buffalo, NY - Lemonade$5
Burlington, VT - Co-Operative Insurance$8
Chandler, AZ - Lemonade$6
Charleston, SC - State Farm$10
Charleston, WV - Allstate$9
Charlotte, NC - State Farm$7
Chesapeake, VA - Allstate$8
Cheyenne, WY - State Farm$10
Chicago, IL - Lemonade$5
Chula Vista, CA - Lemonade$5
Cincinnati, OH - Lemonade$5
Cleveland, OH - State Farm$10
Colorado Springs, CO - Allstate$8
Columbus, OH - Lemonade$6
Corpus Christi, TX - Allstate$6
Dallas, TX - Lemonade$7
Denver, CO - Allstate$9
Des Moines, IA - State Farm$6
Detroit, MI - Farmers$17
Durham, NC - State Farm$6
El Paso, TX - Lemonade$5
Fargo, ND - MetLife$4
Fayetteville, NC - State Farm$10
Fontana, CA - Lemonade$7
Fort Wayne, IN - Nationwide$9
Fort Worth, TX - Lemonade$7
Fremont, CA - Lemonade$8
Fresno, CA - Lemonade$7
Garland, TX - Lemonade$7
Gilbert, AZ - Lemonade$5
Glendale, AZ - State Farm$8
Greensboro, NC - State Farm$7
Henderson, NV - American Family$10
Hialeah, FL - State Farm$9
Honolulu, HI - State Farm$8
Houston, TX - Allstate$9
Indianapolis, IN - Nationwide$10
Irvine, CA - Lemonade$6
Irving, TX - Lemonade$7
Jackson, MS - Nationwide$14
Jacksonville, FL - Travelers$8
Jersey City, NJ - Lemonade$5
Kansas City, MO - State Farm$10
Laredo, TX - Lemonade$6
Las Vegas, NV - American Family$10
Lexington, KY - State Farm$8
Lincoln, NE - MetLife$7
Little Rock, AR - Nationwide$13
Long Beach, CA - Lemonade$8
Los Angeles, CA - Lemonade$8
Louisville, KY - State Farm$9
Lubbock, TX - Lemonade$6
Madison, WI - Allstate$6
Manchester, NH - MetLife$7
Memphis, TN - State Farm$10
Mesa, AZ - Lemonade$6
Miami, FL - State Farm$11
Milwaukee, WI - Allstate$7
Minneapolis, MN - State Farm$7
Modesto, CA - Lemonade$8
Moreno Valley, CA - Lemonade$7
Nashville, TN - State Farm$10
New Orleans, LA - State Farm$10
New York, NY - Lemonade$5
Newark, NJ - Lemonade$7
Norfolk, VA - Allstate$8
North Las Vegas, NV - American Family$11
Oakland, CA - Lemonade$9
Oklahoma City, OK - State Farm$10
Omaha, NE - MetLife$8
Orlando, FL - Allstate$7
Oxnard, CA - Lemonade$6
Philadelphia, PA - State Farm$10
Phoenix, AZ - State Farm$10
Pittsburgh, PA - Allstate$8
Plano, TX - Lemonade$5
Portland, ME - MetLife$6
Portland, OR - MetLife$7
Providence, RI - Amica Mutual$8
Raleigh, NC - State Farm$6
Reno, NV - State Farm$10
Richmond, VA - Allstate$8
Riverside, CA - Lemonade$7
Sacramento, CA - Lemonade$10
Salt Lake City, UT - Allstate$7
San Antonio, TX - Lemonade$7
San Bernardino, CA - Lemonade$7
San Diego, CA - Lemonade$7
San Francisco, CA - Lemonade$7
San Jose, CA - Lemonade$6
Santa Ana, CA - Lemonade$6
Santa Clarita, CA - Lemonade$9
Santa Rosa, CA - Lemonade$6
Scottsdale, AZ - Lemonade$6
Seattle, WA - Allstate$7
Sioux Falls, SD - Allstate$6
Spokane, WA - Allstate$7
St. Louis, MO - State Farm$10
St. Paul, MN - State Farm$7
St. Petersburg, FL - Allstate$7
Stockton, CA - Lemonade$8
Tacoma, WA - Allstate$7
Tampa, FL - Travelers$8
Toledo, OH - Allstate$11
Tucson, AZ - State Farm$8
Tulsa, OK - State Farm$9
Virginia Beach, VA - Allstate$8
Washington, DC - Allstate$8
Wichita, KS - State Farm$8
Wilmington, DE - State Farm$7
Winston-Salem, NC - State Farm$7
Insurance Rates

Compare Insurance Rates

Ensure you are getting the best rate for your insurance. Compare quotes from the top insurance companies.

How Much Coverage Do You Need?

Like any insurance policy, the cost of your renters insurance depends on how much coverage you purchase. Many people err on the side of saving money on their premiums, leaving them underinsured.

It is important to know exactly how much coverage you need before making a purchase. Buy too much, and you’re paying for coverage you’ll never use — buy too little, and you’re stuck paying thousands of dollars to make yourself whole again after a disaster. Industry experts recommend that you carry enough personal property coverage to replace your belongings if everything you own is destroyed and at least $100,000 in liability coverage.

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Renters insurance is typically very affordable, costing $13 per month on average. And it’s one of the best ways to protect your assets. Purchase as much renters insurance as you need — when in doubt, it is better to be overinsured than underinsured.

How Can You Get Cheap Renters Insurance?

Is it possible to get cheap renters insurance online? Absolutely — an online quote system can provide you with quotes from multiple insurance companies offering cheap renters insurance. The best strategy to get cheap renters insurance is to compare quotes across several companies. While doing this, you should make sure to take advantage of available discounts and set an appropriate deductible.

Strategies To Get Cheap Renters Insurance


Get multiple quotes
Comparing rates among multiple companies is the best way to make sure you get the lowest possible price on your renters insurance.


Bundle your policies
Combining your renters insurance with your auto insurance or other policies is an excellent way to get a multi-policy discount.


Choose a higher deductible
Raising your deductible can help keep your premiums low but make sure you have enough on hand to pay it in an emergency.

To get a quote, you will need the following information:

  • Name
  • Date of birth
  • Email address and phone number
  • Address and ZIP code of your rental
  • Date coverage will take effect
  • Number of people living in the home full-time
  • Name and type of any business conducted in the home, especially things like childcare or pet care
  • Total value of your personal property
  • Safety features (alarm system, deadbolt, sprinkler system, etc.)
  • Credit score and insurance history
Insurance Rates

Compare Insurance Rates

Ensure you are getting the best rate for your insurance. Compare quotes from the top insurance companies.

Learn More About Renters Insurance

FAQ: Cheap Renters Insurance

It can be difficult to know where to start looking for renters insurance quotes. The frequently asked questions below can help guide you in your search for cheap renters insurance.

Which company has the cheapest renters insurance per month?This is an icon

While this will vary from city to city and state to state, the companies with the lowest average rates across the country are Allstate and State Farm. However, it is important to get multiple quotes for coverage because other companies may be more affordable in your specific situation.

Why is renters insurance so cheap compared to home insurance?This is an icon

Homeowners insurance covers your personal property and liability, just like a renters insurance policy. The big difference is that homeowners insurance also covers the replacement cost for your home, making homeowners coverage much more expensive than renters insurance.

Is affordable renters insurance reputable?This is an icon

While it is true that you get what you pay for, the cost doesn’t necessarily indicate the quality of renters insurance. With cheap renters insurance, it is important to research any company thoroughly before purchasing a policy.

Expert Insight on Cheap Renters Insurance

Finding renters insurance can be confusing, and getting the best renters insurance for you can seem overwhelming. MoneyGeek spoke to experts, industry leaders and academics across the country to gain insight on renters insurance and help you make an informed purchase.

  1. Is it possible to be completely protected by a cheap renters insurance policy?

    It really isn't possible with any insurance policy, cheap or not, to be "completely covered." There are always conditions and exclusions.

    You can buy cheap renters insurance, but you should figure out how much coverage and liability you need. Some exclusions aren’t covered by renters insurance, such as damages from pests, flooding and earthquakes.

    The issue is that many cheap rental insurance policies have poor coverage, meaning you’re losing out where you might specifically need insurance. Choosing a policy based on your needs is important. Even if you end up paying a little more than you originally planned, you’ll at least be covered if something does happen.

  2. Is there a common mistake people make when buying cheap renters insurance and, if so, how can they avoid it?

    A common mistake many people make is to not go through their personal property for a proper estimate of what amount of coverage they need to replace everything. This is especially true when landlords require renters insurance because the residents often just purchase the minimum amount available to satisfy their lease, which is usually not sufficient to adequately cover their belongings.

    You might not realize how much your things are worth. Having furniture, electronics, clothes and other items damaged in a fire can be detrimental to your finances when you repurchase it all. You should figure out how much your stuff is worth and figure if your current renters insurance coverage will cover it.

    A common mistake people tend to make when purchasing cheap renters insurance is focusing on price alone. It’s an understandable mistake — no one wants to pay too much for insurance.

  3. What is the most effective way to save money on your renters insurance?

    To keep costs down, you can take a higher deductible like $1,000 rather than $250 or $500. Doing a quick estimate of the total value of their property and not buying too much insurance can also help.

    You shouldn’t pick the first renters insurance company you search for online. Compare quotes and figure out which one is the best deal for you. You can also lower your renters insurance costs by improving your credit score since insurance companies will use that to detect how risky you are.

    Make sure you look at your specific needs and find an insurance policy that meets those needs.

Daniel A Boyer
Daniel A BoyerAgency Owner, 30 years experience
Ben Reynolds
Ben ReynoldsCEO and Founder of Sure Dividend
Blake Hardwick
Blake HardwickMarketing Manager for Greenberg & Stein, PC


MoneyGeek, in partnership with Quadrant Corp, analyzed renters insurance quotes across all 50 states and dozens of major cities to determine the renters insurance companies with the cheapest rates. The cheapest premiums were determined by gathering quotes for personal property coverage of $20,000, liability coverage of $100,000 and a deductible of $500.

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