Are There 6-Month Renters Insurance Policies?

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ByMark Fitzpatrick
Edited byRae Osborn
ByMark Fitzpatrick
Edited byRae Osborn

Updated: May 22, 2024

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While there are six-month renters insurance policies, finding them may be challenging. Typically, renters insurance has a one-year term, and if you’re seeking shorter-term coverage, you can always purchase a one-year policy and cancel it halfway through. While some providers may charge a small cancellation fee, this approach allows you to adapt your insurance to changing living situations or short-term leases.

Key Takeaways

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There are six-month renters insurance policies, but it may be challenging to find.

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Alternatives to six-month policies include customizable insurance options from providers like Allstate, State Farm and Liberty Mutual.

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If a six-month policy is unavailable, consider standard policies with mid-term cancellation options, although this may involve fees or penalties.

Can You Get Renters Insurance for 6 Months?

While the standard duration for renters insurance policies is typically one year, many insurance companies offer more flexible terms, including six-month policies. These shorter-term policies can be particularly beneficial for those who are in temporary living situations, such as people on short-term work assignments or individuals in the process of moving.

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If insurers in your area don’t offer six-month policies, you can get a cheap renters insurance policy and cancel it after 6 months. However, it's important to check the terms and conditions regarding early cancellation, as some policies might have fees or specific requirements for terminating the contract before the full term has ended.

Finding 6-Month Renters Insurance Policies

Finding the right six-month renters insurance policy requires a strategic approach to ensure you get the best coverage for your needs. There are various methods to locate and evaluate short-term renters insurance options. From researching insurance providers to directly contacting agents, you can navigate the process efficiently and effectively.

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    Research Insurance Providers

    Start by researching insurance companies that offer renters insurance. Look for providers that specifically mention flexible policy terms or short-term options on their websites.

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    Compare Online Quotes

    Many insurance providers offer online quote tools. Gather and compare renters insurance quotes to understand the policy terms and premiums available. Specify that you're looking for a six-month policy to see if this option is available and how it compares in cost to a standard 12-month policy.

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    Contact Insurance Agents Directly

    Sometimes, information about short-term policies might not be readily available online. In such cases, contact insurance agents directly via phone or email. They can provide detailed information about available policy lengths and may even offer custom solutions.

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    Check for Customizable Policies

    Some insurers offer customizable policies where you can choose your coverage duration. Look for insurers who advertise flexibility in policy terms.

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    Inquire About Policy Cancellation

    If you can't find a six-month policy, consider a standard one-year policy that can be canceled mid-term. Be sure to inquire about any potential fees or penalties for early cancellation.

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    Look at Local or Regional Insurers

    Sometimes, local or regional insurance companies might offer more flexible terms than national providers.

Who Needs 6-Month Renters Insurance Policies?

The six-month renters insurance policies are perfect for those with short-term assignments or duties, exchange students and more. The flexibility of, a six-month renters insurance policy can offer unique benefits for specific groups. These are some people who can benefit from short-term insurance coverage:

  • Workers on short-term assignments
  • Individuals who are about to move
  • College students in off-campus housing
  • People undergoing home renovations
  • Military personnel on temporary duty
  • Seasonal residents (e.g., those with summer or winter homes)
  • Exchange students or visiting scholars
  • Professionals on temporary job contracts
  • Subletters or temporary room renters
  • Travelers on extended vacations or sabbaticals


There are certain scenarios where you might need short-term renters insurance, especially if your profession or studies require you to keep moving from one place to another. Understanding how you can get 6 months renters insurance can help you avoid having to purchase annual premiums and not get the full coverage that you paid for. We answered the most frequently asked questions about short-term insurance so you can decide if it’s a great option for your living situation.

Can I get six months' renters insurance?
What are your alternatives if you can’t find 6-month renters insurance?

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