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Easiest option offered by property managers affiliated with eRenterPlan
Allows roommates to be added on a policy
Rate doesn’t increase after a claim
Includes replacement cost coverage for personal belongings


Not available at all rental properties
Basic policies at an overpriced rate
No discount offers
Coverage limits are not customizable
Fair to poor customer service
May not insure tenants whose dogs have a bite history
Charges premiums in advance


eRenterPlan renters insurance policy is quite popular among rental properties. Since it’s partnered with thousands of property managers throughout the U.S., you may come across several apartment rentals that are affiliated with eRenterPlan and offer this as the easiest option to fulfill rental insurance requirements.

However, in terms of affordability, eRenterPlan’s policies which cost around $16 per month, are slightly more expensive than the national average cost of renters insurance of $13 per month. Policyholders are limited to a few personal property coverage and deductible options and are given minimal choices for add-on coverage options. Discounts are not offered through this provider, so there are no options to reduce the cost of premiums.

To save money and get more coverage, renters should consider an alternative provider.

Does eRenterPlan Have Good Customer Service?

Good customer service goes a long way when you’re filing claims in times of distress. The best renters insurance providers have a good balance between providing quality customer service at an affordable rate. MoneyGeek assessed eRenterPlan for customer satisfaction based on its customer complaint frequency and financial stability.


To measure customer satisfaction, MoneyGeek looked at eRenterPlan’s National Association of Insurance Commissioner (NAIC) score. This score is based on the number of customer complaints that eRenterPlan receives compared to other insurers in the market.

On the NAIC’s complaint index report, eRenterPlan has a company complaint index of 2.57, which is more than two times the national complaint index of 1.00. This means eRenterPlan receives more customer complaints than the average insurer.

However, when you have to make a claim to your eRenterPlan renters insurance policy, you will be contacting one of its three underwriters: American Modern Insurance Group, American National Property and Casualty Company and Markel Corp.

While eRenterPlan is notorious for poor customer service, two of the three underwriters received impressive NAIC scores. The American Modern Insurance Group has a complaint index of 0.00 and American National Property and Casualty Company has a complaint index of 0.99. The third underwriter, Markel Corp, has a complaint index of 44.68, which is significantly higher than the national median index.

Financial Stability Rating

The financial stability rating of an insurance company reflects its capability to meet financial obligations and pay off claims. AM Best is an organization that rates companies for their financial stability. AM Best awarded eRenterPlan a financial stability rating of A+, meaning eRenterPlan has demonstrated a superior ability to meet its financial obligations.

What to Expect From eRenterPlan Renters Insurance

When buying a renter’s insurance policy, you might want to familiarize yourself with the process. The application process varies between insurers, but MoneyGeek outlined how to acquire, manage and cancel your renters insurance with eRenterPlan.


Getting a quote

You can easily get an eRenterPlan renters insurance quote online. You only need to provide your ZIP code, address and other personal details.


Insurance Screening

Through a simple questionnaire, eRenterPlan’s screening determines if you’re an eligible renter. They may deny coverage if you had any fire, theft or liability losses in the past three years, or have a pet that has caused bodily injury or harm.


Insured Occupants

While going through the quotation tool, you can insure up to four additional occupants at no extra cost.


Customer support

eRenterPlan policyholders can contact customer support through (888) 512-4204 or by emailing


Filing a claim

To file a claim, you can contact one of these underwriters: American Modern Insurance Group, American National Insurance Co. and Market Corp.


Canceling your policy

eRenterPlan renters insurance will continue to renew beyond the duration of your lease term unless you specifically request for a cancellation. To cancel eRenterPlan renters insurance, you will need to call their customer support through (888) 512-4204.

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eRenterPlan renters insurance is available in all states except Delaware, Georgia, New Jersey and New York.

How Much Does eRenterPlan’s Renters Insurance Cost?

In general, the average cost of renters insurance is around $156 per year, or around $13 per month. However, this may vary depending on your chosen coverage limit.

The cost of renters insurance through eRenterPlan depends on how much coverage you need. For a policy with a $20,000 coverage limit, eRenterPlan renters insurance costs around $180 to $240 per year, or $15 to $20 per month. Optional coverages are available including pet damage, jewelry theft, bed bug remediation, water backup and identity recovery. However, the provider does not offer any discounts.

Average Cost of ERenterPlan Renters Insurance

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  • Coverage
    eRenterPlan Average Premium
  • 10K
  • 20K
  • 30K
  • 40K
  • 50K

The cost of your annual premium is impacted by the coverage limit included in your policy. You will want to accurately approximate the total monetary value of your belongings to choose the correct coverage limit for your needs. The majority of borrowers typically have a $20,000 coverage limit, but you can use MoneyGeek’s personal property calculator to find out how much coverage is suitable for your property needs.


Total: $0

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Choosing a coverage limit should be based on the value of your property, which consequently affects the price of renters insurance. Finding out exactly how much you need could help you save money.

What Discounts Does eRenterPlan Offer?

eRenterPlan does not offer any discounts on renters insurance policies.

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While eRenterPlan does not have any advertised discounts, one way to save is to pay your premiums in full. Instead of making monthly payments, opting to pay quarterly could save you a fixed $20, regardless of your chosen package. Likewise, by making semi-annual or annual payments, you could save you up to $25 or $30.

Which Coverage Types Does ERenterPlan Offer?

The cost of renters insurance is also affected by your chosen add-on coverages. Most renters insurance providers typically advertise around seven coverage options.

eRenterPlan renters insurance offers three additional coverage options including Pet Damage Liability, Negligent Water Damage, and Personal Property Replacement Coverage. The extra cost of the optional coverages will be reflected in a higher annual premium.

Below are the three optional coverages offered by eRenterPlan renters insurance. These include Pet Damage Liability, Negligent Water Damage and Personal Property Replacement Coverage.


Pet Damage Liability

eRenterPlan renters insurance does not limit any dog breed but might not accept renters if your dog has a bite history.


Negligent Water Damage

Unlike other insurance companies, any kind of water damage is fully covered with an eRenterPlan policy.


Personal Property Replacement

While other insurance companies reimburse you the depreciated value of your belongings, eRenterPlan will reimburse you the original value of your property. This excludes property that’s away from the immediate premises, such as property that’s in storage. In this case, eRenterPlan would reimburse you 10% to 20% of the personal property amount noted on the declarations page of your insurance policy .

When buying a renters insurance policy, make sure that you’re getting all of the standard renters insurance coverages like personal property, personal liability and medical payments.

Depending on your needs and situation, you might also want to look for specific coverages such as flood, earthquake or insect damage, especially if you’re living in a state or city where this is quite common. Some of these are rarely offered, so you want to make sure that you have read the fine print before signing up for a policy.

Renters Insurance Coverages: What to Expect

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  • Personal Property Coverage
  • Personal Liability Coverage
  • Medical Payments Coverage
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Rarely Offered:
  • Flood Coverage
  • Earthquake Coverage
  • Insect or Bed Bug Coverage

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eRenterPlan lets you choose from $10,000 up to $50,000 in personal property coverage limits. Policies include three different packages with varying personal property coverage limits, each with a $250 deductible. A fourth custom package is available where you can select a preferred coverage and deductible amount.

If you choose a custom package, you can select between five different personal property coverage limits starting at $10,000 up to $50,000. The Personal Liability Coverage, which covers medical expenses for injured guests, will be selected in compliance with your housing community’s standards. It also has a preselected amount of $1,000 for medical payments to others and available deductibles of $250, $500 and $1,000.

What Online Renters Insurance Tools Does eRenterPlan Offer?

The availability of online tools and features helps to improve customer experience. With eRenterPlan, you can only request a quote online; no mobile applications are currently available.

Other eRenterPlan Insurance Products

eRenterPlan specializes in renters insurance and does not offer other insurance products.

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To evaluate eRenterPlan’s quality as a renters insurance company, MoneyGeek analyzed eRenterPlan’s website, manually collected quotes and consulted consumer intelligence organizations such as J.D. Power, the NAIC and AM Best.

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