Guiding You Through the Process

Our goal in creating this content is to educate readers about how travel credit cards work, what they need to consider when comparing different cards and how to go through the application process. Our research involves scouting the internet for common and unanswered questions about travel credit cards. Consulting with industry experts to provide accurate answers follows. We then collate all our travel credit card resources in a well-laid-out and easy-to-understand manner.

Offering Expert Tips & Advice

Given the significant number of travel credit cards on offer, we understand that making a selection is not always easy. We aim to simplify the decision-making process by offering expert travel credit card advice and tips. We address different aspects of getting and using a travel rewards credit card. We also highlight the possible pros and cons of owning a travel card.

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    Tips for how to determine if a travel credit card is right for you

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    Tips for finding and comparing travel credit cards

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    Tips for avoiding common mistakes with travel credit cards

Featured Credit Card & Financial Experts

We have collaborated with financial experts from across the U.S. to answer different questions about travel credit cards. Here are the ones who’ve helped us with our travel credit card pages.

Brian Walkup, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Finance, Crummer Graduate School of Business...
Julia Menez
Travel Hacking Coach and Founder of Geobreeze
Dr. Maria H. Sanchez
Professor of Accountancy at Rider University, CPA, Ph.D.
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After our content is written, we ask an expert in the personal finance space to review the content to ensure its accuracy. These experts have written for several high-ranking personal finance sites, including Forbes Advisor, TIME NextAdvisor, Investopedia and CNBC Select. A few of our experts include Brett Holzhauer and Lee Huffman.

Providing Detailed Reviews & Data-Driven Credit Card Rankings

We review and rank travel and other credit cards based on the benefits, perks, annual fees and APRs of each card. We do this to ensure our information is as unbiased as possible so that readers can find the best credit card for their needs. Our methodology can be found here.