Guiding You Through the Process

MoneyGeek experts create content with the goal of helping you understand different aspects of rewards credit cards. These include how they work, how they differ and what you need to do to qualify for one. We take the time to go through different online platforms to look for commonly asked and unanswered questions about rewards cards. We then provide answers with input from financial experts. Finally, we compile all the rewards credit card resources we gather under a single page so it can serve as a one-stop shop for anyone who needs information about rewards cards.

Offering Expert Tips & Advice

Our experts realize that the world of rewards credit cards is often confusing, and not everyone manages to choose the cards that work best for them. As a result, they provide rewards credit card advice and tips after accounting for various aspects such as spending patterns, annual fees, APRs and added perks. The tips they provide also address aspects such as reward rates and transfer of points to partner loyalty programs.

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    Tips about the pros and cons of using a rewards card for large purchases

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    Tips for transferring credit card rewards points to hotel or airline partners

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    Tips for adding authorized users to your rewards credit card

Featured Credit Card & Financial Experts

We get financial experts to vet all our credit card-related content, and they’re also the ones who provide answers to questions in the icon lists you get to see on different pages. Here are the experts who helped us across all our rewards credit card pages.

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After our content is written, we ask an expert in the personal finance space to review the content to verify its accuracy. These experts have written for several high-ranking personal finance sites, including Forbes Advisor, TIME NextAdvisor, Investopedia and CNBC Select. A few of our experts include Brett Holzhauer and Lee Huffman.

Providing Detailed Reviews & Data-Driven Credit Card Rankings

We review and rank rewards and other credit cards based on the benefits, perks, annual fees and APRs of each card. We do this to ensure our information is as unbiased as possible so that readers can more easily find the best credit card for their needs. Our methodology can be found here.