First Electronic Bank Credit Card Reviews, Rules & Opinions

First Electronic Bank is an FDIC-insured bank based in Salt Lake City, Utah. Learn how to apply for a credit card, read MoneyGeek’s reviews and determine if this issuer best suits your unique situation.

Last Updated: 4/8/2022
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First Electronic Bank provides credit products for individual consumers, including credit cards and installment loans. The state-chartered industrial bank only offers one credit card, the Destiny Unsecured Mastercard. The average credit score required to get approved is in the low 300’s.

Featured Credit Cards Offered by First Electronic Bank

The Destiny Unsecured Mastercard is the only credit card that First Electronic Bank offers. It landed on MoneyGeek’s list of the best student credit cards of 2022.

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The Best First Electronic Bank Credit Cards for March 2022

MoneyGeek lists the best First Electronic Bank credit cards each month. This list may change as new cards are issued and as the list is updated according to welcome bonuses, reward categories and other criteria.

  • Destiny Unsecured Mastercard

    A solid no-frills credit card with opportunities to repair or build credit

    • Poor-FairCredit Needed
    • $59*Annual Fee
    • 3# of Reporting Bureaus
    • 24.90%APR

    Terms, rates and fees apply

Rules for Applying, Acceptance & Welcome Bonuses

If you’re trying to apply for a First Electronic Bank credit card, MoneyGeek answers some of the most commonly asked questions about the issuer’s terms and rules to help you determine if First Electronic Bank fits your needs.

Other Considerations About First Electronic Bank

Before applying for a credit card from First Electronic Bank, be sure to consider factors like customer satisfaction, online services, security and more.

  • Feature
  • Customer Service & Satisfaction

    First Electronic Bank issuer provides access to customer service through email, while the Destiny Unsecured Mastercard toll-free customer service phone number for questions or concerns.

  • Mobile Apps & Online Services

    The Destiny Unsecured Mastercard has a website where you can create an account, manage your card and send payments. In the United States, you can use your Destiny Unsecured Mastercard in-store, in-app or online anywhere Mastercard is accepted.

  • Security & Credit Monitoring Services

    If there is any unauthorized use of your card, you are protected with zero fraud liability. You need to either call or write to Destiny Unsecured Mastercard if this happens.

  • Loyalty Programs & Other Issuer Perks

    First Electronic Bank doesn’t issue many benefits or any loyalty programs. However, a benefit of Destiny Unsecured Mastercard is that individuals with poor credit scores don’t need to pay a security deposit. You can also get a speedy pre-qualification, getting your result within 60 seconds.

    The Destiny Unsecured Mastercard also reports to all three major credit bureaus. This will help cardholders rebuild their credit score if used responsibly.

  • Authorized Users

    It’s possible to add an authorized user to your Destiny Unsecured Mastercard. No additional fees are listed in their cardholder agreement.

  • Purchase Protection

    First Electronic Bank doesn’t offer purchase protection for the Destiny Unsecured Mastercard.

  • Co-Branding & Partnerships

    With the Destiny Unsecured Mastercard, First Electronic Bank doesn’t have any co-branding or partnerships.

  • Other Products Offered

    Aside from the Destiny Unsecured Mastercard, First Electronic Bank also offers installment loans and GenesisCredit.

Overall Opinion of First Electronic Bank & Their Credit Card Offerings

The Destiny Unsecured Mastercard of First Electronic Bank is the only card the company offers. It may be a great option if you’re looking for a simple card that accepts individuals with poor credit or no credit history. It could be best for:

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    A student looking to get their first card

    The Destiny Unsecured Mastercard is a great choice for students with no credit history who want a straightforward card.

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    Individuals with no or poor credit

    If you have declared bankruptcy in the past or have no or poor credit, this card may fit your needs. Since First Electronic Bank reports to the three major credit bureaus, it will help build your credit score.

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"When you're first starting out with credit, getting a credit card from an issuer like First Electronic Bank may be easier than a more well-known bank. Using the card responsibly by making all payments on time and keeping your balances low will help you grow your credit score so that you can qualify for other cards with more attractive features and benefits."

- Lee Huffman, credit card expert at

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