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Kin homeowners insurance is a company that covers all of the standard coverage options for your home, personal property and personal liability. A feature that distinguishes Kin is its readiness to offer coverages to Florida residents that traditional insurers rarely do.

You can get a quote from Kin if you're looking for homeowners coverage in Florida. Not only are the rates unique and tailored to you, but you may also be able to save even more money by taking advantage of Kin's extensive discounts.

Does Kin Have Good Customer Service?

MoneyGeek rated Kin homeowners insurance a score of 95 out of 100, based on an internal rating system that considers customer satisfaction, affordability and financial stability. However, Kin does not have any available scores in terms of affordability, unlike other competitors.

Customer Satisfaction Rating

Consumer experience is critical since it reflects the service you may expect from your insurance provider. Based on J.D. Power’s research, MoneyGeek gave Kin homeowners insurance a 4.91 rating out of 5.

Customer Complaint Index


MoneyGeek looked into Kin's customer complaint index from the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) in addition to its overall service. Kin received fewer complaints than the average insurance provider, with a score of 0.19 compared to the national median of 1.00.

Financial Stability Rating

Kin has an A+ rating from AM Best, indicating that it has a strong ability to meet its ongoing insurance obligations. You can feel confident that Kin will be able to meet its financial responsibilities, which is vital when making a claim.

What to Expect From Kin Homeowners Insurance

The most difficult aspect of setting up a homeowners insurance is figuring out what you need and how to do it. MoneyGeek’s Kin homeowners insurance review provides an outline of what you can anticipate if you get your insurance from this company, including some of the services and features you might come across during your experience.


Getting a quote

Kin provides homeowners insurance quotes on their website. By entering your address into their online quote tool, you can get the relevant information that you need.


Customer support

Kin provides separate customer services for support, quote and claims:


Filing a claim

Kin homeowners insurance customers may call 866-204-2219 or email The company also provided a step-by-step guide on filing a claim. This includes documenting the damage and getting an estimate of the damage.


Canceling your policy

You might choose to cancel your Kin homeowners insurance policy at some point. You can do this by contacting the company.

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Policyholders of Kin homeowners insurance have various options for filing claims. These include calling 866-204-2219 or emailing Kin homeowners insurance does not have a mobile app at this time, even though it is an insurtech firm.

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Only one state in the United States offers homeowners insurance provided by Kin. MoneyGeek found that Kin homeowners insurance is only available in Florida.

How Much Does Kin Homeowners Insurance Cost?

The annual average cost of homeowners insurance is roughly $1,979. However, based on your distinct profile, including your home's location, age and construction type, the average cost of your homeowners insurance may differ. To find out how much your Kin homeowners insurance costs, MoneyGeek recommends you speak with a professional from the company.

When determining your premium, insurers consider your location, the cost of replacing your home, personal possessions and your selected deductible.

A $250,000 dwelling policy is usually sufficient, but it’s best to determine how much coverage you need by estimating the value of your property. Limits for additional coverages, which affect your premium, must also be determined. MoneyGeek's home insurance calculator can provide you with a quote based on your desired coverage limits.

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Lowering your coverage limit and deductible can help you save money on premiums. However, if your home is damaged by a covered risk, you may struggle because rebuilding costs can be high. You will have a great deal of difficulty once you need the reimbursement money.

What Discounts Does Kin Offer?

Kin advertises 12 discounts for homeowners insurance, which is higher than the industry average. While some of these discounts are common among other providers, Kin policyholders may take advantage of these to complement the unique discounts available.


Responsible Repair

When Kin policyholders choose not to turn over their claims benefits to a contractor, they receive this discount.

Protective Devices

These devices assist you in making your home safer and reducing the likelihood of a fire or theft claim.

Accredited Builder

You might be eligible for this discount if your house was built fewer than six years ago by an accredited builder.


If you live in a homeowners association, a mobile home park or a gated community, you could be eligible for discounts.

Home Buyer

Kin offers a discount if you purchased your home within the last 12 months.

Roofing Material

A roof can mean a home being completely demolished or staying intact during a hurricane. In most cases, a wind mitigation inspection is required for this discount.

Claims Free

You could be eligible for a claim-free discount if you haven't made a claim in more than seven years (about the period it takes for a claim to disappear from your CLUE report).

Paperless Policies

Many insurance firms, including Kin, are encouraging consumers to go green and manage their policies online by offering a discount.


With Kin, you can get a small discount if you pay your premium in full as opposed to monthly.

Green Home

Homes that meet certain environmental building standards could be eligible for a homeowners insurance discount. However, this can vary by state.


If you are 55 or older, you are eligible for discounts.

Fire Mitigation

California residents can benefit from discounts if they take steps to protect their homes from wildfires.

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While Kin does not offer a bundling discount, you may take advantage of the Responsible Repair Discount. This is a unique discount offering by the provider, which was launched in response to Florida's benefits reform. When policyholders choose not to sign their claims benefits over to a contractor, they receive this discount.

Which Coverage Types Does Kin Offer?

Add-on coverages allow you to customize your Kin homeowners insurance policy. There are 14 endorsements to select from, which is significantly more than the industry average of five.

Customers can get rare coverages from Kin. Mold coverage, for example, is used to cover the second-leading cause of home insurance claims. Additionally, loss assessment coverage may help pay for repairs or updates to shared areas if you're a member of an HOA or condo organization.

Kin homeowners insurance offers more coverage types than the national average. MoneyGeek’s table below outlines some of Kin’s add-on coverages available and how they can benefit you.


Contents Replacement Cost

After a covered loss, this endorsement ensures that your belongings are covered up to their replacement cost, allowing you to purchase identical, brand-new replacements.


Extended Reimbursement

Kin extends your housing coverage limits by 25%, giving you more coverage than you originally purchased.


Animal Liability

Injuries and property damage caused by your pets can be covered by Kin’s animal liability endorsement.


Hurricane Damage

Hurricane damage to screened enclosures, aluminum-framed carports and awnings can be covered by this endorsement.


Back-Up of Sewer or Drain

Water entering your home through public utilities or septic systems could be covered by this endorsement.


Cyber Event / ID Theft

This endorsement can help with expenses like legal and tax adviser fees, credit report fees, loan re-application fees and more.


Specialty Vehicle

Golf carts are not covered by standard home insurance plans, but this endorsement can assist in paying for damage caused by covered incidents.



Storm surge damages can be covered under this policy.


Scheduled Personal Property

This endorsement covers your valuable objects up to their appraised value if you have jewelry, antiques, fine art or a coin collection.


Building Ordinance or Law

If you are obliged by law to adhere to new building rules, this endorsement may be able to help cover the additional costs to get your home up to code.



Sinkhole coverage can be added to a conventional home insurance policy to cover damage from sinkholes.



This endorsement might provide further protection against mold damage.


Personal Injury

If you're sued for libel, slander, invasion of privacy or other personal injuries, this endorsement will cover you.


Loss Assessment

This endorsement can help you pay for loss assessments if you're a member of an HOA or condo organization (i.e., repairs or updates to shared areas of the property).

To get the best deal, MoneyGeek highly recommends comparing homeowners insurance rates for a chance to evaluate all your options. If you live in an area where flood, earthquake or bug damage coverage is required, keep in mind that most plans do not cover these scenarios. An added endorsement, however, can provide you with protection.

Your particular circumstances determine the amount of insurance you need. You can tailor your policy to your unique needs, but be sure insurance includes at least these essential protections.

What Online Homeowners Insurance Tools Does Kin Offer?

Apart from the easy online quote tool that Kin offers potential consumers, it also assists its users by allowing homeowners to file a claim online. Kin homeowners insurance customers can upload the images of the damages and other evidence if they pick the online option. Plus, when you purchase a Kin homeowners insurance online, the company's pricing system will automatically look for any available discounts.

Other Kin Insurance Products

Aside from homeowners insurance, Kin also offers mobile home, condo, landlord, vacation home and flood insurance. If you’re shopping around for potential providers, Kin can be a comprehensive insurer for your needs.

MoneyGeek’s table lists the various insurance products available from Kin.

Type of Product

Mobile Home Insurance

In the event that your home is damaged, mobile home insurance is similar to standard Kin homeowners insurance in that it provides financial protection.

Condo Insurance

Kin’s condo insurance covers the components of your property that aren't covered by your HOA's master insurance policy. This includes the unit's interior, appliances, fixtures and personal possessions.

Landlord Insurance

Landlord insurance is required to cover the financial aspects of renting out your home.

Vacation Home Insurance

You may require second home insurance if you have a second house that's only occupied for six months or less each year.

Flood Insurance

Kin provides flood insurance as an add-on to your homeowners insurance policy.


To evaluate Kin as a homeowners insurance company, MoneyGeek analyzed the Kin website, manually collected quotes and consulted consumer intelligence organizations such as J.D. Power, the NAIC and AM Best.

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