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Heritage Home Insurance Review: Service, Cost, & More (2023)

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Updated: Apr 26, 2023
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High affordability rating
Various payment options
Offers optional add-on coverages


Available in only six states
No advertised discounts
Limited online tools


Heritage homeowners insurance has a high overall score of 86 out of 100, mainly due to great affordability and user experience ratings.

While there are no unique add-on coverages, the company allows policyholders to add optional coverage like flood, earthquake, extended reimbursement, scheduled personal property and contents replacement cost. Additionally, there are various payment options available.

But Heritage homeowners insurance is only available in six states, and the company does not have any advertised discounts on its website.

Does Heritage Have Good Customer Service?

MoneyGeek’s Heritage homeowners insurance review shows an overall score of 86 out of 100. The internal scoring system considers customer satisfaction, affordability and financial stability. Affordability and customer satisfaction are among the company’s strengths, but Heritage is not as financially stable as other homeowners insurance companies.

Customer Complaint Index


The customer complaint ratio can help measure customer satisfaction. The NAIC complaint index report rates Heritage homeowners insurance at 0.24. That is significantly lower than the national median of 1.00. Having a lower than 1.00 complaint index means the company received fewer complaints compared to the average insurance provider.

Financial Stability Rating

Financial stability refers to a company’s ability to support and pay legitimate claims. It is an important factor to consider when looking for the best homeowners insurance company. Based on MoneyGeek’s evaluation, Heritage has a financial stability rating of 3.00 out of 5, and the company has an Exceptional (A) Demotech rating.

What To Expect From Heritage Homeowners Insurance

MoneyGeek provides a simple guide to a Heritage homeowners insurance policy. Below are some things you can expect if you choose Heritage.


Getting a quote

You can request a Heritage homeowners insurance quote on the company’s website. Once you fill out the form with basic details about your home, you submit it to Heritage and receive a response with the quote via email or telephone.


Customer support

The company has a toll-free hotline. Customers can reach out to Heritage by calling 1-855-415-7120 to report a loss or damage. You can also follow up on an existing claim.


Filing a claim

You can file a claim via the toll-free hotline of the company. The claims department is available 24/7.


Canceling your policy

If you want to cancel your Heritage homeowners insurance policy, contact your agent or the company’s customer service team to begin the process.

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Heritage homeowners insurance policyholders can report a claim through the company’s toll-free hotline. You call 1-855-415-7120 to report damages or loss. The company’s claims department is available 24/7.

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Heritage homeowners insurance is available in six states: California, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, North Carolina and South Carolina.

How Much Does Heritage Homeowners Insurance Cost?

Generally, homeowners insurance costs an average of $1,979 per year. However, rates may vary greatly based on your home’s location, age, construction type and other factors.

Premium rates may also vary by insurance provider. To get a Heritage homeowners insurance quote, talk to an agent or request a quote online to see how much it charges for a policy.

Dwelling Coverage
Annual Premium



Various factors affect the cost of home insurance. In most cases, companies consider location, replacement cost coverage, personal liability coverage and deductible amount.

A good starting point for the amount of coverage needed is $250,000 dwelling coverage. But it is still best to determine how much you really need based on the value of your home. You also need to choose limits for other coverages, which can affect your insurance premium.

MoneyGeek’s home insurance calculator can help you estimate how much you might pay depending on your chosen coverage limits.


Home Insurance Calculator



Dwelling Coverage






Personal Property


Credit Score


low end

on average

high end

These are annual estimates. Get a personalized quote to determine your costs.

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Rebuilding a home can be extremely pricey. While it may be cheaper to get lower coverage limits and a higher deductible in the short term, you may end up with huge expenses when you need the reimbursement money if your homeowners insurance policy doesn’t cover the total cost.

What Discounts Does Heritage Offer?

Heritage does not advertise discounts for homeowners insurance policies. When you contact an agent for a quote, you can find out what discounts they offer in your area.

Which Coverage Types Does Heritage Offer?

Policyholders can choose to personalize their homeowners insurance policy by purchasing additional coverages. You can choose from five endorsements offered by Heritage — the company offers the same number of endorsements as the industry average.

For example, a Heritage homeowners insurance policy could include extended reimbursement, which is often offered by insurance companies. While Heritage does not have unique add-on offerings, there are relatively uncommon coverages you can find. For example, the company has flood insurance that covers flood-related damages.

Based on MoneyGeek’s research, Heritage homeowners insurance policyholders can choose among five available additional coverages.



It protects against possible expenses due to flood water damage.



To cover repairs caused by an earthquake.


Extended Reimbursement

It provides additional liability coverage, including animal liability, by extending limits.


Scheduled Personal Property

Covers jewelry, fine art and furs above standard personal property limits.


Contents Replacement Cost

Adds reimbursement for the replacement cost of personal property, without depreciation, in a covered loss.

When looking for the best homeowners insurance, it is important to make sure that it includes all standard coverages. In most cases, insurance companies do not include flood, earthquake or pest coverage. If you think you need any of these coverages, make sure you read the fine print before buying a policy.

Sometimes, the insurance company may offer these as endorsements or separate policies. However, there are times when they are completely unavailable.

Evaluate your situation to find out how much coverage you need.

What Online Homeowners Insurance Tools Does Heritage Offer?

Heritage has limited online tools for homeowners insurance policyholders. One tool it does have is making online payments through a secure portal. MoneyGeek details Heritage’s online features below to assist you.

Other Heritage Insurance Products

Aside from homeowners insurance, Heritage offers other insurance products. These include condo insurance, dwelling fire for landlords, identity theft, commercial residential property insurance and an artisan contractor program.

Consider your needs to determine whether any of these products are beneficial to you. You should also check with the insurance company to see if you qualify for any discounts, such as for bundling policies.

Type of Product

Condominium Insurance

This insurance is for condominium owners who want coverage for personal liability, personal property, and loss assessment.

Commercial Residential Property Insurance

Heritage gives insurance policies for multiple-dwelling residences. These include apartment complexes, retirement or assisted living homes, homeowners associations and condominium owners associations. The policy covers structure and liability.

Dwelling Fire

The company offers insurance to individuals who have properties that are occupied by other people. These include single-family homes and townhouses. With this insurance, you can get structure, liability and loss of rents coverage.

Artisan Contractor Program

Also called a commercial general liability (CGL) policy, the Artisan Contractor Program caters to trade contractors in Florida. It covers medical expenses of other parties injured due to the contractor’s work at a site or office. It also includes damages to equipment and premises rented to the policyholder.

Identity Theft

The insurer has Identity Theft Recovery Coverage. With this, the policyholder gets restoration service in the event of identity theft. This coverage is for adults (18 years old or older) and up to five dependents. The policy amount is $25,000, which covers various expenses like notarizing fraud affidavits, lost wages up to $1,000 per week for a maximum of five weeks, loan application fees and legal fees.

Equipment Breakdown Coverage

Heritage offers insurance to cover unexpected repairs or replacement costs incurred due to home equipment damages that are excluded from most homeowners warranties. This additional coverage is available only to homeowners and condo insurance policyholders.


To evaluate Heritage as a homeowners insurance company, MoneyGeek analyzed the Heritage website, gathered quotes and consulted consumer intelligence organizations such as J.D. Power, the NAIC and AM Best.

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