Best Cheap Car Insurance Companies for High-Risk Drivers in Idaho

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Updated: May 20, 2024

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High-risk drivers pay a higher premium for car insurance due to having severe violations on their driving records. To secure the best rate in Idaho, such drivers may need to compare quotes across different insurance companies.

According to MoneyGeek, the best insurer for most high-risk drivers in Idaho and one that combines quality service and affordability is State Farm. From our findings, State Farm is also the cheapest company if service quality is not considered. Policyholders pay an average of $613 per year, although exact rates depend on the driver’s unique profile.

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Best Companies for High-Risk Drivers in 2023

An insurance company determines whether you are a high-risk driver or not by reviewing your driving history. Typically, your car insurance rates will be higher than a driver with a clean record if you have a speeding ticket, DUI, at-fault accident, or severe traffic violations on your driving record. The same also applies to young drivers with no experience behind the wheel.

Since there is a higher chance of high-risk drivers filing claims, insurers tend to increase the premium to cover the cost of damage and injury in case of an accident.

In Idaho, as a high-risk driver, your auto insurance premium may increase by approximately 24%.

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What makes insurance companies consider someone as a high-risk driver goes beyond traffic violations. For instance, your rates may spike significantly depending on your type of car or credit score, despite maintaining a clean driving record. Those with a safe vehicle and good credit rating may also pay higher costs for having a past violation.

The following may make you high-risk in Idaho and have a severe impact on your auto insurance costs:

  • Drivers with a history of traffic violations or at-fault accidents
  • Drivers with a DUI conviction
  • Drivers caught driving with a suspended or revoked license
  • Young drivers with a lack of driving experience
  • Drivers who drive sports cars or participate in drag racing
  • Drivers with bad credit or lapses in insurance coverage

Cheapest Car Insurance in Idaho for High-Risk Drivers

The cheapest high-risk auto insurance in Idaho, according to MoneyGeek’s research, is with State Farm. On average, high-risk customers pay $613 annually for a policy. You can learn more about State Farm’s car insurance, including the costs and benefits, using MoneyGeek’s detailed review of the insurer.

State FarmAnnual Premium$613
American FamilyAnnual Premium$765
FarmersAnnual Premium$922
AllstateAnnual Premium$1,005
TravelersAnnual Premium$1,124
GEICOAnnual Premium$1,150
ProgressiveAnnual Premium$1,192
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SR-22 insurance proves that your auto insurance policy meets the minimum requirements of the state. If you drive without insurance or get convicted of a serious traffic violation in Idaho, you must get SR-22 insurance; the insurance company files the form with the DMV as proof of insurance.

It is essential to note that SR-22 comes with additional costs. Additionally, some insurers may refuse to offer you car insurance coverage if a violation places you in the high-risk driver category.

Best Car Insurance in Idaho for High-Risk Drivers

From MoneyGeek’s research and scoring criteria, State Farm tops the list of high-risk auto insurance companies in Idaho with a score of 91 out of 100. MoneyGeek’s review highlights the insurer’s coverage options and average scores.

The second-best insurer in the state is American Family, scoring 77 out of 100. The insurer has a slightly higher average annual premium than State Farm, and you can learn more about its features by checking out MoneyGeek’s American Family review.

State FarmBest for High-Risk Drivers


Affordability Rating


Satisfaction Rating


Claims Rating


Financial Stability Rating

Geek Quick Take
Geek Quick Take

State Farm offers auto insurance to Idaho high-risk drivers at an average annual cost of $613. That rate is higher than what clean drivers pay for the same coverage by around 11%.

More About State Farm

State Farm is widely available in the United States. The company offers its customers various unique discounts, including student discounts and anti-theft system. Policyholders who work for a ridesharing company may also purchase rideshare insurance from State Farm.

One drawback of State Farm is that it does not offer unique coverages like OEM. Additionally, policyholders interested in accident forgiveness, gap insurance, deductible modification or new/better car replacement coverage may not find the insurer an ideal option.

American Family Insurance
There are no ratings for this company
Geek Quick Take
Geek Quick Take

American Family is the second-best car insurance provider in Idaho for high-risk drivers, with an average annual cost of $765, roughly 3% more than what clean-record drivers pay.

More About American Family Insurance

American Family offers loyalty, legacy and several other discounts to its customers. Customers may also purchase original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts coverage from American Family.

However, the insurer lacks common coverages like new car replacement and deductible modification.

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High-risk Idaho drivers interested in quality coverage may pay more for their car insurance. Although the state government does not offer low-income car insurance support programs, you can save on your premium by comparing prices among insurance providers. Pay-per-mile insurance is also a perfect option if you rarely travel.

Cheapest Car Insurance in Idaho for Drivers With a DUI

MoneyGeek’s research uncovered that the most affordable car insurance in Idaho for drivers with a DUI conviction comes from State Farm. On average, customers pay $596 per year for full coverage. You can check out our State Farm auto insurance review for a summary of its pros, cons, and coverage options.

Eligible military members may also opt for high-risk car insurance in Idaho from USAA.

State FarmAnnual Premium$596
American FamilyAnnual Premium$765
FarmersAnnual Premium$931
AllstateAnnual Premium$1,031
ProgressiveAnnual Premium$1,081
TravelersAnnual Premium$1,220
GEICOAnnual Premium$1,813
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After you get convicted of a DUI, it is on your driving record for several years. That is the look-back period.

Look-back periods may be shorter or longer based on your state of residence. Some states may feature multiple look-back periods depending on your BAC level or history of DUI offenses.

In Idaho, the duration is usually 10 years for DUIs, and five years for a BAC of 0.20 or more. This duration allows the state to consider previous convictions in the case of multiple offenders.

Cheapest Car Insurance in Idaho for Teenage Drivers

According to MoneyGeek’s evaluation of high-risk insurers in Idaho, the cheapest company for teenage drivers is State Farm. Teen drivers pay about $2,288 per year, although actual rates vary based on your exact age.

You can find out more details about the insurer in our State Farm review.

State FarmAnnual Premium$2,288
GEICOAnnual Premium$2,943
AllstateAnnual Premium$3,486
ProgressiveAnnual Premium$5,945
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Auto insurance providers charge teens and student drivers more expensively. However, MoneyGeek recommends getting a full coverage policy over the state minimum coverage for its added protection since young drivers are inexperienced and at a higher risk of getting involved in an accident.

You can find the best cheap auto insurance for teens and students by comparing several high-risk car insurance quotes across multiple carriers.

Cheapest Car Insurance in Idaho for Drivers With Bad Credit

As per MoneyGeek’s research findings, GEICO offers the most affordable car insurance for high-risk drivers with poor credit in Idaho. Policyholders pay an average annual cost of $898. That rate is around 40% more than what drivers with good credit pay for the same coverage, which is $536 per year.

MoneyGeek’s GEICO review provides further analysis of the insurer. You can check it out to learn more about GEICO’s discounts, coverage options, and pros and cons.

GEICOAnnual Premium898Percent Change40%
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A driver's credit score is one of the primary factors influencing car insurance rates in Idaho. Generally, drivers with bad credit pay considerably higher prices than those with good credit. The cost spikes even more if you are a high-risk driver.

Nevertheless, it is still possible to secure affordable auto insurance with bad credit in Idaho by shopping around and comparing costs from different insurers.

How Much Does Car Insurance Cost for High-Risk Drivers in Idaho?

While calculating individual car insurance rates, insurance providers consider your profile and history. If you are rated as a high-risk driver, you will end up paying a higher premium than the average driver.

In Idaho, auto insurance costs an average of $967 per year if you are a high-risk driver and $712 if you have a clean driving record, a difference of around $255.

Annual Car Insurance Cost in ID for Low-Risk vs. High-Risk Drivers

Annual Premium

Low-Risk Driver

Annual Premium

High-Risk Driver

In Idaho, high-risk drivers pay:$255 more

This is 36% more expensive.

For high-risk drivers seeking to purchase the most suitable car insurance policy, our Idaho auto insurance calculator provides quick estimated quotes based on factors like coverage choices, driving record and age.

You can further use the calculator to establish how different factors influence auto insurance rates in the state, plus individual rates based on your driving profile.

Car Insurance Calculator

MoneyGeeks's car insurance calculator will give you a customized estimate of your auto insurance cost. It's free to use, requires no personal information and we won't send you any spam.


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Jul 12, 2024

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Can You Still Get Car Insurance in Idaho if Insurers Refuse to Insure You?

Car insurance companies are privately-owned, meaning that some insurers may decide to deny high-risk drivers a policy for various reasons. If you cannot get standard car insurance after a traffic violation or any other reason, the best alternative is a residual automobile market policy.

Available through the Automobile Insurance Plan Service Office (AIPSO), these plans offer exclusive coverage for drivers termed as high-risk by state insurance regulators. After maintaining a clean driving record for some years, you may consider purchasing regular car insurance coverage.

Idaho Automobile Insurance Plan

AIPSO has residual market plans categorized across different states. In Idaho, individuals who are unable to find coverage can purchase it through the Idaho Automobile Insurance Plan. AIPSO shares eligible risks with the state’s insurance companies, which in turn take high-risk policyholders.

Idaho is also among the states that form the association of auto plans known as the Western Association of Automobile Insurance Plans, or WAAIP, which processes requests from those who have trouble purchasing standard insurance.

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Finding the best high-risk auto insurance in Idaho depends on several factors. To help you secure a suitable policy for your profile, MoneyGeek responded to several questions about high-risk car insurance in the state.

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MoneyGeek calculated average rates using full coverage car insurance policies with 100/300/100 liability insurance and comprehensive and collision coverage with a $1,000 deductible. Minimum coverage car insurance policy rates were calculated based on each state’s minimum car insurance requirement.

To calculate rates for high-risk drivers, MoneyGeek averaged the premiums insurance companies charge for three of the most common driving violations: speeding, at-fault accident and DUI.

To determine the best car insurance company for high-risk drivers, MoneyGeek scored companies based on affordability, customer satisfaction and complaints — obtained from J.D. Power surveys and NAIC complaint scores — and financial strength ratings as calculated by AM Best. Affordability received the greatest weighting in our calculations.

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