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Updated: May 2, 2023

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Jul 22, 2024

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MoneyGeek’s Wyoming car insurance calculator produces car insurance estimates in just a few clicks.

We studied how companies calculate car insurance premiums in Wyoming and broke down factors that influence car insurance rates in Wyoming to help drivers understand how their characteristics affect the cost of an auto policy.

Wyoming Car Insurance Calculator: How it Gets You an Instant, Free Estimate

You need to spend around 10–15 minutes providing personal information to get a finalized car insurance quote from one auto insurance provider in Wyoming.

But, MoneyGeek’s Wyoming car insurance calculator can yield auto insurance policy estimates per month or year in just a few seconds. It provides costs based on age, driving record, vehicle type and coverage levels.

Data from our calculator shows that in Wyoming, adding a teen driver, coverage levels and age of driver have the biggest impact on car insurance rates. Nonetheless, the most influential factor for you may be different depending on your profile.

In Wyoming, the cheapest auto insurance company for you depends on various factors, but MoneyGeek’s car insurance calculator gets you a close estimate. Priced around $203 per year, GEICO is the most affordable, open-to-all car insurance provider for MoneyGeek’s average Wyoming driver.

Price is just one component of an insurance policy’s overall value proposition. A company’s customer service record and available coverages are also important when choosing a car insurance provider in Wyoming.

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MoneyGeek’s car insurance calculator is helpful for drivers looking for estimates on insurance rates. We also have a collection of sample drivers to review to find the cheapest car insurance in Wyoming.

MoneyGeek discovered the average cost of car insurance in Wyoming to give drivers a better idea of how their rates compare to others across the country.

For drivers who don’t view price as the most deciding factor, MoneyGeek ranked insurance companies that balance affordability and service quality to find the best car insurance companies in Wyoming.

How Car Insurance Premiums are Calculated in Wyoming

Car insurance providers calculate insurance premiums in Wyoming using factors such as age, driving record, coverage levels, credit score and car model.

MoneyGeek’s research found that adding a teen driver, coverage levels and age of driver are the most important factors in pricing car insurance in Wyoming. For example, adding a teen driver can increase rates in Wyoming by 3.5x.

How Much Adding a Teen Driver Matters in Calculating Car Insurance in Wyoming

A teen driver on your policy may result in a 3.5x increase in your Wyoming car insurance premium. That may be because insurance providers see teen drivers as risky due to their lack of experience.

How Much Coverage Levels Matters in Calculating Car Insurance in Wyoming

Coverage limits and levels and the deductible are important factors when companies price car insurance — the higher your coverage limits, the pricier your policy.

The most affordable auto insurance in Wyoming is a state minimum liability-only policy. Conversely, full coverage with 100/300/100 liability limits and a $500 deductible is the highest-priced policy, costing 3.5x more.

How Much Age of Driver Matters in Calculating Car Insurance in Wyoming

Insurance companies consider a driver’s age when calculating car insurance prices in Wyoming. Older drivers have more experience, so they pay less than young drivers who are new to the road. A young driver may pay around 2.5x more than a middle-aged driver.

How Much Credit Score Matters in Calculating Car Insurance in Wyoming

In Wyoming, credit score impacts car insurance prices. Drivers with poor credit scores may not have a satisfactory record for paying bills, which makes them riskier. In Wyoming, a poor credit score can cause auto insurance premiums to be 2.1x higher than a good credit score.

How Much Car Model Matters in Calculating Car Insurance in Wyoming

The model of your car could make you pay 2x more in Wyoming for auto insurance compared to someone else. For example, a car that is more expensive to repair can result in paying a higher premium since the insurance company must pay more if it sustains damage.

How to Calculate How Much Car Insurance You Need in Wyoming

The amount of insurance you buy greatly impacts your car insurance premium. It’s important to know how much car insurance you need in Wyoming to balance affordability and protection.

Wyoming requires bodily injury liability insurance and property damage liability insurance. You should assess if you need coverage beyond the state minimum limits — you may consider buying additional liability and collision and comprehensive coverage (a full coverage policy) for added security.

Understand Wyoming car insurance requirements

Research Wyoming’s minimum car insurance requirements to know the least amount of insurance that you need to buy.

In Wyoming, a state minimum policy only covers $25,000 for bodily injury per person, with a $50,000 per accident maximum, and $20,000 in property damage liability per accident.

Wyoming does not require comprehensive and collision coverage to protect your car from damage or theft — they are not part of a state minimum policy.

Consider Purchasing Additional Liability Insurance

You may need to increase your coverage beyond Wyoming’s state minimum to protect yourself in case of a major accident.

A policy with a $300,000 bodily injury liability limit per accident costs around $338 per year in Wyoming. Meanwhile, a minimum liability policy costs approximately $274 per year.

Decide whether or not to buy comprehensive and collision insurance

Drivers should decide whether they need to buy a full coverage policy, which includes comprehensive and collision insurance. Wyoming does not require it, but car lenders usually ask you to have it for leased or financed cars.

In Wyoming, adding comprehensive and collision coverage with a $1,000 deductible costs around $485 per year. However, you may not want a full coverage policy if you’ll spend hundreds of dollars annually for a car with a value of a few thousand dollars.

Consider buying additional protection besides these core coverages

Wyoming doesn’t require uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage. However, you should consider buying it as protection against drivers who have no insurance or insufficient insurance. After all, approximately 5.8% of drivers in Wyoming are uninsured.

You can also buy medical payments coverage if you need extra protection against medical expenses from a vehicular crash.

Frequently Asked Questions About How Car Insurance is Calculated in Wyoming

You may be wondering how to calculate insurance premiums in Wyoming. MoneyGeek answers frequently asked questions below about car insurance rates to help you.

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MoneyGeek partnered with Quadrant Data Services to get car insurance quotes from across Wyoming. Our data science team analyzed how personal factors impacted cost and incorporated our findings into our calculator to provide users with an accurate estimate of their expected yearly auto insurance costs. Read more about our methodology here.

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