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American National P&C is the best auto insurance in Idaho for full and minimum coverage and for drivers with infractions. It offers the best service for teens, too.

Travelers is the best option for new car drivers.

If affordability is your main concern, MoneyGeek also lists the cheapest car insurance in Idaho.

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Best Car Insurance in Idaho

Best Overall for Car Insurance in Idaho

The best full coverage auto insurance in Idaho is from American National P&C. The following providers excelled in MoneyGeek’s analysis:

  • American National P&C: MoneyGeek score of 93 out of 100 ($299 per year)
  • Auto-Owners Insurance: MoneyGeek score of 90 out of 100 ($407 per year)

American National P&C supplies the best blend of customer satisfaction and affordability, surpassing eight competitors.

MoneyGeek Top Pick

American National P&C

American National P&C is the top auto insurance in Idaho for its outstanding customer satisfaction and reasonably priced policies. It offers the most affordable one, with an average full coverage policy costing just $299 per year.

But, this insurer's claims management received a poor rating.

Along with standard options like roadside assistance, American National P&C offers gap and ACE insurance.

If your vehicle is totaled, gap insurance covers the difference between the loan balance and the car's cash worth. You need comprehensive and collision coverage for this.

ACE insurance is applied when you must repair broken car components.

You could receive more car and home premiums savings if you have auto, home and life insurance policies with American National P&C. The company also offers an early signing discount, featuring lower premiums when you apply before your existing one expires.

MoneyGeek Runner-Up

Auto-Owners Insurance

The second-best auto insurance in Idaho is Auto-Owners Insurance, which scores highly on both affordability and financial stability. A full coverage policy with this insurer costs an average of $407 annually. Its coverage for diminished value is fairly rare among insurers in the state.

Auto-Owners Insurance offers liability, collision and comprehensive insurance, just like other insurers. The most popular add-on coverages include gap insurance, roadside assistance, rental car and/or travel reimbursement and new car replacement.

The company had above-average MoneyGeek ratings for client satisfaction, complaints and financial stability.

The company also provides diminished value coverage, a special and infrequently offered insurance option. This safeguards your investment by paying you back for the extent of your car's value loss.

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How the Best Insurers in Idaho Rank: MoneyGeek Scores and Costs

Among 11 insurance companies in Idaho, American National P&C emerged on top for its top-notch service and affordable insurance. Auto-Owners Insurance, which likewise has low premiums and good financial stability, came second in MoneyGeek's analysis. But coverage options are scarce.

Idaho residents looking for insurance who prefer additional options or have certain coverage needs may find American Family ideal. However, this insurance comes with higher premiums and subpar claims satisfaction.

The availability of sufficient data for each element of the scoring system was a requirement for an insurer to receive a MoneyGeek overall score.

MoneyGeek Score (out of 100)
Annual Premium
Satisfaction Score (out of 5)
Affordability Score (out of 5)
Claims Score (out of 5)
Coverages Score (out of 5)
Stability Score (out of 5)

American National P&C
















Auto-Owners Insurance Co








State Farm








American Family

















































No Score




No Score



Idaho Farm Bureau

No Score




No Score



Best Car Insurance in Idaho for Customer Service

Idaho consumers who buy auto insurance from American National P&C could enjoy consistently outstanding customer service, regardless of the price. Here are the top car insurance picks in Idaho for customer service:

  • American National P&C: MoneyGeek score of 90 out of 100 ($299 per year)
  • American Family: MoneyGeek score of 90 out of 100 ($624 per year)

Customer service is a key component of the best auto insurance. American National P&C greatly exceeds American Family in this area. Auto-Owners only performs better than the initial in terms of coverage options.

American National P&C


Ranked number 2 on customer satisfaction out of 11 insurers

Most affordable premiums in Idaho

Provides gap insurance and ACE insurance


Poor claims management rating

Offers few discounts


Selecting a car insurance company with excellent service and value should be your main goal — American National P&C provides both.

Based on MoneyGeek’s analysis of J.D. Power's studies and the NAIC's customer complaint index, this company achieved the second-highest mark for client satisfaction.

The most affordable premiums are offered by American National P&C, averaging $299 for full coverage; however, the company has a low claims management score. Despite this, the company is ideal among customers because of its ACE and gap insurance.

Gap insurance, which should be combined with comprehensive and collision coverage, pays the difference between the balance of the loan and the car's cash value when it's stolen or totaled.

You use ACE insurance when you need to fix damaged auto parts.

What Makes an Insurer the Best for Customer Service?

Excellent customer service is when an insurer responds quickly and effectively to your concerns. The best insurer in Idaho is:

  • Receptive to concerns
  • Systematic in handling issues
  • Efficient in paying authorized claims

Although American National P&C's client satisfaction score was only second among insurers, it still emerged as MoneyGeek's top choice. It has many other excellent attributes Idaho residents might take advantage of, such as the affordability of its insurance options.

Best Car Insurance in Idaho for Minimum Coverage

American National P&C is the best auto insurance in Idaho for minimum coverage. It has excellent customer service and affordable plans meeting Idaho's lowest liability requirements. The top picks for this category include:

  • American National P&C: MoneyGeek score of 93 out of 100 ($127 per year)
  • Auto-Owners Insurance: MoneyGeek score of 92 out of 100 ($155 per year)

Note that although American National P&C is the least expensive option for the majority of drivers in Idaho, minimum coverage insurance offers the least protection against liability costs and excludes coverage for vehicle damage.

American National P&C


Most affordable premiums in Idaho at $127

Ranks number 1 on satisfaction out of 11 insurers

Provides bundling, multiple car and early signing discounts


Less efficient in claims management

No paperless and paying in full discounts


The cheapest car insurance in Idaho for the minimum coverage is offered by American National P&C, which also offers discounts to lower costs even further.

For example, the company offers a special early signing discount, unlike other insurers. But, American National P&C doesn't have other typical discounts like paperless or full payment.

American National P&C received a MoneyGeek score of 83 out of 100, boasting strong ratings regarding affordability and customer satisfaction.

What Makes an Insurer the Best for Minimum Coverage?

Not many motorists have the means or want to purchase comprehensive auto insurance. In addition to discounts to help further lower your premium, a good minimum coverage policy offers the lowest prices for the coverage limits imposed in the state. Be mindful of the compromise between price and coverage.

Affordable, high-quality service and discounts are all features of an exceptional minimum coverage insurance policy by American National P&C.

Best Car Insurance in Idaho for Young Adults

American National P&C is the best auto insurance for young adults in Idaho. The following companies in the state offer the most affordable premiums and top-notch service for drivers in their 20s:

  • American National P&C: MoneyGeek score of 93 out of 100 ($383 per year)
  • American Family: MoneyGeek score of 90 out of 100 ($653 per year)

Drivers in their 20s often pay more for auto insurance than middle-aged drivers, but typically less than teen drivers. MoneyGeek suggests comparing prices to obtain the best young driver auto insurance in Idaho if you're trying to save money.

American National P&C


Most affordable in the state at $383 per year

Offers spare parts coverage and antique/classic car insurance

Early signing discount available


Poor claims management

Average financial stability rating


For young drivers in their 20s living in Idaho, MoneyGeek’s top pick is American National P&C because of its reasonable prices. The company placed first among 11 insurers in our survey in terms of affordability.

The company offers exceptional early signing discounts unavailable from other insurers, which further reduces your costs.

Though other insurers frequently give discounts for going paperless and paying in full, American National P&C doesn't and is less effective in managing claims.

What Makes an Insurer the Best for Young Adults?

Ideal insurance optimizes savings and discounts while retaining great service and enough coverage. Since insurers often charge young adults higher rates, look for companies with discounts.

American National P&C is MoneyGeek’s top pick for young adults because of its affordable rates, fundamental coverages and discounts.

Due to their higher accident risk, teenagers represent the most expensive age group to insure. When purchasing insurance, compare rates to find the best one for teens. Insurers with student discounts and benefits like accident forgiveness or roadside assistance are also a plus.

Auto-Owners Insurance offers discounts to teens who perform well in school. It also gives new drivers and their families peace of mind as it provides some of the most popular add-on coverages, such as roadside assistance.

Best Car Insurance in Idaho for Seniors

The top auto insurance in Idaho for senior drivers is from American National P&C. Among the best insurers for drivers in their 60s include:

  • American National P&C: MoneyGeek score of 93 out of 100 ($307 per year)
  • Auto-Owners Insurance: MoneyGeek score of 90 out of 100 ($399 per year)

Drivers' insurance rates in their 60s are comparable to those in their 30s through 50s but rise until they hit their 70s. You may find the most affordable auto insurance for seniors by comparing prices from several suppliers.

American National P&C


Cheapest insurance rates at $307 each year

High customer satisfaction rating


Below-average claims management rating


Of the 11 insurance companies in Idaho, American National P&C provides the most affordable rates for senior drivers. It also offers a variety of discounts to further reduce the cost of insurance for seniors. For instance, other insurers don't provide the early signing discount this insurer does.

American National P&C’s website, which demonstrates its high customer satisfaction rating, allows you to request an estimate, file a claim and make a payment.

What Makes an Insurer the Best for Seniors?

Despite being among the safest motorists on the road, seniors are more likely to suffer catastrophic injuries in an accident because of their older age.

Cheap full coverage insurance with personal injury protection (PIP) to help offset medical costs are available from reputable auto insurance providers.

Elderly individuals in Idaho can also use various discounts from American National P&C to reduce their premiums.

Best Car Insurance in Idaho for Drivers With Offenses

American National P&C is the best auto insurance in Idaho for drivers with offenses such as speeding tickets, at-fault accidents or DUIs. Following are our top picks based on price and service ratings:

  • American National P&C: MoneyGeek score of 93 out of 100 ($428 per year)
  • State Farm: MoneyGeek score of 90 out of 100 ($424 per year)

The top pick is the second-most affordable insurer and second-best rated by customers. Drivers with violations need to look for affordable auto insurance after an incident.

Typical rates in Idaho increase by $80 after a speeding ticket, $169 after an at-fault accident and $334 after a DUI.

American National P&C


Second-cheapest premiums at $428 per year

Excellent customer service

Provides gap insurance and other unique coverages


Poor rating in terms of claims management


American National P&C offers full coverage premiums for Idaho drivers with clean driving records for $428 annually. Although this insurer offers exceptional customer service, customers should have more realistic expectations for claims processing.

The company offers special protections like gap insurance despite the limited coverage choices.

What Makes an Insurer the Best for Drivers With Offenses?

Drivers with offenses, generally referred to as high-risk drivers, generally pay substantially higher insurance rates. A reputable insurance provider for these types of drivers:

  • Offers discounts and perks
  • Provides cheaper rates
  • Features accident forgiveness and replacement cost coverages

Consumers in Idaho can select from a wide range of coverage options from American National P&C, which offers some of the most affordable rates for high-risk drivers.

Best Car Insurance in Idaho for Drivers With New Cars

The best insurance in Idaho for new-car drivers is Travelers. Here are MoneyGeek’s top picks for insurers who provide new or better car replacement coverage:

  • Travelers: MoneyGeek score of 91 out of 100 ($795 per year)
  • Farmers: MoneyGeek score of 85 out of 100 ($985 per year)

With impressive ratings for affordability and stability, Travelers beats its competitors.

New or better car replacement coverage is useful for drivers with newer car models. If your existing car is totaled in a covered accident, Travelers assists in purchasing a new vehicle.

Your insurer replaces your vehicle with a brand-new version of your previous vehicle if you have new car replacement coverage.

At the next level, you get a car one model year newer with better car replacement coverage.



Most affordable annual rate, at $795 per year

Perfect rating for financial stability

Offers a wide range of discounts


Below-average ratings for claims management


Travelers is the best insurance for drivers in Idaho who own new cars. Although its plans are the most affordable, discounts could even reduce the cost of auto coverage: bundling, multiple cars, high grades, careful driving and paperless are some of those.

It also offers various exclusive discounts many competitors don't, including new car, loyalty and homeowners discounts. In addition, drivers of hybrid vehicles can potentially be eligible for the alternative energy discount.

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What Makes an Insurer the Best for Drivers With New Cars?

Drivers who purchase new cars require the appropriate insurance protection to safeguard their considerable investment. The best insurance provider for these drivers provides these add-ons because those clients may benefit the most from having new or superior car replacement coverage.

MoneyGeek's top pick, Travelers, offers many popular car insurance supplemental coverages, including new car replacement, accident forgiveness and gap insurance.

Best Car Insurance in Idaho for Military Drivers

American National P&C came in first in our ranking of the best auto insurance in Idaho for people with a military background, with a MoneyGeek score of 93 out of 100. It offers the cheapest full coverage rate in the state, at $299 per year.

If you match its eligibility conditions, USAA is the second-best option. It offers reasonable policies and coverages designed for military individuals and their families.



Most affordable insurance, at $299 annually

Above-average customer satisfaction score


Weak claims management rating


American National P&C is the best insurance provider for Idaho drivers with a military background. Using information from J.D. Power and the NAIC, this company was the most customer-friendly among the ten insurers.

That said, the customer service rankings don't include claims management reviews. Signs point to that process being less satisfactory.

The full coverage policies from American National P&C rank among Idaho's most affordable options as well. This insurer provides unique safeguards like gap insurance which pays the difference between the unpaid debt and the vehicle's cash value when it's stolen or totaled.

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How to Find the Best Car Insurance in Idaho for You

You need to consider several aspects when shopping for the best auto insurance in Idaho. Select an insurer with a balance of cost, service quality and financial stability.

MoneyGeek gathered data to assist you in getting started in your search. You can start assessing which auto insurance provider best suits your needs.


Research customer service reputations in Idaho

To identify the best insurers in Idaho, MoneyGeek obtained auto insurance quotes from a variety of companies for a sample driver. We also assessed the NAIC complaint index and J.D. Power customer satisfaction scores.

Discover more by researching through the Department of Insurance in Idaho.


Compare quotes

MoneyGeek used average quotes from a representative group of drivers. These are centered on rates for the majority of Idaho, but they don't include all of the state.

Evaluate estimates from at least three different car insurance companies to get a realistic assessment of the costs of coverage in your area and to locate the most affordable insurance rates.


Find the coverages you want in Idaho

Reviewing the coverages and savings you need is crucial before selecting an auto insurance policy from any company. Sometimes, stated reductions and coverages aren't available in some states.

So double-check that your chosen insurance provider has what you want before signing anything.


Check financial stability ratings

Another important aspect to think about when selecting an insurance company is its financial stability. Major insurance companies typically have better financial standing. Better financial planning often means companies can more easily pay claims. Regional or small insurance providers often have lower ratings.

Insurance Rates

Compare Insurance Rates

Ensure you are getting the best rate for your insurance. Compare quotes from the top insurance companies.


FAQs About the Best Car Insurance in Idaho

Idaho's top auto insurance may vary depending on your needs and the things you're most concerned about. These frequently asked questions could guide you in this process.

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