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Drivers deemed too high-risk may be dropped by their insurance companies, with no other option for their protection. If you get into accidents or get ticketed often, it may be time to ask your car insurance company about non-standard auto insurance.

Most auto insurance companies offer both standard car insurance and non-standard auto insurance. However, be ready for higher monthly premiums because non-standard packages are more expensive.

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Non-standard auto insurance is offered by most major auto insurance companies to drivers who are at high risk for DUIs, accidents and tickets.

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These insurance packages are typically more expensive than standard car insurance packages, so those who want to apply may need to rethink their budget.

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Some drivers can qualify for non-standard auto insurance according to their insurance company’s standards, including drivers under 25 or over 75.

What Is Non-Standard Insurance?

Before you start looking for the best non-standard auto insurance companies to cater to your needs, you need to know if you qualify for this type of plan.

Non-standard auto insurance is for drivers considered too high-risk to be covered by standard policies. There is no difference in the processes or coverage for non-standard insurance — instead, it is more expensive since there is a greater risk for claims.

Drivers considered non-standard may have bad driving records, had multiple accidents, been convicted of DUIs, had little or no significant driving experience or had multiple accidents. If you are considering non-standard insurance, be prepared to pay higher premiums.

If you are considered an excessively hazardous driver, major insurers may cancel or not renew your coverage. You will need to find an insurer offering non-standard insurance. If you have an SR-22 or FR-44, your insurance company must file for you before you renew your vehicle registration.

Who Needs Non-Standard Insurance?

High-risk drivers may need non-standard insurance. Due to their driving history, these drivers are not eligible for auto insurance under the insurers' typical policies. Additionally, drivers under the age of 25 may need non-standard auto insurance due to their lack of driving experience.

Drivers Considered High Risk

You may have substandard car insurance if you qualify as a high-risk driver.

High-risk drivers include inexperienced young drivers, persons who have been involved in several accidents, people who file numerous claims and drivers whose insurance has lapsed. If you fall under any of the groups below, you might require non-standard auto insurance.

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    Young Drivers Under 25

    Insurance companies view young drivers as high-risk due to their lack of driving experience. This can result in costly policies, but it’s still possible to find cheap auto insurance under 25 if you compare providers.

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    Drivers Over 75

    Older drivers may have poorer driving skills due to aging, leading to traffic accidents. These drivers might have trouble identifying stop signs, hearing honks or understanding traffic signals, which may make it hard to find cheap car insurance for seniors.

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    History of Multiple Accidents & Claims in a Short Amount of Time

    Multiple incidents in a short timeframe are viewed by insurers as a tell-tale sign of high-risk driving. Because many payments need to be made by the insurance provider, several claims are likewise considered high-risk.

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    Reckless Driving

    Speeding, failing to obey traffic signs, and other flagrant law violations are all reckless driving. These are regarded by auto insurance companies as high-risk signifiers and can lead to accidents.

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    SR-22 FR-44

    You'll need non-standard auto insurance if you have an SR-22 or FR-44. Before re-registering your vehicle, your auto insurance provider must file one on your behalf before you can qualify for a non-standard auto insurance plan.

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    Salvage Title Cars

    Because they have been deemed a total loss or are excessively damaged, salvage title cars are particularly high-risk. These cars are generally unsafe to take on the road and need the appropriate insurance plan for their use.

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    Luxury Cars

    A luxury car's value and repair costs make it more expensive to insure. Because of the powerful engine, luxury drivers frequently speed, which makes it a high-risk vehicle. However, comparing providers makes it possible to find cheap car insurance for luxury cars.

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    Lapse in Coverage

    A gap in auto insurance payments is considered high-risk. The insurance provider may be exposed to more risk due to lapsed payments.

Frequently Asked Questions

Understanding non-standard auto insurance is helpful for high-risk drivers. Learn more about what it is and who needs it below.

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