How Much Is Car Insurance in Delaware? (2024)

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ByMark Fitzpatrick
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ByMark Fitzpatrick
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Reviewed byMark Friedlander
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Updated: May 28, 2024

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In Delaware, drivers who choose full coverage car insurance can expect to pay an average annual premium of $2,024. Those opting for minimum coverage pay less, averaging around $1,237 per year.

Insurers consider various factors when determining your car insurance premium. Your age, the level of coverage you select, where you live, your driving record and your credit history all play significant roles in how much you pay.

Why Trust MoneyGeek? We analyzed data and quotes from Quadrant Information Services and the Delaware Department of Insurance to get the most precise average costs for a variety of Delaware drivers.

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These rates reflect the average cost of car insurance in Delaware as of 2024.

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Average Car Insurance Costs in Delaware

Delaware's average full coverage car insurance cost is $2,024 annually. Knowing your state's average car insurance cost helps you assess if a quote is affordable or high. Start comparing car insurance quotes to find the best deal.

Here's what you might pay for auto insurance in Delaware. These numbers show what your budget might look like, regardless of whether you only want minimum coverage or more comprehensive protection.

100/300/100 Full Cov. w/$1,000 Ded.Average Annual Premium$2,024Average Monthly Premium$169
100/300/100 Liability OnlyAverage Annual Premium$1,507Average Monthly Premium$126
State Minimum Liability OnlyAverage Annual Premium$1,237Average Monthly Premium$103

Why Are Car Insurance Rates Moderate in Delaware?

Several factors contribute to Delaware's higher rates, including its dense population, higher than average healthcare costs, and the state's insurance laws, which can influence claim payouts.

Car insurance in Delaware is more expensive than the national average cost of car insurance. For instance, the state minimum coverage in Delaware averages about $1,237 annually or $103 monthly, higher than the national average of $573 annually or $48 monthly.

Average Car Insurance Costs in Delaware by Company

Car insurance premiums can differ greatly even within the same state. In Delaware, for example, the provider offering the cheapest full coverage is Travelers at $865 annually, while Dairyland has the most expensive average premium at $4,600.

It's crucial to compare car insurance quotes from various providers to find the cheapest car insurance in Delaware. Shopping around can lead to significant savings and ensure you get the most affordable option.

Data filtered by:Results filtered by:
Coverage:Full Coverage
Age Group:
Age Group:30-59
TravelersAnnual Premium$865Monthly Premium$72
State FarmAnnual Premium$1,365Monthly Premium$114
GEICOAnnual Premium$1,403Monthly Premium$117
ProgressiveAnnual Premium$1,512Monthly Premium$126
AllstateAnnual Premium$2,082Monthly Premium$174
American FamilyAnnual Premium$2,343Monthly Premium$195
DairylandAnnual Premium$4,600Monthly Premium$383

Average Car Insurance Costs in Delaware by Coverage Level

The cost of car insurance in Delaware is influenced by the level of coverage you choose. Minimum coverage costs approximately $103 monthly, while full coverage averages around $169 per month. Despite being pricier, full coverage is recommended because it offers comprehensive protection against various losses.

Incorporating comprehensive and collision coverage within your policy undoubtedly raises your premium. However, opting for higher deductibles, such as the $1,000 deductible in the full coverage option, can help manage and reduce these costs. Your deductible amount applies individually to each comprehensive and collision claim you make.

State Minimum Liability OnlyAverage Annual Premium$1,237Average Monthly Premium$103
100/300/100 Liability OnlyAverage Annual Premium$1,507Average Monthly Premium$126
300/500/300 Liability OnlyAverage Annual Premium$1,615Average Monthly Premium$135
State Minimum Liability w/ Full Cov. w/$1,500 Ded.Average Annual Premium$1,723Average Monthly Premium$144
State Minimum Liability w/ Full Cov. w/$1,000 Ded.Average Annual Premium$1,752Average Monthly Premium$146
State Minimum Liability w/ Full Cov. w/$500 Ded.Average Annual Premium$1,905Average Monthly Premium$159
100/300/100 Full Cov. w/$1,500 Ded.Average Annual Premium$1,995Average Monthly Premium$166
100/300/100 Full Cov. w/$1,000 Ded.Average Annual Premium$2,024Average Monthly Premium$169

Minimum Car Insurance Requirements in Delaware

Delaware's minimum car insurance requirements include $25,000 for bodily injury per person, $50,000 per accident, $10,000 for property damage, along with personal injury protection of $15,000 per person and $30,000 per accident.

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    $25,000 for bodily injury liability per person

    Delaware requires a minimum of $25,000 in bodily injury liability coverage for each person injured in an accident.

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    $50,000 for bodily injury liability per accident

    For all persons injured in a single accident, Delaware's state minimum is $50,000 in bodily injury liability.

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    $10,000 for property damage liability per accident

    Delaware mandates at least $10,000 in property damage liability coverage to pay for damages to another's property.

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    $15,000 personal injury protection (PIP) per person

    Delaware requires $15,000 in PIP coverage per person to cover medical expenses and other related costs.

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    $30,000 personal injury protection (PIP) per accident

    For each accident, Delaware law stipulates a minimum of $30,000 in PIP coverage.

Average Car Insurance Costs in Delaware by Age

Age is a significant factor in Delaware's car insurance costs. Younger drivers, particularly those aged 22 to 29, typically see the highest premiums, often paying around $2,447 annually, while those over 60 enjoy lower rates at about $1,903. Trends indicate that premiums generally decrease as drivers age, reflecting the industry's assessment of risk and experience.

Data filtered by:Results filtered by:
Coverage:100/300/100 Full Cov. w/$1,000 Ded.
22-29Average Annual Premium$2,447Average Monthly Premium$204
30-59Average Annual Premium$2,024Average Monthly Premium$169
60 +Average Annual Premium$1,903Average Monthly Premium$159

Average Car Insurance Costs in Delaware for Teens

Age and gender significantly influence car insurance rates in Delaware. For example, 16-year-old male drivers added to a family policy can expect an average annual cost of $3,358, with premiums being the highest for this age group.

Teen drivers under 18 usually cannot purchase car insurance independently without a parent or guardian co-signing. Going solo on a policy comes with a steeper average premium of $10,368 for a 16-year-old boy in Delaware.

Data filtered by:Results filtered by:
16Added to Family Policy Premium$3,358Individual Premium$10,368
17Added to Family Policy Premium$3,167Individual Premium$7,584
18Added to Family Policy Premium$2,582Individual Premium$6,102
19Added to Family Policy Premium$2,361Individual Premium$3,730
20Added to Family Policy Premium$2,483Individual Premium$3,333
21Added to Family Policy Premium$1,821Individual Premium$2,283
22Added to Family Policy Premium$2,011Individual Premium$2,036
23Added to Family Policy Premium$2,082Individual Premium$1,781

Average Car Insurance Costs in Delaware for New Cars

The average annual cost of full coverage car insurance for a 2012 car model is $1,708, in contrast to $2,034 for a similar 2022 model. This uptick in premiums is a direct result of the increased actual cash value of newer cars alongside steeper repair costs and a heightened risk of theft.

Drivers of newer vehicles should consider investing in comprehensive and collision coverage; this plan covers damages from a variety of incidents, including non-collision events, and could ultimately save money in the event of unexpected repairs or theft.

Data filtered by:Results filtered by:
Coverage:Full Coverage
Age Group:
Age Group:30-59
2012 VehicleAnnual Premium$1,708Monthly Premium$142
2022 VehicleAnnual Premium$2,034Monthly Premium$170
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The actual cash value (ACV) of your vehicle is the amount your insurance company will typically pay if your car is damaged or totaled in a covered incident. It reflects your car's market value at the time of the claim, after depreciation. Your ACV directly influences the reimbursement you receive from your comprehensive or collision insurance, ensuring you're compensated fairly for losses sustained.

Average Car Insurance Costs in Delaware by Driving Record

Drivers in Delaware can expect their car insurance rates to vary depending on their driving record. Annual and monthly averages based on driving violations are:

  • With a ticket: $2,397 per year, $200 per month
  • With an at-fault accident: $2,860 per year, $238 per month
  • With a DUI: $2,806 per year, $234 per month

The severity of a violation can make your insurance premiums rise. And as long as the violation is on your record, it can affect your rates. Each state is different in how long it keeps a violation on your driving record. For example, in Delaware, a DUI can stay on your record for up to 5 years, influencing your car insurance costs for that period.

While a DUI typically results in the highest insurance rates due to the higher risk it represents, there are exceptions depending on the insurer and the state's regulations. Sometimes, other violations can push your premiums even higher than a DUI would.

Our table, sorted by coverage and age group, shows the average cost of car insurance in Delaware for different records.

Data filtered by:Results filtered by:
Coverage:100/300/100 Full Cov. w/$1,000 Ded.
Age Group:
Age Group:30-59
CleanAverage Annual Premium$2,024Average Monthly Premium$169
TicketAverage Annual Premium$2,397Average Monthly Premium$200
DUIAverage Annual Premium$2,806Average Monthly Premium$234
At-fault AccidentAverage Annual Premium$2,860Average Monthly Premium$238

Average Car Insurance Costs in Delaware by Credit Score

Delaware drivers see a significant impact on their car insurance costs based on their credit scores, with average annual premiums ranging from $845 for excellent credit to $1,847 for poor credit. The variation emphasizes the importance of a good credit score in finding affordable car insurance rates. A good credit score falls between 670 and 739, while excellent credit is 740 and above, fair is 580 to 669 and poor is below 580.

Data filtered by:Results filtered by:
Coverage:100/300/100 w/ $1000 Deductible
Age Group:
Age Group:30-59
ExcellentAnnual Premium$845Monthly Premium$70
GoodAnnual Premium$1,030Monthly Premium$86
FairAnnual Premium$1,251Monthly Premium$104
Below FairAnnual Premium$1,494Monthly Premium$125
PoorAnnual Premium$1,847Monthly Premium$154

Factors Affecting Car Insurance Rates in Delaware

For Delaware drivers, understanding factors impacting your car insurance rates can help you find the most affordable plan. Here's what affects your premiums:

  • Age and Experience: Younger drivers in Delaware often face higher rates due to lack of experience, while mature drivers tend to enjoy lower premiums due to their driving history.

  • Driving Record: A clean driving record suggests responsible behavior behind the wheel, potentially leading to lower insurance costs. Conversely, infractions like speeding can increase rates.

  • Credit Score: Insurers in Delaware consider credit scores when calculating premiums. A higher credit score can mean more favorable rates, reflecting financial stability and responsibility.

  • Vehicle Make and Model: Cars that cost more to repair or replace, or those with higher theft rates, can lead to higher premiums. Safer or lower-value vehicles may cost less to insure.

  • Location within Delaware: Rates can vary depending on where you live within the state. Urban areas with higher theft and accident rates may see higher insurance costs.

  • Coverage Type: Opting for comprehensive insurance or collision insurance will impact your rates differently than minimum coverage plans due to the additional protection they offer.

  • Deductible Amount: Choosing a higher deductible can lower your premium because it means you're willing to pay more out of pocket before your insurance kicks in.

  • Insurance History: Continuous insurance coverage can portray you as a dependable customer, potentially leading to more affordable rates, while gaps in coverage can have the opposite effect.

  • Discount Eligibility: Many insurers offer discounts for various reasons like bundling policies, having anti-theft devices or completing defensive driving courses. These can all lower your car insurance costs.

Compare car insurance quotes to find a policy that matches your driving needs and fits your budget. You could miss potential savings by not exploring your options.

How to Save Money on Car Insurance in Delaware

To find cheap car insurance in Delaware, shop around for competitive rates, increase your deductible and claim all available discounts for immediate savings.

    shoppingCart icon

    Shop Around for Rates

    Comparing quotes from multiple insurers can lead to finding the cheapest car insurance in Delaware, potentially saving you hundreds of dollars annually.

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    Maintain a Clean Driving Record

    Drivers with no accidents or traffic violations are more likely to receive lower rates because they're considered lower risk for insurers.

    barChart icon

    Bundle Policies

    Combining auto insurance with other policies like homeowners or renters insurance can result in discounts, making overall insurance costs more affordable.

    homeInsurance icon

    Increase Your Deductible

    Opting for a higher deductible can lower your premium, but ensure you can afford the out-of-pocket costs if you need to file a claim.

    discount2 icon

    Look for Discounts

    Ask your insurer about discounts for things like safe driving, good grades for students or having a car with safety features.

    car2 icon

    Consider Your Vehicle

    Driving a car that's less expensive to repair or replace may lead to lower insurance rates because it poses less financial risk to the insurer.

    carInsurance icon

    Review Your Coverage

    Ensure you're not overpaying for coverage you don't need. Adjusting your policy to better fit your situation can lead to more affordable rates.

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