How Much is Car Insurance in Wisconsin? Rates by Coverage Level, Age, Driving History and Location

The average car insurance cost in Wisconsin is $933 annually, making it the 15th cheapest U.S. state and more affordable than the national average. These are averages across different companies and locations for one sample driver. MoneyGeek researched the average Wisconsin car insurance rates by coverage level, age, driving history, credit score and location.


A 40-year-old driver with a clean record and a full coverage policy will pay an average of $933 annually for car insurance in Wisconsin.

The same 40-year-old driver buying a policy with the state’s minimum required coverage would pay an average of $496 per year.

These prices vary widely depending on an individual’s profile. For instance, a young driver purchasing a full coverage plan would pay an average of $2,348 annually.

To help you get a better idea of how rates change, MoneyGeek broke down the average insurance costs in Wisconsin by various factors.

Average Cost of Car Insurance in Wisconsin: Summary

MoneyGeek broke down average car insurance costs in Wisconsin by factors that have the most significant impact on the price of your insurance plan.

In Wisconsin, age is the biggest factor that affects your car insurance rates, followed by poor credit scores.

Click below to find out more about average costs for a given driver profile.

Average Costs of Car Insurance in Wisconsin

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Why Are Car Insurance Rates Cheap in Wisconsin?

MoneyGeek’s data shows that Wisconsin has the 15th cheapest car insurance rate compared to other states due to low traffic density and low rates of natural disasters and vehicle thefts.

Wisconsin rarely experiences extreme weather events such as hurricanes. The state is ranked 32nd in regard to traffic density on highways, which means it has a lower risk of accidents. The theft rate is 126.6 stolen vehicles per 100,000 people, which is relatively low compared to other states.

All of these factors contribute to lower insurance premiums in Wisconsin.

Average Cost of Car Insurance in Wisconsin: Full Coverage vs. Minimum Coverage

Your car insurance expenses also depend on how much coverage you buy. If you buy a full coverage policy, including comprehensive, collision and liability insurance, you will pay a higher insurance premium every year.

MoneyGeek’s methodology shows that a minimum coverage policy in Wisconsin costs an average of $496 per year, while a full coverage policy has an average annual cost of $933. The difference between both types of policies amounts to roughly $437.

Average Cost of Car Insurance in Wisconsin by Coverage Level

Minimum vs. Full Coverage Car Insurance Costs in Wisconsin - By Company

Every insurance company has different rates for car insurance. Consequently, your choice of insurance company has a significant effect on your car insurance expenses.

In Wisconsin, GEICO is the cheapest option for full coverage insurance and minimum coverage plans for most drivers, charging an average of $631 and $311 annually, respectively.

USAA offers the most affordable car insurance plans, but its policies are only for military families.

On average, Allstate has the most expensive minimum coverage policy in the state and costs roughly $809 annually, while Metlife is the priciest option for a full coverage policy at an average of $1,453 annually.

Average Annual Costs of Car Insurance in Wisconsin - By Company

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How Much Is Car Insurance in Wisconsin by Age

A driver’s age has a significant impact on car insurance expenses. Young drivers are more likely to get into accidents. Therefore, they are considered high risk by insurance companies and pay pricier insurance rates.

MoneyGeek’s research shows an average difference of $1,415 per year between a 40-year-old buying a full coverage policy and a 16-year-old purchasing the same plan.

Young drivers in Wisconsin can save on car insurance expenses by being added to their parent’s car insurance plan.

Insurance companies in the state also consider first-time drivers the same as young drivers, so they pay similar rates.

Average Costs of Full Coverage Car Insurance in Wisconsin - By Age

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How Does Driving History Affect Car Insurance Costs in Wisconsin?

A bad driving record will significantly increase your car insurance expenses since insurance companies consider you a high-risk individual. However, you can still find relatively cheap car insurance plans by shopping around.

MoneyGeek’s research shows that people with a speeding ticket pay an average of $298 more than someone with a clean driving record. This cost difference increases based on the severity of the driving violation.

Average Costs of Full Coverage Car Insurance in Wisconsin - By Driving History

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  • Driving Violation
    Annual Premium
  • Safe Driver
  • Speeding Ticket
  • At-Fault Accident
  • DUI

Credit Scores and the Cost of Car Insurance in Wisconsin

Your credit history plays an important role in determining your car insurance costs. Having a good credit score can help you save money on insurance expenses since insurers view you as less likely to file a claim. A poor credit score means you’ll pay higher premiums.

Fortunately, you can still shop around to find the most affordable options for people with bad credit.

MoneyGeek’s analysis shows that drivers with poor credit history pay an average of $769 more than drivers with good credit. Additionally, those with excellent credit will pay an average of $152 less than drivers with good credit.

Average Costs of Full Coverage Car Insurance in Wisconsin - By Credit Score

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  • Credit Score
    Annual Premium
  • Excellent
  • Good
  • Fair
  • Below Fair
  • Poor

How Much Is Car Insurance in Your City?

Car insurance rates vary by state because of many different factors. Rates can even fluctuate depending on your location with a specific city or state.

MoneyGeek’s data shows that Green Bay is the cheapest city in Wisconsin for car insurance at an average annual cost of $630.

On the other hand, Milwaukee has the most expensive car insurance plans in the state at an average cost of $1,099 per year.

Drivers living in more densely populated cities or those with higher probabilities of natural disasters and car accidents will pay higher insurance premiums.

Average Costs of Full Coverage Car Insurance in Wisconsin - By City

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Frequently Asked Questions About Wisconsin Car Insurance Rates

Finding answers to your most frequently asked questions about car insurance in Wisconsin can help you make informed decisions when shopping for coverage.


MoneyGeek sourced car insurance quotes across Wisconsin in collaboration with Quadrant Information Services. The policies are for a 40-year-old driver with a safe driving record and full coverage unless the profiles were altered by the factors described above. These include coverage levels, age, driving violations, and credit score. Note that the policies referred to are full coverage policies as described in our methodology page.

To develop this guide, MoneyGeek also collected the datasets below.

  • 2019 highway traffic density from the Federal Highway Administration
  • 2019 data on uninsured motorists from the Insurance Research Council
  • Urban share of population from the U.S.Census Bureau
  • 2019 motor vehicle theft rate from the FBI’s Crime in the United States Report

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