How Much Is Car Insurance in Oklahoma? Rates by Coverage Level, Age, Driving History and Location

To reach an average car insurance cost in Oklahoma, MoneyGeek compiled rates of several companies for one sample driver to reach an average figure of $1,299 for a full-coverage policy. Ranking at 34th in all states, MoneyGeek considers this rate moderately priced, compared to the $1,424 national average. Rates differ as drivers' profiles change with coverage level, age, location, driving history and credit scores.


A driver’s profile has the biggest impact on rates. We broke down the average cost of full coverage car insurance in Oklahoma by the most significant categories to see how the rates change with different variables.

For example, a 40-year old with a clean record will have a different rate if they opt for full coverage, which costs an average of $1,299, or a minimum coverage policy, which costs $635 per year on average.

Average Cost of Car Insurance in Oklahoma: Summary

Insurers consider many different factors when calculating rates. However, some considerations hold more weight than others. In Oklahoma, age and poor credit scores are the most significant contributors to costs. Individuals looking to research average costs should research how different elements can influence their insurance costs.

Average Costs of Car Insurance in Oklahoma

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Why Are Car Insurance Rates Moderately Priced in Oklahoma?

Car insurance rates partially depend on state-specific statistics, such as highway density, urban population, rate of accidents and other traffic-related causes. Compared to all states, Oklahoma car insurance rates are moderately priced.

Though the state has a high rate of vehicle theft, which could cause car insurance rates to increase, Oklahoma's very low highway density contributes to lower rates. Additionally, the state features a moderate number of uninsured drivers, an average urban population share, and an average occurrence of disaster.

Average Cost of Car Insurance in Oklahoma: Full Coverage vs. Minimum Coverage

The average cost of full coverage car insurance in Oklahoma is $1,299, while a minimum liability-only policy costs $635 per year on average — a cost difference of $664 per year. A policy with comprehensive insurance is generally more encouraged in Oklahoma, due to the state's high vehicle theft rate.

Average Cost of Car Insurance in Oklahoma by Coverage Level

Minimum vs. Full Coverage Car Insurance Costs in Oklahoma - By Company

Aside from coverage level, the company you choose will also significantly affect your rate. If you are looking for a cheap minimum coverage, your best option is GEICO, which offers insurance at an average of $401 per year in the state.

GEICO also offers the cheapest full coverage in Oklahoma at an annual average of $774. USAA, available to service members and their families, offers full coverage at $827 per year on average. MetLife offers the most expensive policies. On average, liability-only coverage costs $852 in the state, while full coverage costs $2,181 annually.

Average Annual Costs of Car Insurance in Oklahoma - By Company

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How Much Is Car Insurance in Oklahoma by Age

A driver's age and driving experience contribute significantly to insurance costs. For example, first-time drivers pay higher insurance premiums. A separate policy costs more for younger drivers, with a 16-year-old in the state paying $2,473 on average annually for their own insurance. However, younger drivers can save on premiums by joining their parents' policies.

Due to the same driving experience, the average car insurance cost in Oklahoma for first-time drivers compares similarly to younger drivers.

Average Costs of Full Coverage Car Insurance in Oklahoma - By Age

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  • Age
    Annual Premium
  • $2,473
  • $2,268
  • $2,028
  • $2,206
  • $1,942
  • $1,549
  • $1,438
  • $1,304
  • $1,216
  • $1,111
  • $1,071
  • 40
  • $1,017

How Does Driving History Affect Car Insurance Costs in Oklahoma?

Drivers with clean records have proven their dependability to insurers and pay lower premiums. Similarly, a bad driving record can increase premiums, and worse violations raise costs further.

A driver with a speeding ticket pays an average of $1,657 annually for full coverage — an extra $359 annually. Other high-risk indicators, such as involvement in accidents or DUI cases, also increase premiums.

Average Costs of Full Coverage Car Insurance in Oklahoma - By Driving History

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  • Driving Violation
    Annual Premium
  • Safe Driver
  • Speeding Ticket
  • At-Fault Accident
  • DUI

Credit Scores and the Cost of Car Insurance in Oklahoma

Another indicator of reliability is a driver's ability to pay their credit card balances on time. Many states, including Oklahoma, factor credit scores into premiums. Drivers with bad credit pay an extra $874 per year from what a good creditor would pay on average. Consumers with strong credit can even score a better deal by paying $209 less than what a good creditor would pay annually on average.

Average Costs of Full Coverage Car Insurance in Oklahoma - By Credit Score

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  • Credit Score
    Annual Premium
  • Excellent
  • Good
  • Fair
  • Below Fair
  • Poor

How Much Is Car Insurance in Your City?

Drivers researching car insurance policies will discover that insurance rates vary among local areas, as well. Your personal circumstances and needs, such as relocation, vehicle, job situation and annual mileage can affect rates, as well.

In Oklahoma, car insurance rates vary from city to city. These variances depend on population density, as a higher figure correlated with an increased likelihood of road accidents. Norman is the cheapest city in Oklahoma for car insurance — about 4.4% cheaper than the state average. Tulsa has the most expensive rates in Oklahoma, at $1,313 per year on average.

Average Costs of Full Coverage Car Insurance in Oklahoma - By City

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Frequently Asked Questions About Oklahoma Car Insurance Rates

Before you purchase a car insurance policy in Oklahoma, research how rates in your city compare with others. Request quotes from several insurance companies to find the best price for your specific circumstances.


With Quadrant Information Services, MoneyGeek compiled rates from different car insurance companies for a 40-year old driver with a clean record seeking full coverage. Each driver will have a different driving profile, so we consider factors such as age, coverage level, credit scores and location. Check out our methodology page for other considerations.

For a more comprehensive data analysis, we also gathered information about Oklahoma traffic density, driver insurance, urban population share, and vehicle theft rate:

  • Highway traffic density was calculated with 2019 data from the Federal Highway Administration.
  • Data on uninsured motorists was drawn from 2019 data from the Insurance Research Council.
  • Urban share of population was calculated using the latest data from the U.S. Census Bureau.
  • Data on motor vehicle theft rate was drawn from the FBI Crime in the United States Report for 2019.

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