Cheapest and Best Car Insurance in Bellevue, WA (June 2024)

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ByMark Fitzpatrick
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ByMark Fitzpatrick
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Reviewed byMark Friedlander
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Updated: May 27, 2024

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In Bellevue, Washington, the most affordable full coverage is by PEMCO. For families with teens, Kemper leads in savings. The best customer service is found with Chubb, whereas PEMCO is the best overall for combining price and service quality. The right insurer for you pivots on personal coverage needs and preferences.

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Why Trust MoneyGeek? We analyzed 81,780 quotes in Washington, including the city of Bellevue, from 15 companies. We used six sources and original research to rate the cheapest companies and develop a scoring system for Bellevue insurance providers based on ZIP codes in the city only. Our scores are based on affordability, customer satisfaction, claims experience, coverages offered and financial stability.

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These rates reflect the cheapest car insurance quotes in Bellevue, WA as of June 2024.

81,780Quotes Analyzed
15Companies Compared

Cheapest Minimum Coverage Car Insurance in Bellevue

PEMCO offers the cheapest car insurance for minimum coverage in Bellevue.

  • PEMCO: $340 per year
  • State Farm: $424 per year

Dairyland has the most expensive minimum coverage policy in Bellevue, with an annual premium of $2,413, a significant difference of $2,073 from PEMCO. Such a contrast underscores the importance of shopping around for car insurance to secure financially advantageous rates.

Data filtered by:Results filtered by:
Age Group:
Age Group:30-59
Coverage:Minimum Coverage
PEMCOAnnual Premium$340Monthly Premium$28
State FarmAnnual Premium$424Monthly Premium$35
Auto-Owners Insurance CoAnnual Premium$459Monthly Premium$38
NationwideAnnual Premium$503Monthly Premium$42
ProgressiveAnnual Premium$565Monthly Premium$47
TravelersAnnual Premium$574Monthly Premium$48
FarmersAnnual Premium$615Monthly Premium$51
GEICOAnnual Premium$667Monthly Premium$56

State Minimum Liability Requirements

Across Washington, including Bellevue, your wheels must adhere to state-mandated minimum insurance requirements:

  • $25,000 bodily injury per person
  • $50,000 bodily injury per accident
  • $10,000 property damage liability per accident

If an accident happens when you’re behind the wheel, your basic policy might dish out a maximum of $25,000 for a single person's injuries and up to $50,000 for all injuries per incident. If medical bills rise above those figures, you’ll pay out of pocket.

Cheapest Full Coverage Car Insurance in Bellevue

PEMCO offers the cheapest full coverage car insurance in Bellevue, providing substantial savings on annual premiums for drivers. The two cheapest providers are:

  • PEMCO: $741 per year
  • Kemper: $775 per year

Dairyland is the most expensive option, with a premium of $4,939 annually. This stark $4,198 difference between it and PEMCO underscores the value of comparing . Full coverage policies are pricier due to their comprehensive protection, covering a wider range of incidents than minimum coverage options.

Data filtered by:Results filtered by:
Age Group:
Age Group:30-59
Coverage:Full Coverage
PEMCOAnnual Premium$741Monthly Premium$62
KemperAnnual Premium$775Monthly Premium$65
NationwideAnnual Premium$824Monthly Premium$69
State FarmAnnual Premium$880Monthly Premium$73
Auto-Owners Insurance CoAnnual Premium$915Monthly Premium$76
ProgressiveAnnual Premium$958Monthly Premium$80
American FamilyAnnual Premium$1,059Monthly Premium$88
TravelersAnnual Premium$1,093Monthly Premium$91

Do You Need Full Coverage in Texas?

The standard Bellevue full coverage car insurance policy offers enhanced protection, elevating your liability coverage to $100,000 per person for bodily injury, $300,000 per accident for bodily injury and $100,000 for property damage per accident. This level of coverage is commonly referred to as a 100/300/100 policy.

Full coverage policies provide additional safeguards:

  • Collision Insurance: This takes care of the costs to repair your vehicle if it's damaged in a crash, whether it hits another vehicle or an object like a tree or light pole. It also covers rollover accidents and pothole damage.
  • Comprehensive Insurance: This pays for repairs for non-collision related incidents, such as theft or natural disasters that could damage your car. It also covers being struck by an animal like a deer.

For new vehicles, obtaining full coverage insurance is wise to protect your automotive investment. For leased or loaned cars, you are typically required to carry full coverage insurance. With older vehicles, however, the added expense, which can amount to hundreds more, may not be justifiable.

Figure out how much car insurance you need by weighing the higher premiums of more extensive coverage against the risk of being underinsured.

Cheapest Car Insurance in Bellevue After a Driving Offense

PEMCO is the cheapest option in Bellevue for drivers with a traffic violation, offering different rates for various incidents:

  • Speeding ticket: PEMCO ($926 per year)
  • At-fault accident: Kemper ($1,011 per year)
  • DUI: State Farm ($1,007 per year)

Dairyland is the most expensive following an at-fault accident ($6,339 per year), after a DUI ($4,939 per year) and a speeding ticket ($5,767 per year). The type and severity of traffic offenses can significantly impact car insurance costs.

Data filtered by:Results filtered by:
Age Group:
Age Group:30-59
Coverage:Full Coverage
PEMCOAnnual Premium$926Monthly Premium$77
KemperAnnual Premium$980Monthly Premium$82
State FarmAnnual Premium$1,007Monthly Premium$84
Auto-Owners Insurance CoAnnual Premium$1,255Monthly Premium$105
American FamilyAnnual Premium$1,270Monthly Premium$106
ProgressiveAnnual Premium$1,299Monthly Premium$108
AllstateAnnual Premium$1,309Monthly Premium$109
FarmersAnnual Premium$1,342Monthly Premium$112

Insurance rates in Bellevue and similar cities escalate with the severity of driving offenses due to the increased risk drivers present to insurers. For example, drivers with a DUI face an average annual premium of $2,092, significantly higher than the $1,764 average for those with a speeding ticket. Individuals with driving infractions should diligently compare insurance rates to find potential savings and mitigate the financial impact of their driving history.

Cheapest Car Insurance in Bellevue for Teens and Their Families

In Bellevue, Kemper offers the cheapest car insurance for teens.

  • Kemper: $1,614 per year for female teens and $1,677 per year for male teens
  • Nationwide: $2,042 per year for female teens and $2,180 per year for male teens

The most expensive teen family policy in Bellevue is offered by Progressive at $4,844 for female teens — a significant $3,230 annual difference from Kemper. These rates show the financial benefit of comparing policies, especially when insuring a teen driver, who is considered high-risk.

Data filtered by:Results filtered by:
KemperFamily Plan Annual Premium$1,614Individual Plan Monthly Premium$2,133
NationwideFamily Plan Annual Premium$2,042Individual Plan Monthly Premium$5,847
AllstateFamily Plan Annual Premium$2,090Individual Plan Monthly Premium$7,119
Capital Insurance GroupFamily Plan Annual Premium$2,268Individual Plan Monthly Premium$3,149
TravelersFamily Plan Annual Premium$2,508Individual Plan Monthly Premium$4,393
State FarmFamily Plan Annual Premium$2,518Individual Plan Monthly Premium$3,221
GEICOFamily Plan Annual Premium$2,754Individual Plan Monthly Premium$6,634
FarmersFamily Plan Annual Premium$3,159Individual Plan Monthly Premium$5,351

In Bellevue and surrounding cities, the cost of teen car insurance can be significantly reduced by opting for a family plan rather than an individual policy. On average, an individual teen policy costs $5,422 annually, whereas adding a teen to a family policy is $2,867 — a difference of $2,555. High rates for individual teen policies reflect the greater risk insurers associate with inexperienced drivers. Moreover, teens may face challenges obtaining approval for individual policies due to their limited driving history and potential lack of credit history, making family plans not only more economical but also more accessible.

Cheapest Car Insurance in Bellevue for Military Drivers

USAA offers the most affordable full coverage car insurance for military backgrounds in Bellevue.

  • USAA: $712 per year
  • PEMCO: $741 per year

USAA specializes in serving the unique needs of active-duty military members. It not only provides affordable rates but also curates its services specifically for military families.

Data filtered by:Results filtered by:
Age Group:
Age Group:30-59
Coverage:Full Coverage
USAAAnnual Premium$712Monthly Premium$59
PEMCOAnnual Premium$741Monthly Premium$62
KemperAnnual Premium$775Monthly Premium$65
NationwideAnnual Premium$824Monthly Premium$69
State FarmAnnual Premium$880Monthly Premium$73
Auto-Owners Insurance CoAnnual Premium$915Monthly Premium$76
ProgressiveAnnual Premium$958Monthly Premium$80
American FamilyAnnual Premium$1,059Monthly Premium$88

How to Compare Cheap Bellevue Car Insurance Quotes Online

In Bellevue, diligently comparing car insurance rates is key to savings. But it demands substantial time investment — typically 15 minutes reviewing each provider's offerings. To streamline this process, use MoneyGeek's car insurance calculator. By inputting a few critical details — like age, driving history, credit score and preferred coverage — users receive an immediate rate estimation that factors in Bellevue's unique insurance landscape, expediting the decision-making process.

Car Insurance Calculator

MoneyGeeks's car insurance calculator will give you a customized estimate of your auto insurance cost. It's free to use, requires no personal information and we won't send you any spam.


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Jun 21, 2024

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Why You Can Trust MoneyGeek

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Best Car Insurance in Bellevue: Overview

Finding the right auto insurance requires balancing your priorities, whether it's service quality, cost, coverage or other factors. MoneyGeek's scoring system assesses these aspects separately to guide you to the best insurers in Bellevue based on what you value most.

  • Best overall: PEMCO (MoneyGeek score 90 out of 100)
  • Best for service: Chubb (MoneyGeek score 86 out of 100)
  • Best cheap: PEMCO (MoneyGeek score 90 out of 100)

PEMCO leads for both best overall and best cheap categories, making it the frontrunners for overall value and affordability in Bellevue. If outstanding service is your top priority, Chubb, with the highest score strictly for service, might be your go-to.

Overall Best Car Insurance in Bellevue

PEMCO is the top option in Bellevue for those searching for the best car insurance.

  • PEMCO: MoneyGeek score of 90 out of 100 ($741 per year)
  • Chubb: MoneyGeek score of 88 out of 100 ($1,464 per year)

PEMCO offers a blend of customer satisfaction and affordability. Its full coverage policy is not only cost-effective but supported by a strong track record of client contentment.

Company logo for PEMCO
Best OverallPEMCO
MoneyGeek Score:
90/ of 100


PEMCO achieves a high MoneyGeek score primarily due to its excellent customer satisfaction and affordability. PEMCO excels by offering a suite of valuable options for drivers. Custom Parts Coverage protects up to $500 worth of vehicle customizations — an excellent feature for drivers who personalize their cars.

Another distinctive offering is Pet Coverage, which covers up to $1,000 for pets injured during an accident. Lock Replacement is another feature that adds extra security, covering up to $500 for replacing or recoding car keys.

Best Car Insurance in Bellevue for Customer Service

Chubb is the best option in Bellevue for those who prioritize superior customer service in their car insurance provider. This ranking is based on an array of factors including general satisfaction, claims handling and coverage options, without taking rates into account.

  • Chubb: MoneyGeek score of 86 out of 100 ($1,464 per year)
  • PEMCO: MoneyGeek score of 85 out of 100 ($741 per year)

Chubb earned the highest accolades in claims handling and exceptional stability. It stands out due to its commitment to quality across the board, ensuring that policyholder experiences are smooth and hassle-free.

Company logo for Chubb
Best for Customer ServiceChubb
MoneyGeek Score:
86/ of 100


Chubb's MoneyGeek score is due to its high satisfaction and claims handling, ensuring a seamless customer experience. Among its coverages, Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Coverage adds value for those who prioritize maintaining their vehicle with authentic parts.

Chubb offers rare coverages like Antique/Classic Car Insurance, which ensures that prized vehicles are protected with coverage tailored to their unique valuation needs. Additionally, Chubb provides Diminished Value Coverage — an important asset for those concerned about their vehicle's resale value after an accident.

Best Cheap Car Insurance Companies in Bellevue

PEMCO is the best option for minimum coverage car insurance in Bellevue. The company not only leads in affordability but also has a strong presence in claims handling and general satisfaction, crucial factors for a dependable car insurance provider.

  • PEMCO: MoneyGeek score of 90 out of 100 ($340 per year)
  • Chubb: MoneyGeek score of 89 out of 100 ($673 per year)

PEMCO stands out due to its combination of low-cost premiums and high customer satisfaction ratings. The affordability of its minimum coverage policy plays a significant role in its overall score, indicating that it delivers quality service without compromising on cost-effectiveness.

Company logo for PEMCO
Best Cheap CompanyPEMCO
MoneyGeek Score:
90/ of 100


PEMCO leads maxes out its affordability and customer satisfaction ratings, emphasizing its commitment to delivering top value and service to its customers. With an average annual premium of $340, the typical driver enjoys the financial benefits of minimal coverage costs.

Average Cost of Car Insurance in Bellevue

In Bellevue, Washington, drivers can expect an average car insurance cost of $1,413. This rate slightly exceeds Washington's average cost of car insurance, which is $1,355. Washington State's insurance costs are noticeably more affordable than the national average, with national costs averaging $1,720, making Washington's premium $365 less.

Car insurance rates are significantly influenced by regional factors like the frequency of accidents, thefts and natural disasters, as well as traffic density and local laws. Kent is currently the Washington city with the highest car insurance premium at $1,476, which is $121 more than the state average. Spokane offers the lowest city premium of $1,143, indicating a $212 savings below the state average. In less urbanized, lower-traffic-density areas, car insurance rates may dip even further.

BellevueAnnual Premium$1,413
EverettAnnual Premium$1,356
KentAnnual Premium$1,476
RentonAnnual Premium$1,470
SeattleAnnual Premium$1,467
SpokaneAnnual Premium$1,143
TacomaAnnual Premium$1,449
VancouverAnnual Premium$1,267

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