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ByMark Fitzpatrick
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ByMark Fitzpatrick
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Updated: May 20, 2024

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Most major insurers offer non-owner liability insurance, which is typically cheaper than regular car insurance. The best and cheapest non-owner car insurance for most drivers is from GEICO at $463 per year or $39 per month. If you need to file an SR-22 or FR-44 certificate of financial responsibility with your non-owner policy, the cheapest option is State Farm, at an average cost of $601 per year or $50 per month.

Non-owner car insurance provides liability coverage for property damage or bodily injury to others if you are at fault in a car accident. It does not offer collision, comprehensive or other coverages included in a full coverage policy. Non-owner car insurance is suitable for individuals who frequently drive but don’t own a vehicle, including those who often use rental cars.

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Who Needs Non-Owner Car Insurance?

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Those who rent cars often: If you frequently rent cars, non-owner car insurance can offer more affordable coverage than continually purchasing car insurance from the car rental company. However, rental companies may require you to purchase additional coverage such as collision and comprehensive.

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Those who borrow cars from others often: If you routinely borrow your friend or neighbor’s car, this insurance can provide liability coverage if you are ever at fault in an accident.

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Those who need to reinstate their license after a suspension: Non-owner car insurance offers an affordable option to get the required coverage you need to have your driver’s license reinstated.

To find the best and cheapest non-owner car insurance companies and rates, MoneyGeek collected quotes from Quadrant Information Services and data from third-party sources such as AM Best, JD Power, NAIC, and the Crash Network Report. Using this data, we created a weighted ranking model that determined a score out of 100 to see how insurers stacked up in terms of affordability, customer and claim satisfaction as well as financial strength.

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319Companies Compared
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Best Non-Owner Car Insurance

MoneyGeek Top Pick

GEICO is an excellent option for non-owner car insurance, delivering exceptional value through its affordable policies. Renowned for its financial robustness and outstanding customer service, GEICO ensures a seamless experience for those who occasionally drive but do not own a vehicle. The company's efficient claims handling makes it a great choice for liability protection for those operating rented or borrowed cars. Moreover, GEICO's advanced online resources and potential discounts streamline the insurance process, solidifying its status as the leading provider in this specialized market.

The best non-owner car insurance offers great customer service, claim satisfaction and financial stability, all at an affordable rate. The best non-owner car insurance companies for most drivers are:

  • GEICO: $463 annually, $39 monthly
  • Travelers $511 annually, $43 monthly

As you comparison shop for the best non-owner policy, you need to consider how much insurance you need, as raising or lowering your limits will impact the cost of your policy.

GEICOBest Score (Out of 100)86Annual Premium$463Monthly Premium$39
TravelersBest Score (Out of 100)86Annual Premium$511Monthly Premium$43
State FarmBest Score (Out of 100)85Annual Premium$525Monthly Premium$44
ProgressiveBest Score (Out of 100)81Annual Premium$638Monthly Premium$53
NationwideBest Score (Out of 100)79Annual Premium$698Monthly Premium$58
AllstateBest Score (Out of 100)78Annual Premium$752Monthly Premium$63
FarmersBest Score (Out of 100)77Annual Premium$801Monthly Premium$67

To determine the best non-owner car insurance, MoneyGeek gathered data from J.D. Power, AM Best, the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) and Quadrant Information Services and created a weighted ranking scoring system. Learn more about our study and weighted ranking system in our methodology.

Best Non-Owner Car Insurance by State

The best non-owner insurance at a national level may not be the best in your state. Some insurance providers may only offer certain services to select states or locations, and costs can vary widely across states.

Review the table below to find the best non-owner car insurance company for a state minimum liability-only policy. Click on your state to learn more about the best non-owner insurance options for your location.

AlabamaCompanyUSAABest Score (Out of 100)85Annual Premium$259Monthly Premium$22
AlaskaCompanyUSAABest Score (Out of 100)81Annual Premium$249Monthly Premium$21
ArizonaCompanyAuto-Owners Insurance CoBest Score (Out of 100)82Annual Premium$342Monthly Premium$28
ArkansasCompanyUSAABest Score (Out of 100)85Annual Premium$211Monthly Premium$18
CaliforniaCompanyUSAABest Score (Out of 100)84Annual Premium$326Monthly Premium$27
ColoradoCompanyUSAABest Score (Out of 100)85Annual Premium$289Monthly Premium$24
ConnecticutCompanyUSAABest Score (Out of 100)84Annual Premium$393Monthly Premium$33
DelawareCompanyUSAABest Score (Out of 100)85Annual Premium$385Monthly Premium$32

Cheapest Non-Owner Car Insurance

Comparison shopping for cheap non-owner car insurance can save you over $300 on your annual premiums on average. The cheapest non-owner car insurance options for state minimum liability-only coverage are:

  • GEICO at $463 per year, $39 per month
  • Travelers at $511 per year, $43 per month

These quotes represent national averages. We recommend requesting quotes from at least two companies to compare, as your quote may vary due to your driving history and location.

GEICOAnnual Premium$463Monthly Premium$39
TravelersAnnual Premium$511Monthly Premium$43
State FarmAnnual Premium$525Monthly Premium$44
ProgressiveAnnual Premium$638Monthly Premium$53
NationwideAnnual Premium$698Monthly Premium$58
AllstateAnnual Premium$752Monthly Premium$63
FarmersAnnual Premium$801Monthly Premium$67

Cheap Non-Owner Car Insurance by State

Car insurance offerings and rates vary by state, so while GEICO and Travelers might be the cheapest at a national level, the cheapest non-owner car insurance where you live may vary.

Use the table below to see the cheapest non-owner car insurance provider for a state minimum liability-only in your state. Click your state to explore more non-owner car insurance policies, providers and options for where you live.

AlabamaCompanyUSAAAnnual Premium$259Monthly Premium$22
AlaskaCompanyUSAAAnnual Premium$249Monthly Premium$21
ArizonaCompanyAuto-Owners Insurance CoAnnual Premium$342Monthly Premium$28
ArkansasCompanyUSAAAnnual Premium$211Monthly Premium$18
CaliforniaCompanyUSAAAnnual Premium$326Monthly Premium$27
ColoradoCompanyUSAAAnnual Premium$289Monthly Premium$24
ConnecticutCompanyKemperAnnual Premium$377Monthly Premium$31
DelawareCompanyUSAAAnnual Premium$385Monthly Premium$32

Cheapest Non-Owner Insurance With an SR-22

The cheapest non-owner car insurance companies for most drivers with violations are:

  • State Farm at $601 per year, $50 per month
  • Travelers at $674 per year, $56 per month

Overall, the most affordable company for non-owner car insurance for those with a serious at-fault accident on their record is USAA at roughly $439 per year. However, USAA only offers insurance to active and retired military members and their families.

Drivers who have committed a serious driving violation, such as a serious accident or DUI, may need proof of insurance or an FR-44 or SR-22 to get their license reinstated. If you no longer own a car, a non-owner SR-22 car insurance policy or FR-44 policy could provide the coverage you need. Drivers who need to file an SR-22 or FR-44 for a non-owner policy can save over $700 annually, on average, by comparison shopping to find the cheapest rate.

State FarmAnnual Premium$601Monthly Premium$50
TravelersAnnual Premium$674Monthly Premium$56
GEICOAnnual Premium$717Monthly Premium$60
NationwideAnnual Premium$871Monthly Premium$73
AllstateAnnual Premium$969Monthly Premium$81
ProgressiveAnnual Premium$976Monthly Premium$81
FarmersAnnual Premium$1,217Monthly Premium$101

What Is Non-Owner Car Insurance?

Non-owner car insurance, also called non-owner liability insurance, covers property damage and bodily injury to others if you are found liable for a car accident when driving a car that is not your own. It does not cover damage to the car you are driving or your own injuries. You can also add coverage for medical payments, personal injury protection, uninsured or underinsured drivers and rental car liability.

Non-owner car insurance is a good choice if you often borrow someone else's car, frequently rent cars or need liability insurance to get your driver's license reinstated. These policies are typically less expensive than regular car insurance. The average cost of a state minimum liability-only policy for non-owner car insurance is $448 per year, compared to roughly $490 per year for a standard policy.

What It Covers: Standard vs. Non-Owner Car Insurance

Compared to standard auto insurance policies, non-owner car insurance typically offers just the state minimum car insurance requirements. Unlike standard policies where coverage is tied to a specific vehicle, non-owner car insurance follows the driver.

Cost of Non-Owner Insurance

The national average cost of non-owner car insurance for a state minimum liability-only policy and a clean driving record is $448 per year versus $490 for standard liability-only car insurance — a difference of $42.

If you have an accident on your record, a standard state minimum liability-only policy costs $717 on average. A non-owner policy for the same driver would cost $579 — a difference of $138 annually. You might be able to save even more by shopping around for non-owner insurance.

National Average Cost: Owner vs. Non-Owner Car Insurance
Accident $1000-$1999 Prop DmgNon-Owner Premium$576Car Owner Annual Premium $741
CleanNon-Owner Premium$414Car Owner Annual Premium $488

How to Get Non-Owner Car Insurance

Unlike for standard car insurance, most car insurance companies won’t provide a non-owner insurance quote online. Therefore, to get a non-owner insurance quote, you will need to call and speak with an insurance agent:

Though finalizing your policy generally requires the same steps as standard auto insurance, you'll likely have more one-on-one interactions with insurance agents to ensure the policy fits your needs.

Who Should Get Non-Owner Car Insurance

Non-owner car insurance is a good fit for people who frequently rent or borrow cars, need a one-day car insurance policy or need to reinstate their licenses with proof of insurance, such as an SR-22 or FR-44. It offers state minimum car insurance requirements and is generally less expensive than standard auto insurance.

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    You regularly borrow or rent cars

    For drivers who frequently rent cars, paying for rental car insurance from the rental car agency can add up quickly, costing far more than a non-owner car insurance policy over the course of several months or years. When applying for non-owner car insurance, ask the insurance agent if the policy you purchase will provide liability coverage if driving a rental car.

    Non-owner car insurance also provides peace of mind when driving a friend or neighbor’s car — especially if you get into an accident where you are at fault. But remember that non-owner car insurance may not cover you if you live with the person whose car you borrow or if you borrow the same car frequently. In these cases, you may need to be added as an insured driver to the owner's policy.

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    You need low-cost proof of insurance

    If you have a severe traffic violation on your driving record and you've had your driver's license suspended, you may need to submit proof of car insurance — an SR-22 form or FR-44 form — before the state will reinstate it. Because it's less expensive than regular car insurance, non-owner car insurance can be an affordable option to meet this requirement if you don't own a car.

    Keep in mind that you cannot file an SR-22 or FR-44 yourself — your car insurance company must file it on your behalf. Since not all car insurance agencies cover drivers with an SR-22 or FR-44 on file, you'll want to confirm they offer this as part of your coverage before opting for their non-owner insurance policy.

Who Shouldn’t Get Non-Owner Car Insurance

If you rarely drive and don't own a car but occasionally borrow one, non-owner insurance isn't for you because the car owner's insurance usually covers accidents. If you frequently borrow a car from a relative or housemate, or drive a company car, it's often more appropriate to be added to their insurance policy or rely on your employer's insurance.

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    You don’t own a car and rarely drive

    Non-owner car insurance is not a good option if you don’t own a car and rarely drive. If you borrow someone’s car and get into an accident, the car owner’s insurance typically will cover the damages resulting from the accident. However, it’s always a good idea to check with the car insurance company first.

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    You frequently borrow a relative or housemate’s car

    If you don't own a car but regularly drive your roommate’s or family member’s car, non-owner car insurance might not be the right fit. Instead, you likely should have your name added onto their car insurance policy as an added driver, particularly if you live with the car owner.

Non-Owner Car Insurance FAQ

MoneyGeek answered your most pressing questions about specialized non-owner insurance to help you decide if it's right for you.

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