Cheapest and Best Non-Owner Car Insurance in South Carolina (2024)

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ByMark Fitzpatrick
Edited byScott Strandberg
ByMark Fitzpatrick
Edited byScott Strandberg

Updated: May 20, 2024

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Non-owner car insurance in South Carolina offers liability coverage for individuals who do not own cars yet need protection when driving. It is useful if you frequently use someone else's car or want to avoid a lapse in insurance coverage. Getting non-owner car insurance could make it easier for those with driving violations, such as DUIs, to have their licenses reinstated.

According to MoneyGeek's research, Auto-Owners offers South Carolina's best and cheapest non-owner auto insurance. This company also offers the cheapest SR-22 auto insurance in the state if you have a driving offense on your record.

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Why Trust MoneyGeek? MoneyGeek sourced South Carolina data from Quadrant Information Services and examined customer and claim satisfaction ratings from J.D. Power, AM Best and the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC).

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Cheapest Non-Owner Car Insurance in South Carolina

MoneyGeek identified the cheapest non-owner auto insurance coverage in South Carolina.

  • Drivers with clean records: Auto-Owners ($27 per month)
  • Drivers with violations: Auto-Owners ($38 per month)

You should expect to pay more for non-owner car insurance if you have a driving offense on your record. The cheapest insurance for those without violations is $11 more affordable monthly than the cheapest option for those with offenses.

Cheapest Non-Owner Car Insurance With a Clean Driving Record in South Carolina

Drivers in South Carolina with clean driving records can get the most affordable non-owner car insurance from the following providers:

The second-cheapest choice in the state for non-owner auto insurance is USAA, for around $35 per month. However, it is only available for members of the military, veterans and their eligible family members. The average cost of non-owner car insurance in South Carolina is $56 per month, whereas the national average is $43 per month.

Auto-Owners Insurance CoCheapest Annual Premium$319Cheapest Monthly Premium$27
GEICOCheapest Annual Premium$489Cheapest Monthly Premium$41
State FarmCheapest Annual Premium$563Cheapest Monthly Premium$47
ProgressiveCheapest Annual Premium$739Cheapest Monthly Premium$62
TravelersCheapest Annual Premium$746Cheapest Monthly Premium$62
Bristol WestCheapest Annual Premium$1,455Cheapest Monthly Premium$121
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Non-owner car insurance must meet the same minimum coverage requirements as regular car insurance in South Carolina, which include:

  • $25,000 bodily injury liability per person
  • $50,000 bodily injury liability per accident
  • $25,000 property damage liability per accident

Although a policy with these limits will satisfy the state’s laws, it might not be sufficient to cover your costs after an at-fault accident. It's important to decide how much coverage you need before getting insurance.

Cheapest Non-Owner SR-22 Car Insurance in South Carolina

South Carolina drivers with offenses on their records can get the cheapest non-owner auto insurance from the following insurance companies:

Military members and their families living in South Carolina can get affordable SR-22 insurance from USAA for $51 per month.

You may need to submit an SR-22 if you have a driving offense, such as a DUI, which will increase the cost of your insurance. Both Auto-Owners and State Farm offer non-owner SR-22 insurance in South Carolina for less than the national average of $59 per month.

Auto-Owners Insurance CoCheapest Annual Premium$460Cheapest Monthly Premium$38
State FarmCheapest Annual Premium$641Cheapest Monthly Premium$53
GEICOCheapest Annual Premium$678Cheapest Monthly Premium$57
TravelersCheapest Annual Premium$944Cheapest Monthly Premium$79
ProgressiveCheapest Annual Premium$1,242Cheapest Monthly Premium$104
Bristol WestCheapest Annual Premium$2,140Cheapest Monthly Premium$178
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Your insurance company submits the SR-22 in South Carolina as proof that you are financially responsible and have the minimum insurance coverage the state requires. The SR-22 form is commonly required of people charged with particular traffic violations. While it certifies that you have the necessary coverage, it isn't an insurance policy in and of itself.

What Is Non-Owner Car Insurance?

Individuals who do not own cars but rent or borrow them can get liability protection with non-owner car insurance. Although it does not have comprehensive and collision coverage, it covers third-party bodily harm and property damage for at-fault accidents. It does not, however, cover your injuries or damages to the vehicle you are driving.

The table that follows covers the differences between non-owner car insurance and full coverage insurance for consumers in South Carolina.

Policy Coverage
Full Coverage

Liability insurance

Medical payments

Personal injury protection

Uninsured/underinsured motorist

Rental car liability

Average Cost of Non-Owner Car Insurance in South Carolina

The average monthly cost of non-owner car insurance in South Carolina is around $56, which is higher than the $43 average cost per month nationwide. Although companies take location into account when determining rates, there may be a number of other factors that have a greater impact on how much car insurance costs, including your age, coverage options, driving record and vehicle type.

Non-Owner Car Insurance Cost Comparison: National vs. State

National Average Cost

Monthly Premium

South Carolina Average Cost

Monthly Premium

On average, non-owner car insurance in South Carolina is:$13 more

This is 30% more expensive.

Best Non-Owner Car Insurance in South Carolina

According to MoneyGeek’s review, the best non-owner auto insurance companies in South Carolina include the following:

  • Auto-Owners: MoneyGeek score 88 out of 100 ($27 per month)
  • State Farm: MoneyGeek score 71 out of 100 ($47 per month)
  • GEICO: MoneyGeek score 70 out of 100 ($41 per month)

For this ranking, we considered affordability, J.D. Power data on customer service and AM Best ratings for financial stability. With our reviews of the top three insurance providers, you may decide which company best matches your needs.

MoneyGeek Top Pick

MoneyGeek named Auto-Owners as the best non-owner car insurance provider in South Carolina because it provides the cheapest rates and excellent customer service. Auto-Owners offers some unique discounts, including early signing for new customers who sign up before their current policy expires. It also offers discounts for customers who bundle multiple policies, practice safe driving, pay in full and opt for paperless billing.

Read the full Auto-Owners car insurance review.

State Farm

Based on MoneyGeek’s study, the second-best non-owner car insurance provider in South Carolina is State Farm, boasting a good reputation for customer service. Rental car reimbursement and roadside assistance are two of State Farm's most popular car insurance add-on coverages. State Farm doesn’t have South Carolina’s lowest non-owner auto insurance rates, but it does offer several discounts that can save you money.

Read the full State Farm car insurance review.

Third Place

GEICO has solid pricing, although it lags behind competitors like Auto-Owners and State Farm for customer satisfaction and claims management. We ranked this company as South Carolina's third-best non-owner car insurance provider. GEICO offers some coverage options that can be helpful for non-owner drivers, including roadside assistance, rental car reimbursement and accident forgiveness.

Read the full GEICO car insurance review.

Should You Get Non-Owner Car Insurance in South Carolina?

Non-owner car insurance policies are a good fit for people who don't own cars yet need liability coverage. This pertains to those who frequently rent cars or borrow them from friends or relatives, as well as those who need to reinstate their licenses. The following driver types could benefit the most from non-owner car insurance.

Who Should Consider Non-Owner Car Insurance?

    carColored icon

    Car borrowers

    People who frequently borrow cars from friends or family members should make sure they're covered by liability insurance in the event they get into an accident while operating a vehicle they don’t own.

    ignition icon

    Regular renters

    People who regularly rent cars for private transportation, travel or other reasons can take advantage of the liability coverage and potential supplementary protections offered by non-owner car insurance.

    seatbelt icon

    Drivers between cars

    Sometimes, you sell your previous car before your new one arrives. In this situation, it’s a good idea to get non-owner car insurance to ensure you don’t have any coverage gaps in your insurance history.

    driverLicense icon

    License reinstatement seekers

    If a driver's license is revoked or suspended in South Carolina, the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) may compel the driver to obtain an SR-22 as evidence of insurance. Non-owner car insurance can help the driver get their license reinstated.

insurance2 icon

Be wary of companies who advertise "one-day insurance" in South Carolina. It is not a trustworthy service and could be fraudulent insurance. If you simply require temporary auto insurance, getting it directly from the car rental company is a better option. As a result, you are protected against potential fraud attempts and receive genuine coverage.

Frequently Asked Questions About Non-Owner Car Insurance in South Carolina

If you're considering purchasing non-owner car insurance in South Carolina, the frequently asked questions MoneyGeek answers below could help.

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Which companies offer non-owner car insurance with the best mix of quality and affordability in South Carolina?
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