Is There Month-to-Month Renters Insurance?

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ByMark Fitzpatrick
Edited byRae Osborn
ByMark Fitzpatrick
Edited byRae Osborn

Updated: January 9, 2024

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Insurance providers don’t typically offer month-to-month renters insurance for tenants or property owners seeking short-term insurance for their rental units. Typically, renters insurance lasts for one year, but there may be a few providers offering a minimum of six months. On the other hand, if you’re going on vacation and want short-term renters insurance while you’re away, your existing renters insurance policy will still cover you during your travels.

By understanding how renters insurance works as a tenant, property owner, or vacationer, you can find short-term insurance solutions tailored to your unique needs.


Is There Month-to-Month Insurance for Renters?

There are no month-to-month renters insurance policies for tenants. Since renters insurance annual premiums are generally quite affordable, insurers may not find it economically viable to offer coverage for just a few months.

If you only require renters insurance for less than a year, such as when you've recently signed a six-month lease or plan to move out in eight months, your best course of action is to acquire a cheap renters insurance policy and cancel or transfer the policy to your new address.

Cancellation procedures and associated fees may vary depending on your chosen insurance company. Typically, you must initiate the cancellation process either online or by contacting your insurer. If you've paid your premium in advance or in full, you need to ask if they can refund the unused portion of your premiums upon cancellation.

What to Do if You Need Renters Insurance for a Short Amount of Time

If you only need renters insurance for a short period, you have a few alternatives, such as getting a six-month policy, transferring it to a new address or simply canceling it. The option most suitable for you depends on your needs and future plans. Take a look at your options below:


Exploring these options allows you to tailor your renters insurance to your specific short-term needs without committing to a lengthy contract. This flexibility ensures that you're adequately protected throughout your stay.

Is There Month-to-Month Renters Insurance for Property Owners with Rentals?

Although it’s a very different thing to be a property owner with rental units than being a tenant, one sure thing is there are also no month-to-month insurance policies for property owners. If you're leasing your property, the type of insurance you require depends on the nature of your rental arrangement.

  • Landlord Insurance: Landlord insurance is tailored for property owners who rent their homes or apartments long-term. It typically covers property damage, liability claims and loss of rental income. This type of coverage ensures you're protected during extended lease agreements. While landlord insurance and home insurance are similar, you do not need home insurance if you lease out your property.
  • Short-Term Rentals: If you're leasing your property on a short-term basis, you may require short-term rental insurance, otherwise known as home-sharing insurance. This type of coverage protects you from the risks associated with frequent turnover and transient guests. It often includes coverage for property damage, liability, and loss of rental income due to unexpected events.

In conclusion, while there might not be month-to-month insurance policies for property owners, understanding your rental situation and choosing the right insurance type can provide the protection you need.

Is There Month-to-Month Renters Insurance for Vacationers?

There are no month-to-month renters insurance policies to insure yourself while staying in an Airbnb for a month or more, but if you have existing renters or home insurance, the coverages from those policies will follow you. To get more peace of mind, you can also add travel insurance. Examine each option below:


While there is no dedicated month-to-month renters insurance for vacationers, existing insurance policies and travel insurance options can help you secure comprehensive coverage during your long holiday, ensuring that your relaxation remains worry-free.

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It’s best to review your existing insurance policies to see if they cover vacation-related perils, such as theft or trip cancellation. If not, purchase travel insurance to cover unexpected incidents during your long holiday.


While there are no month-to-month renters insurance policies, there are options depending on your needs. Whether you’re a tenant, a property owner or a vacationer looking for short-term insurance, understanding your alternatives is critical to ensuring you’re protected. We answered some frequently asked questions to clarify some misconceptions.

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