To create temporary auto insurance in Minnesota, you can purchase a six-month policy and cancel it before the term expires to receive a full refund. In Minnesota, the average cost of a three-month car insurance policy is $300.

If you're renting a car in Minnesota or don’t own a car and temporarily need to drive, car insurance from a car rental company could be your best option.

MoneyGeek also examined circumstances in which temporary auto insurance may be required, such as acquiring non-owner insurance to help get your driver’s license reinstated and working for a ride-sharing business.

Can You Get Temporary Car Insurance in Minnesota

In several states, including Minnesota, the term "temporary vehicle insurance" may have a variety of meanings. If you own a car, you can purchase full coverage insurance and then cancel it before your policy expires. You can also obtain rental car insurance or non-owner auto insurance if you do not own a car.

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Although there is no one-size-fits-all answer for short-term vehicle insurance in Minnesota, MoneyGeek researched all available alternatives on how to create temporary car insurance in the state.

Buying a Six-Month Minnesota Insurance Policy and Canceling It Early

If you want auto insurance in Minnesota for a limited time period, you must get coverage that lasts at least six months. You will not be able to get insurance on a month-to-month basis from any major insurance firms. However, you may be able to cancel your policy before the completion of the six-month term and get a refund on the remainder of your policy.

A six-month policy in Minnesota costs approximately $599, while a three-month policy costs roughly $300.

MoneyGeek advises that if you use this method, you'll want to prevent any insurance coverage lapses as this might cost you hundreds of dollars extra per year.

Cheap Temporary Car Insurance in Minnesota

MoneyGeek estimated the average cost of auto insurance for six, three and one-month policies in Minnesota.

On average, the following insurers offer the cheapest vehicle insurance in Minnesota for a 90-day policy:

  • Farmers: $235 per 90 days
  • State Farm: $241 per 90 days

Cancellation fees are not included in these calculations since most large insurance companies do not charge cancellation fees, and they usually provide a full refund for the unused period of your policy.

Annual Cost of Car Insurance in Minnesota by Policy Length

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Altering Minnesota Car Insurance Temporarily Depending on Your Needs

If you already have Minnesota auto insurance but wish to add or remove coverages, the best course of action could be to alter your current policy. Short-term car insurance tends to be of interest to parents whose teens are away at college, individuals who need to store their vehicles temporarily and people who lend their vehicles to others.

When You Should Alter Your Policy Temporarily

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If your son or daughter is attending school in another part of Minnesota, you could drop them from your coverage for a while or request a discount.

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If you're storing your car, it may be prudent to remove all coverage from your car insurance except for comprehensive insurance. If you're a military member, take advantage of USAA's auto storage reductions.

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If you allow someone else to drive your car, you should only add them to your insurance if they drive your vehicle regularly.

Cheap Temporary Car Insurance for Students in Minnesota

While adding a teenage driver to your car insurance policy is costly, they are required to be included on your policy if they reside with you in Minnesota. According to MoneyGeek, the average yearly cost of adding an 18-year-old to an existing insurance policy in Minnesota is $2,627.

Consider dropping your student from your coverage if they live more than 100 miles away to save money. Other ways to save on car insurance costs include utilizing remote student discounts or simply leaving them on your policy.

Adding a student for two months during the summer costs an average of $438, which is around $2,189 cheaper than leaving them on your policy for the whole year.

With State Farm, you may save the most money per year for temporarily dropping a student from your coverage.

Annual Cost of Adding an 18-Year-Old to Car Insurance in Minnesota

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  • Company
    Adding 18-year-old for two out of 12 months
    Adding an 18-year-old for the full year
  • $1,863
  • $2,614
  • $2,762
  • Allied
  • $3,434
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It's possible that shopping around for insurance premiums could be the best method to save money if you can’t take your child off your policy temporarily or get a discount. You can find the cheapest insurance providers for teens by using MoneyGeek's comparison.

What to Do About Car Insurance if You’re Storing Your Car in Minnesota

To save money on auto insurance in Minnesota when storing your vehicle, you can keep your existing policy but opt to only have comprehensive coverage or search for a car storage discount.

Only having comprehensive coverage allows you to save money by not paying extra for liability insurance if you're storing your car temporarily in Minnesota. Comprehensive and collision insurance with a $1,000 deductible costs around $435 per year in Minnesota, compared to approximately $1,303 per year on average for a policy that includes comprehensive and collision insurance in addition to minimum liability insurance.

USAA may be a suitable alternative if you're an active-duty military member since it provides car storage discounts. Even before the discount, USAA’s policy costs an average of $792 per year.

What to Do If You Let Someone Else Drive Your Car

If you let a member of your household drive your car, you must ensure that your insurance policy covers them. However, as long as the driver does not reside with you, you are not required to make any adjustments to your insurance.

Buying Rental Car Insurance in Minnesota

When renting a car in Minnesota, the car rental company can provide car rental insurance. On top of basic liability insurance, almost all car rental companies offer supplemental liability insurance, collision damage waivers and personal accident insurance as optional add-ons. This typically costs between $47 and $60 per day, depending on the car rental company. However, you can customize your coverage choices to save money.

Finding Cheap Rental Car Insurance in Minnesota

MoneyGeek collected data in Minnesota from Minneapolis. Insurance for rental cars ranges from $47 to $60 per day on average, depending on the company. Enterprise charges around $47, Avis charges approximately $57 and Hertz charges roughly $60 per day. Supplemental liability, collision damage waiver and personal injury protection are typically included in rental car insurance.

If you have auto insurance, your liability, accident and medical payments coverages may be sufficient. Additionally, credit card providers include collision damage waiver coverage for rental vehicles. These perks can save you money on rental car insurance.

Cost per Day of Rental Car Insurance in Minnesota

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  • Rental Company
    Total Insurance Cost
    Supplemental Liability Cost
    Collision Damage Waiver Cost
    Personal Accident Insurance Cost
  • Enterprise
  • Avis
  • Hertz

Buying Non-Owner Car Insurance in Minnesota

Non-owner car insurance is an ideal option for those who do not own a vehicle but want proof of insurance for an SR-22 filing to help get their driver’s license reinstated. In Minnesota, the average cost of non-owner auto insurance is around $627 per year.

Non-owner car insurance is the most affordable choice for drivers in Minnesota who do not own a car and need to file an SR-22.

How to Get Temporary Rideshare Car Insurance for Rideshare in Minnesota

Rideshare drivers in Minnesota are covered by insurance when accepting fares from passengers or transporting them. However, they are not protected while in between trips. This is where rideshare insurance coverage comes in, although not all states provide it.

If you're looking for the best rideshare insurance in Minnesota, MoneyGeek compared the top insurers to help you get the best offer.

Frequently Asked Questions About Temporary Car Insurance in Minnesota

If you’re looking for ways to get temporary car insurance in Minnesota, these answers to some frequently asked questions might be able to help.

Can you get temporary car insurance in Minnesota?
Can I usually get a refund if I cancel my car insurance before six months?


MoneyGeek collected car insurance and non-owner car insurance quotes throughout Minnesota in collaboration with Quadrant Information Services. As stated on our methodology page, the policies were for a 40-year-old driver with full coverage. Student driver quotes are calculated using the average cost of adding an 18-year-old driver to an existing policy.

MoneyGeek calculated the prorated costs of one-month and three-month plans assuming full reimbursement from the insurance provider. MoneyGeek calculated Minnesota's car rental insurance rates by utilizing Avis, Enterprise and Hertz's online resources.

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