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checkmarkOffers rare discounts for owning a house and for signing up online
checkmarkOffers coverage for custom parts
checkmarkProvides insurance at reasonable rates for all types of drivers


closeOffers few discount options
closeDoes not offer coverage for new car replacement and better car replacement


Based on MoneyGeek’s rating methodology, Esurance has an above-average score when it comes to stability and affordability and an average score for complaints and user satisfaction. The insurer has a below-average score for discounts.

The company’s policies are neither cheap nor expensive for drivers of all types. You can know more about the cheapest car insurance companies and the best car insurance companies by reading MoneyGeek’s resources.

Our tool also gives you insights into how Esurance compares to other insurance companies.

How Does Esurance Rank for Customer Service?

Individuals looking for the best car insurance companies should consider ratings and reviews from industry leaders like J.D. Power, AM Best and the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC). Esurance car insurance receives excellent marks for financial stability, but its customer satisfaction scores could use some work.

Customer Satisfaction Rating

First Notice of Loss:
Estimation of Process:
Repair Process:
Claims Servicing:
Rental Experience:

According to data provided by J.D. Power, Esurance earned a customer satisfaction score of 836 out of 1,000. Considering that the industry average is 835, Esurance's rating is just barely above the score for a typical insurance company. These star ratings are also based on J.D. Power's data, showing how the company rates in several more specific areas.

Customer Complaint Ratio

Another way to check customer satisfaction is to look into the company’s NAIC complaint index report, which shows the ratio of complaints that an insurance provider received in a year compared to industry averages. The national median for the complaint ratio is 1.00, but Esurance got a score of 2.87. That means that it received more complaints than the industry average.

Esurance Auto Insurance Quotes: How Much Does it Cost?

MoneyGeek collected auto insurance quotes from Esurance across 13 states in the U.S. Our analysis determined that auto insurance policies from Esurance are neither cheap nor expensive. The company’s policies cost $1,473 per year on average.

MoneyGeek’s research involved collecting quotes for different types of drivers to give you a better idea of how your selected coverage, age and driving history can impact insurance rates. For example, drivers looking for full coverage policies will receive different quotes than those looking for minimum coverage. Young drivers and those with violations such as speeding will also find they receive different quotes.

We evaluated that Esurance is neither cheap nor expensive for all the above driver types.

Although you can find all the details using MoneyGeek’s analysis, it pays to do your own research as your requirements may be unique. We recommend asking for quotes from at least three providers to get the cheapest car insurance, while also considering other coverages that you may require.

Average Annual Cost of Car Insurance with Esurance versus National Average

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  • Driver Type
    Esurance Average Rate
    National Average
  • Full Coverage
  • Minimum Coverage
  • Speeding Ticket on Record
  • 18-Year-Old Driver

Is Esurance Car Insurance Expensive or Cheap? Why?

MoneyGeek analyzed insurance policies from Esurance for multiple driver types such as those looking for full coverage and minimum coverage policies, young drivers and drivers with prior violations. We found that Esurance’s policies are neither cheap nor expensive for all these driver types.

Insurance providers typically do not clearly state the methods they use to calculate auto insurance rates. As is the case with many insurance companies, insurance premiums at Esurance become more expensive when drivers choose additional coverage and when they have a poor driving record. However, Esurance’s policies are moderately priced.

Insurance Rates

Compare Auto Insurance Rates

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Discounts Offered by Esurance That Can Help You Save

Esurance policyholders can reduce insurance costs by utilizing discounts offered by the insurer. The company offers a discount for bundling insurance policies. This means that if you have more than one policy with them, the vendor will offer you a discount. Bundling is a common discount offered by many insurers and it is important to note that Esurance does not offer any other standard discounts.

However, it offers a discount to policyholders who sign up online for their insurance policy and those who own their own home, which is distinct from the bundling discount. These discounts are not commonly available.

Car Insurance Comparison Tool

Compare your personalized insurance options side by side, in 3 simple steps


Note: The cost of car insurance is highly personalized and varies from driver to driver. Auto insurance companies weigh several factors when considering your rate, including age, driving record, address, the type of car you drive and more. The MoneyGeek calculator estimates how much you could pay for car insurance, without entering your personal information. The estimator can help you decide if it's time to switch car insurance companies or find a provider that fits your needs and budget.

Does Esurance Offer Broad or Unique Coverage?

Esurance car insurance policies come with the usual coverages such as liability, comprehensive and collision insurance.

Although the company also provides other common coverages such as roadside assistance, rental car reimbursement and gap insurance, it does not offer other standard options like accident forgiveness or new car replacement.

Still, Esurance does offer coverage for custom parts, which is a unique add-on coverage. This coverage protects after-market upgrades to your car, such as a custom grill or an exhaust system. Your standard collision and comprehensive coverage may not pay for fittings that are not factory-installed, whereas this coverage will. Esurance's terms state that this coverage will pay for damages up to $4,000.

On the other hand, the insurer does not offer coverages such as better car replacement and original equipment manufacturer, which, although rare, are offered by some of the leading vendors.

What Online Auto Insurance Tools Does Esurance Offer?

Esurance’s strengths are in online and mobile experience rather than pricing and customer service. They’re a good option if you want to shop for car insurance without leaving the comfort of your home. Comparing Esurance quotes with other available policies is also possible on the company’s website.

Customers can easily access their insurance policy information, which is advantageous in case of an accident. The website and mobile app allow Esurance policyholders to file a claim, submit photos, video chat with an appraiser and track the claim’s progress.

  • Type of Feature
  • Online Price Quotes
    Get a personalized quote based on your needs and circumstances through the Coverage Counselor tool on the company’s website.
  • Online Bill Pay
    Esurance prefers automatic billing through debit or credit cards.
  • Online Claims
    Filing claims can be done online or through the mobile app. Policyholders can also access insurance policy information, find Esurance-approved repair shops, upload photos from the scene of the accident and keep track of a claim, among others.
  • Mobile App
    Download the Esurance mobile app, which is available for Android and iOS, to access various features.

Other Esurance Insurance Products

Aside from auto insurance, Esurance has several other insurance products. Individuals who plan on getting various insurance types can save by bundling policies. However, it is still a good idea to compare car insurance quotes from multiple insurance providers.

  • Type of Product
  • Homeowners Insurance
    Available in 31 states, Esurance home insurance protects homeowners against property damage and theft. Other coverages include dwelling water backup and identity theft.
  • Renters Insurance
    Renters who qualify for Esurance insurance can choose from coverages like personal property, personal liability, property damage, medical expenses and additional living expenses.
  • Rideshare Insurance
    Policyholders driving for Lyft or Uber in New Jersey, Illinois and California can get a ShareSmart policy, specifically made for rideshare drivers.
  • Life Insurance
    Esurance offers term life insurance. It also allows conversion to universal or whole life insurance policies.
  • Motorcycle Insurance
    Similar to an auto insurance policy, motorcycle coverage insures vehicles like scooters, ATVs and other types. However, it is only available in 11 states.

Financial Strength

Financial strength is an important factor people should consider when comparing car insurance. It determines whether a company can pay claims. AM Best gave Esurance an “A+” rating in this aspect. That means that the insurer has a solid financial standing, which is necessary to meet ongoing insurance obligations.

Insurance Rates

Compare Auto Insurance Rates

Ensure you're getting the best rate for your auto insurance. Compare quotes from the top insurance companies.


How to Make a Car Insurance Claim With Esurance

Filing a claim with Esurance is done online or through the mobile app. Speed up the process by uploading photos from the scene of the accident. Submit all necessary information, such as the date and time, the other party’s insurance and contact information and a police report number, if available. You can keep track of the claim’s progress on the Esurance mobile app.

Contact Esurance Car Insurance

Methodology and Assumptions

To evaluate and review auto insurance companies, MoneyGeek carefully weighs factors such as price, financial strength, policy features, customer satisfaction, service and other leading indicators. MoneyGeek also references publicly available data from industry leaders such as J.D. Power, AM Best, the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) and the Better Business Bureau. Learn more about MoneyGeek’s review methodology here.

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