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Encompass Insurance is an Allstate brand. Encompass policies are sold by independent insurance agents operating in 39 states. Encompass has a competitive advantage in offering high-limit insurance policies with select products, extensive discounts and customizable add-ons.

However, these features are designed more for families and high-risk drivers than for anyone else. Also, your checkbook is likely to take a harder hit with Encompass’ premiums than it would from a competitor. According to customer satisfaction surveys, Encompass’ premiums are average, but an inventory of discounts could help remove steep prices if you meet the required criteria. So, although Encompass premiums can be a bit higher than others, you may still be satisfied with the level of coverage provided.

How Does Encompass Auto Insurance Rate?

Encompass is a subsidiary of Allstate, which is one of the largest national insurance companies. When reviewing Encompass’ customer satisfaction by Allstate’s ratings, Encompass sits in the middle, according to J.D. Power and Consumer Reports. If evaluating Encompass independently, other ratings by AM Best, NAIC and the Better Business Bureau give the insurer’s auto division favorable rankings overall.

Customer Satisfaction Rating

First Notice of Loss:
Estimation of Process:
Repair Process:
Claims Servicing:
Rental Experience:

Because Encompass is a subsidiary of Allstate, it’s smaller and not rated as frequently as other larger insurers are. Allstate is graded in J.D. Power’s 2019 U.S. Auto Claims Satisfaction Survey. Compared to other insurance companies, Allstate achieves slightly above average scores, according to J.D. Power’s metrics.

Customer Complaint Ratio


A lesser-known organization that measures customer service standards is The National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC). It’s a national regulatory body with a joint purpose of establishing best-practice insurance standards.

It issues the Customer Complaint Ratio, which tracks the number of public complaints against insurance companies. Encompass’ ratio is calculated by dividing each insurer’s complaint index by the national median average. The default national median is one. It’s based on complaint indices from all regulated insurance companies by the type of policy. It’s ideal for companies to fall below this number. Encompass was scored 0.82.

Financial Strength

AM Best, the world’s largest credit agency specializing in insurance, appraises insurers’ financials to certify that they have enough capital to remain in business. The appraisal score is known as the AM Best Financial Strength Rating.

The rating isn’t intended as a warranty for policyholders. The rating is meant to signify fiduciary strength. Backed by Allstate, a major insurer, Encompass has an A+ rating.


Encompass Insurance Features

Encompass offers basic coverage with extensive customizable upgrades and a long-list of discounts. Encompass also has helpful and convenient accident-awareness and financial-planning resources.

  • Type of Feature
  • Calculators
    The calculators can assist in estimating monthly payments.
  • Online Claims
    The National Catastrophe team is trained to help you manage the claims process.
  • Mobile App
    You can view your account details, including card ID, and pay your premium through the app. You can also access roadside assistance using the in-app tools.

Encompass Auto Coverage

Encompass sells standalone auto insurance that’s packaged in the same manner as its bundled service option, offering three levels of service: Special, Deluxe and Elite. Each level delivers varying amounts of protection, with Elite being the most comprehensive and expensive.

Be mindful, however, if your state of residence has certain mandates on the types of auto insurance you’re required to have. Additional coverage could be mandatory under your lender as well. So, your policy limits may vary.

Depending on where you reside, Encompass’ entry-level policy, Special, covers:

  • Type of Coverage
  • Personal Injury Protection
    Medical payments and personal injury protection.
  • Liability
    Bodily injury and property damage liability.

Optional Insurance Features and Coverage

Encompass provides many ways to customize your insurance package with different add-ons. Depending on the package you choose, certain add-ons may or may not be available. Or they may be included automatically in the Deluxe or Elite policies.

  • Type of Option
  • Rental Reimbursement
    If you insured a rental vehicle prior to an accident, Encompass will provide a replacement. Standard only with the Elite package.
  • Roadside Assistance
    With this assistance, you’re provided the highest level of emergency transportation coverage and waived towing expenses. This feature is also offered as an add-on, but it is a standard feature with the Elite package.
  • Accident Forgiveness
    Accident Forgiveness protects you from incurring a premium surcharge following an at-fault collision. Unlimited accident forgiveness comes with the Elite package.
  • New Car
    If you wreck a new vehicle and the repair costs surpass the car’s cash value, Encompass will replace it with a current model. If the car is no longer on the market, the insurer will replace it with a comparable size and class vehicle. This feature is offered with the Special, Deluxe and Elite options.
  • Gap Coverage
    This feature covers the difference between your car’s loan amount and its current depreciative value. But it’s only available for new untitled cars that have 30 days of financing or less. You must have collision and comprehensive coverage. Available for Special, Deluxe and Elite packages.

Available Discounts on Encompass Car Insurance Coverage

Regardless if you’re a cautious driver or if you’re searching for policies with extended coverage, Encompass provides many ways to save money. Many of these discounts favor young and high-risk drivers. But the availability of discounts varies by state and is subject to terms and conditions.

  • Type of Discount
  • Safe Driver
    Drivers receive a 5% discount on their next premium if there was no previous at-fault collision within the last year. Offered automatically with the Elite policy.
  • Defensive Driver
    Applied after you successfully complete a defensive driver course.
  • Driver Training
    For young drivers under 21 that have completed a driver’s ed course and have several hours of driving time on the road.
  • Good Student
    Insured student-drivers with a B average (3.0 GPA) or better.
  • New Vehicle
    For new vehicle purchases that haven’t been previously titled.

Other Encompass Insurance Products

Encompass also has individual homeowners and specialty coverage products. Although these can be purchased separately, you have the option of bundling multiple segments into one policy, The EncompassOne Policy. Paying a single monthly premium could save you money depending on where you live. Some of the specialty products described below are offered as optional add-ons to the bundled policy. The EncompassOne Policy isn’t available in Florida, Massachusetts, North Carolina or Texas. If you are looking for policies that specifically bundle home and auto in one of these states, check out our list of the best home and auto bundles by state.

  • Type of Product
  • Homeowners Insurance
    Encompass homeowners insurance include a common set of coverage features found in most HO-3 policies. A basic Encompass homeowners policy covers personal liability, dwelling coverage, medical expenses, additional living expenses and personal belongings.
  • Umbrella Insurance
    This coverage is designed to protect you and your family against lawsuits and major claims if you’ve exceeded your auto or homeowners liability policy.
  • Business Insurance
    Most homeowners policies limit coverage of business property. This policy covers lost data or critical hardware.
  • Identity Theft Insurance
    Encompass covers damages and fees up to $20,000.
  • Other
    Property location limit: Encompass’ property location limit feature offers you the option to pool all of your on-premise coverage into one limit based on your home’s value, up to 200% of it with Deluxe and Elite packages. Encompass lifestyle endorsement: If you need additional personal liability or property coverage to support your lifestyle. For instance, if you have a family, travel frequently or own high-valued assets.

How to Make a Car Insurance Claim With Encompass

<a href="https://www.encompassinsurance.com/claims/auto-claims.aspx" target="_blank">Filing a claim with Encompass</a> is straightforward. Follow these steps to speak with a claims representative:

Contact Encompass Car Insurance

Methodology and Assumptions

To evaluate and review auto insurance companies, MoneyGeek carefully weighs factors such as price, financial strength, policy features, customer satisfaction, service and other leading indicators. MoneyGeek also references publicly available data from industry leaders such as J.D. Power, AM Best and the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) and the Better Business Bureau. Learn more about MoneyGeek’s review methodology here.

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