Cheapest and Best Non-Owner Car Insurance in Missouri (2024)

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Updated: May 20, 2024

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Non-owner car insurance might come in handy if you need auto insurance without owning a vehicle. This type of insurance provides auto liability coverage and might work well for you if you require uninterrupted insurance while in-between cars or often drive rented/borrowed cars. Non-owner auto insurance might also aid in reinstating a driver's license previously suspended or revoked because of a violation, such as DUI/DWI.

Of the companies MoneyGeek researched, State Farm emerged as the company that provides the cheapest non-owner auto insurance in Missouri when purchasing minimum coverage. Given that it offers a good mix of affordability and service, it also ranks as the best. State Farm also provides the most affordable non-owner car insurance in the state for individuals that must file an SR-22.

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Why Trust MoneyGeek? MoneyGeek sourced Missouri data from Quadrant Information Services and examined customer satisfaction ratings from J.D. Power and complaints from the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC).

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Cheapest Non-Owner Car Insurance in Missouri

The average cheapest companies for non-owner car insurance in Missouri are the following:

  • Drivers with clean records: State Farm ($39 per month)
  • Drivers with an at-fault accident: State Farm ($43 per month)

The cost of non-owner auto insurance increases if you have a moving violation. In Missouri, the cost of the cheapest non-owner auto insurance — through State Farm — if you no longer have a clean driving record is $4 more per month.

Cheapest Non-Owner Car Insurance With a Clean Driving Record in Missouri

Drivers with clean motor vehicle records may get the, on average, most affordable non-owner auto insurance in Missouri from the following:

Members of the military community may benefit by turning to USAA. It charges an average of $13 per month for non-owner car insurance in Missouri.

Drivers in Missouri pay an average of $40 per month for the cheapest non-owner car insurance, which is close to the national average of $43 per month.

State FarmCheapest Annual Premium$465Cheapest Monthly Premium$39
TravelersCheapest Annual Premium$497Cheapest Monthly Premium$41
GEICOCheapest Annual Premium$676Cheapest Monthly Premium$56
NationwideCheapest Annual Premium$705Cheapest Monthly Premium$59
ProgressiveCheapest Annual Premium$749Cheapest Monthly Premium$62
KemperCheapest Annual Premium$826Cheapest Monthly Premium$69
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The minimum coverage liability limits in Missouri that apply to standard auto insurance policies also apply to non-owner car insurance. They are the following:

  • Bodily injury liability of $25,000 per person
  • Bodily injury liability of $50,000 per accident
  • Property damage liability of $25,000 per accident
  • Uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage of $25,000 per person and $50,000 per accident

Missouri’s liability limits are low, so you may want to consider increasing them to avoid financial hardship after an at-fault accident. Find out how much coverage you need before getting a policy.

Cheapest Non-Owner SR-22 Car Insurance in Missouri

These companies provide the average cheapest non-owner SR-22 insurance in Missouri:

If you’re a military community member with a severe violation, you may get the most affordable non-owner SR-22 insurance from USAA, at around $18 per month.

With a moving violation like a DWI in Missouri or an at-fault accident on your motor vehicle record, you might need to file an SR-22 form. This typically leads to higher auto insurance costs.

In Missouri, the average cost is $49 per month for the most affordable non-owner insurance with an SR-22, which is notably lower than the national average of $59 per month.

State FarmCheapest Annual Premium$518Cheapest Monthly Premium$43
TravelersCheapest Annual Premium$642Cheapest Monthly Premium$54
NationwideCheapest Annual Premium$883Cheapest Monthly Premium$74
GEICOCheapest Annual Premium$918Cheapest Monthly Premium$76
KemperCheapest Annual Premium$1,151Cheapest Monthly Premium$96
ProgressiveCheapest Annual Premium$1,186Cheapest Monthly Premium$99
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An SR-22 is a form you might need to file after a severe driving violation. It is not a type of insurance — the SR-22 certificate serves as evidence that your auto insurance policy meets Missouri’s minimum liability coverage requirements. Filing this form is a basic requirement if you plan to get SR-22 car insurance in Missouri. Your insurer files it on your behalf.

What Is Non-Owner Car Insurance?

Insurance companies provide non-owner auto insurance to drivers who don’t own cars. It provides coverage for bodily injury to others and property damage — there is no coverage for the car you’re driving. You may consider getting non-owner auto insurance if you drive borrowed/rented cars, want continuity in your auto insurance when you are in-between cars or want to get your driver’s license reinstated.

The table below shows the difference in coverage between non-owner and full coverage auto insurance.

Policy Coverage
Full Coverage

Liability insurance

Medical payments

Personal injury protection

Uninsured/underinsured motorist

Rental car liability

Average Cost of Non-Owner Car Insurance in Missouri

The average cost of non-owner car insurance in Missouri is $49 per month. That is around $6 more than the national average of $43 per month.

Auto insurance companies determine the cost of car insurance by considering various rating factors, such as where you live, your age and your motor vehicle record. If you choose higher liability coverage limits, you should expect to pay a higher premium.

Non-Owner Car Insurance Cost Comparison: National vs. State

National Average Cost

Monthly Premium

Missouri Average Cost

Monthly Premium

On average, non-owner car insurance in Missouri is:$6 more

This is 14% more expensive.

Best Non-Owner Car Insurance in Missouri

The top three non-owner auto insurance providers in Missouri are the following:

  • State Farm: MoneyGeek score of 63 out of 100 ($39 per month)
  • Travelers: MoneyGeek score of 63 out of 100 ($41 per month)
  • Nationwide: MoneyGeek score of 54 out of 100 ($59 per month)

Our experts have picked the best of the lot based on factors like pricing, J.D. Power customer satisfaction ratings and AM Best financial stability ratings. The brief overviews that follow highlight what you may expect from these companies.

MoneyGeek Top Pick
State Farm

State Farm provides the most affordable non-owner auto insurance in Missouri. It has an AM Best rating of A++, which denotes that it tops the chart when it comes to financial stability. It also takes the top spot for customer satisfaction in our ranking system. Having a safe driving record may get you a discount with State Farm.

Read our full State Farm review to learn more about what the company offers.


Travelers offers the second cheapest non-owner car insurance in Missouri. Its AM Best rating of A++ indicates the highest level of financial stability. Travelers received fewer complaints than other companies we reviewed, and scored very well for customer service. You may get a discount with Travelers for having a clean driving record or going paperless.

Our Travelers review outlines all the details of this company.

Third Place

While Nationwide does not rate particularly well on the affordability front, it does better than most others in our analysis when it comes to customer satisfaction. It may give you a discount for setting up automatic payments, going paperless or being a safe driver.

Read the full Nationwide review.

Should You Get Non-Owner Car Insurance in Missouri?

You may consider getting non-owner car insurance if you rent or borrow cars often, want to avoid a lapse in auto insurance coverage or are reinstating your driver’s license. There may be other instances where it makes sense, too.

Who Should Consider Non-Owner Car Insurance?

    carColored icon

    Car borrowers

    If you are driving vehicles that you borrow from family members or friends, non-owner car insurance might work well for you. This is because it safeguards you financially if you’re involved in an at-fault accident since it covers bodily injury and property damage liability.

    ignition icon

    Frequent renters

    People who rent cars a lot may consider getting non-owner auto insurance. If you’re at fault in an accident and the other party suffers bodily injury or you cause property damage, it covers medical costs and property repairs. This policy is more affordable than what a rental car company charges for liability coverage, but it does not include collision, so you may want to pay for that through the rental company.

    seatbelt icon

    Drivers between cars

    When insurance companies see gaps in insurance coverage, they may charge a higher premium. If you’ve sold your vehicle recently or have decided not to drive for some time and wish to keep your auto insurance going, non-owner auto insurance might work as an affordable option. You may get back to regular coverage when the need arises.

    driverLicense icon

    License reinstatement seekers

    If your license has been suspended or revoked and you wish to get it reinstated, you might need to file an SR-22 form and get non-owner car insurance. This proof of adequate insurance takes you one step closer to the restoration of your driving privileges.

insurance2 icon

As appealing as "one-day insurance" might sound, it may not be legitimate in Missouri. Regard it as a scam. There are different ways to get legitimate temporary car insurance in Missouri. We recommend rental car insurance to meet short-term requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions About Non-Owner Car Insurance in Missouri

Going through answers to commonly asked questions about Missouri non-owner car insurance might give you a better understanding of which company to select.

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