Cheapest and Best Car Insurance in Abilene, TX (June 2024)

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Updated: May 27, 2024

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In Abilene, Texas, finding the cheapest insurance hinges on coverage and driver specifics. Texas Farm Bureau is cheapest for full coverage. The minimum coverage leader is State Farm. For families with teens, State Farm provides the lowest rates. For stellar customer service, Chubb excels, and it's also ranked best overall for balancing price and service quality. Your ideal insurer may vary based on personal coverage needs and preferences.

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Cheapest and Best Car Insurance in Abilene

Why Trust MoneyGeek? We analyzed 328,384 quotes in Texas, including Abilene, from 14 companies. We used six sources and original research to rate the cheapest companies and develop a scoring system for Abilene insurance providers based on ZIP codes in the city only. Our scores are based on affordability, customer satisfaction, claims experience, coverages offered and financial stability.

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These rates reflect the cheapest car insurance quotes in Abilene, Texas as of June 2024.

328,384Quotes Analyzed
14Companies Compared

Cheapest Minimum Coverage Car Insurance in Abilene

Texas Farm Bureau offers the cheapest car insurance in Abilene, ensuring significant savings for drivers looking to minimize their expenses.

  • Texas Farm Bureau: $314 per year
  • State Farm: $338 per year

Dairyland has the most expensive minimum coverage policy in Abilene, at $1,503 annually, a difference of $1,189 with Texas Farm Bureau's offering. This variance in pricing underscores the potential savings a consumer could achieve simply by shopping around.

Data filtered by:Results filtered by:
Age Group:
Age Group:30-59
Coverage:Minimum Coverage
Texas Farm BureauAnnual Premium$314Monthly Premium$26
State FarmAnnual Premium$338Monthly Premium$28
MercuryAnnual Premium$345Monthly Premium$29
AAA TexasAnnual Premium$461Monthly Premium$38
AllstateAnnual Premium$487Monthly Premium$41
National GeneralAnnual Premium$563Monthly Premium$47
ProgressiveAnnual Premium$575Monthly Premium$48
GEICOAnnual Premium$582Monthly Premium$49

State Minimum Liability Requirements

In Texas, every city, from Abilene to Houston, adheres to state law for mandated car insurance coverage. Know your minimums:

  • $30,000 bodily injury per person
  • $60,000 bodily injury per accident
  • $25,000 property damage liability per accident

For context, if you hold a minimum coverage policy and are at fault in an accident, your insurer will cover up to $30,000 for an individual’s injuries and a total of $60,000 per accident. Should costs exceed these amounts, you're responsible for the difference.

Cheapest Full Coverage Car Insurance in Abilene

Texas Farm Bureau offers the cheapest cheapest full coverage car insurance in Abilene.

  • Texas Farm Bureau: $717 per year
  • State Farm: $794 per year

Dairyland holds is the most expensive full coverage policy in Abilene, with an annual premium difference of $2,474. Shop around, especially because full coverage policies include comprehensive and collision insurance, naturally driving up the cost more than the basic liability insurance.

Data filtered by:Results filtered by:
Age Group:
Age Group:30-59
Coverage:Full Coverage
Texas Farm BureauAnnual Premium$717Monthly Premium$60
State FarmAnnual Premium$794Monthly Premium$66
AAA TexasAnnual Premium$1,057Monthly Premium$88
GEICOAnnual Premium$1,116Monthly Premium$93
National GeneralAnnual Premium$1,238Monthly Premium$103
AllstateAnnual Premium$1,240Monthly Premium$103
NationwideAnnual Premium$1,335Monthly Premium$111
ProgressiveAnnual Premium$1,458Monthly Premium$122

Do You Need Full Coverage in Texas?

For Abilene, full coverage comprises $100,000 per individual for bodily injury, $300,000 per incident for bodily injury and $100,000 per incident for property damage. This is also known as a 100/300/100 policy.

Full coverage insurance also two key components:\

  • Collision Coverage: This guards against damage to your vehicle occurring from an impact, whether with another car or a different object like a tree or light pole. It also covers rollover accidents and pothole damage.
  • Comprehensive Coverage: This provides financial protection against non-collision incidents that harm your vehicle, such as theft or natural disasters. It also covers being struck by an animal like a deer.

For those with new vehicles, opting for full coverage insurance is a prudent choice to protect your investment. This is required if you're leasing or have a car loan. The incremental benefit of full coverage may not justify the additional cost for owners of older vehicles. Consider your situation when deciding how much car insurance you need; more extensive coverage comes with higher premiums, but skimping on coverage can leave you vulnerable and underinsured.

Cheapest Car Insurance in Abilene After a Driving Offense

In Abilene, drivers with a poor driving record looking for a full coverage policy will find that that cheap options vary depending on the driving offense:

  • Speeding ticket: Texas Farm Bureau ($717 per year)
  • At-fault accident: State Farm ($984 per year)
  • DUI: Texas Farm Bureau ($1,361 per year)

Dairyland has some of the highest rates for each of these offenses, with an annual cost of $3,945 after a speeding ticket, $4,457 after an at-fault accident and $3,224 following a DUI. With Texas Farm Bureau, the disparity in rates between drivers with a speeding ticket and with a DUI is $644, highlighting how significantly the severity of an offense can affect car insurance premiums.

Data filtered by:Results filtered by:
Age Group:
Age Group:30-59
Coverage:Full Coverage
Texas Farm BureauAnnual Premium$717Monthly Premium$60
State FarmAnnual Premium$794Monthly Premium$66
AllstateAnnual Premium$1,240Monthly Premium$103
GEICOAnnual Premium$1,294Monthly Premium$108
AAA TexasAnnual Premium$1,348Monthly Premium$112
NationwideAnnual Premium$1,552Monthly Premium$129
National GeneralAnnual Premium$1,646Monthly Premium$137
ChubbAnnual Premium$1,768Monthly Premium$147

Insurance rates are generally higher for drivers with offenses, reflecting the increased risk they pose to insurers. For instance, in Abilene, drivers with a DUI may face an average annual premium of $2,880, compared with those with a speeding ticket whose average is $2,359 — a significant difference of $521 per year. Individuals with driving infractions should therefore rigorously compare insurance rates to potentially save hundreds of dollars annually.

Cheapest Car Insurance in Abilene for Teens and Their Families

Nationwide offers the cheapest car insurance for teens in Abilene.

  • Nationwide: $1,437 per year for female teens and $1,638 per year for male teens
  • State Farm: $1,501 per year for female teens and $1,815 per year for male teens

The rates stated represent the cost to cover a combination of two parents and a teenager. In Abilene, Allstate has the most expensive policy for families with teen drivers at $5,529 for girls. This emphasizes the importance of comparing quotes; teen drivers are considered a higher risk and can significantly impact family insurance costs.

Data filtered by:Results filtered by:
NationwideFamily Plan Annual Premium$1,437Individual Plan Monthly Premium$3,557
State FarmFamily Plan Annual Premium$1,501Individual Plan Monthly Premium$2,108
GEICOFamily Plan Annual Premium$1,948Individual Plan Monthly Premium$2,696
ForemostFamily Plan Annual Premium$2,934Individual Plan Monthly Premium$8,292
ProgressiveFamily Plan Annual Premium$3,418Individual Plan Monthly Premium$10,187
AllstateFamily Plan Annual Premium$5,529Individual Plan Monthly Premium$6,430

In Abilene and across many cities, teen drivers face significantly higher insurance costs, with the average individual annual premium for teen car insurance hitting $6,238 compared with $3,140 when added to a family plan. This is because insurers view teens as high-risk drivers who are more likely to be involved in accidents and file claims. Consequently, approving an individual policy for a teen can be challenging without an established driving record or credit history. Leverage a family plan's lower risk profile for substantial savings.

Cheapest Car Insurance in Abilene for Military Drivers

Texas Farm Bureau is the cheapest option for full coverage car insurance for military backgrounds in Abilene:

  • Texas Farm Bureau: $717 per year
  • State Farm: $794 per year

For members of the military community, USAA offers comprehensive services tailored to active duty military personnel and ranks third in affordability at $872 annually, only slightly higher than the top two providers.

Data filtered by:Results filtered by:
Age Group:
Age Group:30-59
Coverage:Full Coverage
Texas Farm BureauAnnual Premium$717Monthly Premium$60
State FarmAnnual Premium$794Monthly Premium$66
USAAAnnual Premium$872Monthly Premium$73
AAA TexasAnnual Premium$1,057Monthly Premium$88
GEICOAnnual Premium$1,116Monthly Premium$93
National GeneralAnnual Premium$1,238Monthly Premium$103
AllstateAnnual Premium$1,240Monthly Premium$103
NationwideAnnual Premium$1,335Monthly Premium$111

How to Compare Cheap Abilene Car Insurance Quotes Online

Shopping for the best car insurance rates in Abilene offers significant savings but traditionally demands an investment of time — often 15 minutes per company. MoneyGeek's car insurance calculator streamlines this process, allowing you to quickly focus on the key factors influencing premiums in Abilene. By inputting details such as your age, driving history, credit score and coverage preferences, you can receive an accurate estimate in no time.

Car Insurance Calculator

MoneyGeeks's car insurance calculator will give you a customized estimate of your auto insurance cost. It's free to use, requires no personal information and we won't send you any spam.


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Jul 12, 2024

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Why You Can Trust MoneyGeek

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Best Car Insurance in Abilene: Overview

Selecting the right auto insurance hinges on individual preferences like service quality, cost and coverage. MoneyGeek's tailored scoring system evaluates these factors to recommend top insurers in Abilene.

  • Best overall: Chubb (score 89 out of 100)
  • Best for service: Chubb (score 92 out of 100)
  • Best cheap: Chubb (score 88 out of 100)

Chubb excels in Abilene as the leading provider for overall value, service excellence and affordability. Customers seeking the best balance in auto insurance quality and pricing will find Chubb's offerings most fitting.

Overall Best Car Insurance in Abilene

Chubb offers the best option for best car insurance in Abilene.

  • Chubb: MoneyGeek score of 89 out of 100 ($1,568 per year)
  • State Farm: MoneyGeek score of 75 out of 100 ($794 per year)

Chubb stands out in Abilene, thanks in large part to exceptional customer satisfaction and claims handling. With a full-coverage policy score that emphasizes these key aspects, Chubb provides a blend of service and reliability.

Company logo for Chubb
Best OverallChubb
MoneyGeek Score:
89/ of 100


Chubb's high MoneyGeek score is most influenced by its exceptional claims handling and customer satisfaction, indicating a robust overall service experience for policyholders. Chubb offers both rental car and/or travel reimbursement and roadside assistance, ensuring its customers have the most common coverages when they hit the road.

Furthermore, Chubb offers original equipment manufacturer (OEM) coverage, providing added value by covering parts directly from the vehicle's manufacturer. Diminished value coverage is also available, allowing customers to be compensated for the reduced value of their vehicle after an accident, even if it's been fully repaired.

Best Car Insurance in Abilene for Customer Service

Chubb is the best option in Abilene for those prioritizing customer service in car insurance. This determination is based on a comprehensive evaluation of general satisfaction, claims processing and coverage options, without factoring in rates.

  • Chubb: MoneyGeek score of 92 out of 100 ($1,568 per year)
  • Foremost: MoneyGeek score of 77 out of 100 ($1,885 per year)

Chubb stands out primarily due to its exceptional customer satisfaction and claims handling. Chubb ensures policyholders receive attentive service and effective claims resolution, confirming its position as a leader in among car insurance providers in Abilene.

Company logo for Chubb
Best for Customer ServiceChubb
MoneyGeek Score:
92/ of 100


Chubb's high MoneyGeek score is largely attributed to its near-perfect customer satisfaction and claims handling ratings. Its suite of car insurance coverages appeals to a variety of drivers. Its original equipment manufacturer (OEM) coverage ensures your vehicle is repaired with original parts, maintaining your car's integrity and value. Its antique/classic car insurance serves vintage car enthusiasts, offering specialized protection . Diminished value coverage helps you recoup the loss in value after an accident.

Best Cheap Car Insurance Companies in Abilene

Chubb is the best option in Abilene for drivers seeking cheap car insurance. With the highest MoneyGeek score weighted towards cost-effectiveness, while still accounting for factors like claims handling and general customer satisfaction, Chubb stands out for people prioritizing a balance between price and experience.

  • Chubb: MoneyGeek score of 88 out of 100 ($662 per year)
  • Mercury: MoneyGeek score of 79 out of 100 ($345 per year)

Chubb excels particularly because of its superior claims handling and high satisfaction ratings. The score also represents the value for a minimum coverage policy, underscoring Chubb's commitment to providing quality insurance coverage at competitive rates.

Company logo for Chubb
Best Cheap CompanyChubb
MoneyGeek Score:
88/ of 100


Chubb's MoneyGeek score is propelled by its high claims handling, reflecting a seamless experience for policyholders when they need support the most. With an average annual premium of just $663, Chubb ensures that the typical driver doesn’t need to break the bank for minimum coverage. Customers can also benefit from reasonably common discounts like defensive driving courses and security feature discounts, including anti-theft system installations.

Chubb offers bundling and good student discounts, highlighting its comprehensive range of cost-saving options. Additional discounts include options such as anti-lock brakes, which can enhance driving safety, and very rare discounts like VIN etching, which may reduce vehicle theft risk.

Average Cost of Car Insurance in Abilene

In Abilene, Texas, drivers can expect to pay an average car insurance premium of $1,444. This figure falls below the average car insurance cost in Texas, which is $1,738 — making the average cost in Abilene $294 less than the state average. Texas' average car insurance cost is slightly higher than the national average, coming in at $18 more than the country's average of $1,720.

Car insurance premiums are influenced by numerous factors, with location being a significant determinant. Region-specific risks, such as urban traffic patterns, prevalence of uninsured drivers and state-specific insurance laws, factor heavily into insurance costs. For example, the data indicates that Houston is the city with the most expensive insurance premium at $2,113, which is $375 higher than the state average. Conversely, Wichita Falls has the cheapest premium at $1,374, exemplifying how rates can be markedly lower in non-urban areas with less traffic density.

AbileneAnnual Premium$1,444
AllenAnnual Premium$1,710
AmarilloAnnual Premium$1,728
ArlingtonAnnual Premium$1,703
AustinAnnual Premium$1,690
BeaumontAnnual Premium$1,812
BrownsvilleAnnual Premium$1,787
CarrolltonAnnual Premium$1,827
College StationAnnual Premium$1,504
Corpus ChristiAnnual Premium$1,623
DallasAnnual Premium$1,917
DentonAnnual Premium$1,631
El PasoAnnual Premium$1,568
Fort WorthAnnual Premium$1,691
FriscoAnnual Premium$1,708
GarlandAnnual Premium$1,920
Grand PrairieAnnual Premium$1,882
HoustonAnnual Premium$2,113
IrvingAnnual Premium$1,845
KilleenAnnual Premium$1,515
LaredoAnnual Premium$1,748
League CityAnnual Premium$1,784
LewisvilleAnnual Premium$1,662
LubbockAnnual Premium$1,567
McAllenAnnual Premium$1,929
McKinneyAnnual Premium$1,708
MesquiteAnnual Premium$1,906
MidlandAnnual Premium$1,494
OdessaAnnual Premium$1,623
PasadenaAnnual Premium$1,853
PearlandAnnual Premium$1,914
PlanoAnnual Premium$1,775
RichardsonAnnual Premium$1,836
Round RockAnnual Premium$1,584
San AngeloAnnual Premium$1,425
San AntonioAnnual Premium$1,752
Sugar LandAnnual Premium$1,819
The WoodlandsAnnual Premium$1,832
TylerAnnual Premium$1,609
WacoAnnual Premium$1,485
Wichita FallsAnnual Premium$1,374

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