TruStage Life Insurance Review

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Edited byVictoria Copans
Edited byVictoria Copans

Updated: May 22, 2024

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MoneyGeek’s Take: Is TruStage Right for You?

TruStage life insurance is best for individuals and families looking for affordable term or whole insurance policies. It involves a straightforward application process without the need for a medical exam. Those who value the convenience of purchasing insurance online or through a credit union may find the most value from this insurer. It comes with a long list of insurance riders that enable policyholders to customize or elevate their coverage.

Since TruStage only offers up to $300,000 in coverage, it may not be ideal for those requiring a larger coverage amount or with complex insurance needs. In this case, Haven Life may be a better fit. In addition, those looking for the flexibility of universal life insurance should check out State Farm.

Continue reading our review of TruStage to learn more about the company and its policy offerings to make the most informed decision before applying for life insurance.

At a Glance: TruStage Life Insurance




Convenient online application process


No medical exams required


Online account for policyholders



Low coverage cap of $300,000


Limited to members of credit unions partnering with CUNA Mutual Group


Standardized life insurance products with set terms and coverage options


TruStage Life Insurance is owned by CUNA Mutual Group, a financial services company that specializes in providing insurance products to credit unions and their members. TruStage offers three main types of life insurance policies: term life insurance, whole life insurance and guaranteed acceptance life insurance. It also offers separate funeral and final expense insurance and accidental death and dismemberment insurance to complement its life insurance policies.

TruStage does not require a health exam for its simplified issue policies, but more comprehensive underwriting may be required for larger policy amounts or applicants with certain health conditions. The company offers coverage for children, smokers and those with health conditions, but premiums may be higher for those with riskier health profiles.

TruStage also offers some special policy types and programs, including a living benefit program that allows policyholders to access a portion of their death benefit in the event of a terminal illness diagnosis.

CMFG Life Insurance Company, which underwrites TruStage policies, has a complaint index of 1.02 — just about the national average — according to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC). It operates in all 50 states.

Key Takeaways

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TruStage offers term life insurance and whole life insurance with a maximum coverage amount of $300,000, depending on your age and gender.

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TruStage also offers prearranged funeral insurance and final expense insurance, letting you either preselect a funeral plan or have a beneficiary receive the cash benefits.

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When purchasing life insurance, it's important to consider your options and shop around for affordable rates to find a policy that best fits your needs.

TruStage Policy Options Explained

According to LIMRA's 2022 Insurance Barometer Study, 31% of U.S. adults indicated that they are more likely to purchase health insurance as a result of the pandemic. If you are currently in the market for a policy, TruStage may offer options that fit your needs.

Term Life Insurance Options From TruStage

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    TruStage offers term life insurance that covers your family if you pass away during the specified term. TruStage uses simplified underwriting for its term life insurance policies, meaning that medical exams are not required. However, it may ask for your prescription records. You are immediately covered as soon as you make your first payment, and you have 30 days to cancel and get a full refund if you’re not satisfied with your coverage.

    TruStage provides term life policies for those between the ages 25 and 69, with policies renewable up to age 80. Coverage amounts range from $10,000 to $300,000. Rates start as low as $4.80 per month and increase every five years as the insured's age hits multiples of five. TruStage also allows you to convert your term life policy to whole life if needed.

Term life insurance provides coverage for a specific period of time and is, therefore, best for those looking for short-term protection, such as while raising children or paying off a mortgage.

Whole Life Insurance Options From TruStage

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    TruStage's whole life insurance policies offer permanent coverage with no expiration date. As long as premiums are paid, beneficiaries will receive a death benefit if something happens to them. Rates are locked in at issue and will remain constant throughout the duration of the policy, even as you age or your health deteriorates.

    This policy type provides a guaranteed cash value accumulation that can be borrowed against during your lifetime. It also offers dividends that can be used to pay premiums or received as a cash benefit — although these are never guaranteed. The maximum coverage period can vary by product, typically ranging from age 100 to 121.

Whole life insurance is ideal for those looking for lifetime coverage and who want to ensure that their family is taken care of no matter what. It's also a good option for those who want to take advantage of living benefits, as whole life insurance plans accumulate cash value that can be borrowed against to cover expenses before the insured passes away.

Final Expense Insurance Options From TruStage

Final expense insurance caters to seniors who want to help their families cover end-of-life expenses such as burial costs. These types of policies are generally easier to get accepted for, but they offer lower coverage amounts.

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    Guaranteed Acceptance Whole Life Insurance

    TruStage offers Guaranteed Acceptance Whole Life Insurance, which is a type of final expense insurance as it offers limited coverage and is only available to those aged 45 to 80. It is ideal for those who are having trouble finding coverage due to their health — anyone eligible to apply for this policy is guaranteed to be approved regardless of any health conditions.

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    Prearranged Funeral

    TruStage also offers Prearranged Funeral and Final Expense Insurance options. The former allows policyholders to choose specific funeral products and services and use their insurance to fund their chosen funeral plan. The latter pays out a death benefit to beneficiaries with which they can cover funeral and other expenses.

Final expense insurance ensures that final arrangements and funeral expenses are taken care of when you pass away. While they are often geared towards seniors, those with questionable health or terminal illness may also seek this coverage.


TruStage’s Life Insurance Riders

TruStage offers several optional riders that can be added to its life insurance policies for an additional cost, including:


Increasing Benefit

Allows you to renew or increase your policy coverage without health questions or tests in
case of future health problems.

Accidental Death
and Dismemberment

Provides an extra death benefit if you die from an accident or suffer loss of specific limbs
or blindness.

Hospital Benefit

Pays a hospital benefit if you have been hospitalized within one year due to covered

Double Accidental
Death Benefit

If you die within one year of an accident, the coverage benefit doubles for the primary


Adds your spouse to your insurance plan and pays a benefit if they die before you.

How to Get TruStage Life Insurance

If you're interested in TruStage's life insurance policies, here's how to apply, as well as what to do if your application is denied.

How to Buy Life Insurance From TruStage

Do Your Research

To make an informed decision on life insurance, research policies, costs and company reviews to make sure you're getting a product that meets your needs. TruStage offers free online quotes.

Compare Quotes

Get quotes from several life insurance providers to compare costs and make sure you're getting the best rate. Premiums can vary greatly between insurers.

Health Check

A health check helps insurers assess your risk level and determine your premium. It also helps you understand how pre-existing conditions impact coverage and premiums. Some insurers, including TruStage, offer policies without requiring a health exam.


Once approved, pay your initial premium to activate your coverage. Continue paying premiums on time to keep the policy active. Beneficiaries must file a claim to receive the death benefit in the event of your death.

What to Do if TruStage Insurance Denies You Coverage

If you are declined coverage from TruStage, here are some steps to follow:

Contact Your Broker

Your insurance agent can help you understand why your application was denied and what steps you can take to appeal the decision. They may also be able to help you find alternative coverage options.

Lifestyle Changes

If your application was denied due to health concerns, making lifestyle changes, such as improving your diet, quitting smoking or exercising regularly, may help improve your chances of getting approved in the future.

Explore Other Options

If you are unable to get coverage through traditional life insurance policies, you may want to consider other options, such as guaranteed issue or simplified issue policies. These policies typically have less stringent underwriting requirements but may come with higher premiums or lower coverage amounts.

Frequently Asked Questions About TruStage Life Insurance

Here are some frequently asked questions about TruStage Life Insurance to help you make an informed decision:

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