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MoneyGeek’s Take: Is Boston Mutual Right for You?

Boston Mutual policy offerings are best for individuals and groups looking for long-term life insurance policies with flexible coverage options and benefits. This provider has limited policy options, and those looking for the best short term life insurance for individuals are better with a different carrier.

Most of Boston Mutual’s policies are suited for young working individuals who want to secure the future of their dependents. There are no specific policies tailored for seniors, so companies like State Farm may be a better option for older people.

You can learn more about life insurance plans available at Boston Mutual in our in-depth review to determine if this provider is the best option for you.

At a Glance: Boston Mutual Life Insurance

Boston Mutual


Annual policy dividends

Medical exams are not required for all policy types

Fewer complaints than average


No online quote features

No online feature for claim submission

No individual term life insurance


Boston Mutual was established in 1891 and is headquartered in Canton, Massachusetts. This national carrier offers life insurance products for both individuals and groups or employees. With a National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) complaint index of 0.86, this insurer receives fewer complaints than average.

Boston Mutual offers both whole and term life insurance products, but term life insurance is only available for groups or employers. Individuals can only purchase whole life insurance, although there are different policy types to choose from.

The main products available at Boston Mutual include:

  • Infinite Life Permanent Life Insurance Plan
  • Legacy Life Select
  • Legacy Life Express
  • Employee Life Option Plus
  • Group Term Life and Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance

Individual life insurance policies offered by Boston Mutual offer coverage levels of up to $250,000. However, coverage for those who elect not to undergo a physical exam or submit medical records is capped at $100,000. Life insurance policyholders are eligible to receive annual dividends. The dividends can be used to pay premiums, build the cash value of the policy or buy additional coverage. Boston Mutual offers various riders that can be added to your policy based on your needs. These include a children’s term rider, which allows you to cover your children from birth up to the age of 25. Accelerated term benefit and accelerated death benefit riders are also available.

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Ensure you’re getting the best rate for your life insurance. Compare quotes from top providers to find the most affordable life insurance coverage for your needs.

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Key Takeaways

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Boston Mutual does not offer term life insurance for individuals.

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Some whole life plans from Boston Mutual are eligible to receive annual dividends.

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Coverage for plans without a medical exam requirement is capped at $100,000.

Boston Mutual Policy Options Explained

The Life Insurance Marketing and Research Association (LIMRA) reports that 68% of insured people with life insurance feel secure, while only 48% of non-insureds feel secure. Life insurance can be an important protection for your dependents when you pass away, so it is worth investing in a policy that fits your situation.

Term Life Insurance Options From Boston Mutual

Boston Mutual’s term life insurance plan is only available for groups or employees. Individuals are not eligible for this policy.

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    Group Term Life and Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance

    This term policy is available either as employer-paid coverage or employee-paid coverage. The coverage amount is elective, and features such as dependent coverage for spouses and children are available. The accelerated death benefit is available to employees, where they can collect part of their benefit early if they have a life expectancy of no more than 12 months.

    Insured employees and their dependents have the option to continue with their policy after leaving employment so they will not lose their benefits on retirement or termination.

Boston Mutual’s term life policy is ideal for employers who want to get group coverage with flexible options and benefits for their employees.

Whole Life Insurance Options From Boston Mutual

Boston Mutual offers whole life policies for both individuals and groups. Whole life insurance policies are lifetime plans with a guaranteed death benefit. These plans accumulate cash value, and some plan types are eligible to receive annual dividends when issued by Boston Mutual.

The main types of whole life insurance policies offered by Boston Mutual include:

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    Infinite Life

    The Infinite Life permanent life insurance plan offers coverage options of up to $250,000. However, the policy limit without a medical exam is capped at $100,000. Premiums are fixed over the lifetime of the policy and will not change with age or health status. Policyholders can choose between monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual premium payments.

    The Infinite Life plan offers a guaranteed cash value that is guaranteed not to decline. Policyholders can borrow against part or all of the accumulated cash value. This plan also earns policy dividends annually, which can be used for paying premiums or purchasing additional coverage or can be withdrawn at any time.

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    Legacy Life Express

    The Legacy Life Express whole life plan offers up to $250,000 in coverage with fixed premiums for the lifetime of the policy. You can also get this policy without a physical exam, but coverage will be limited to $100,000. The death benefit does not decrease based on age or health status, and there is no requirement to renew your policy. Premiums can be paid quarterly, semi-annually or annually.

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    Legacy Life Select

    This whole life plan offers coverage of up to $250,000 for federal, state and municipal employees and their families. Coverage of up to $100,000 can be purchased without an exam, and policyholders do not have to renew their plan or prove their insurability. Premiums can be paid quarterly, semi-annually or annually and will remain fixed for the lifetime of the policy.

    This policy accumulates cash value at a tax-deferred rate. The cash value can be borrowed at any time by filling out a form.

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    Employee Life Option Plus

    This whole life plan is available to employees and union members. This policy is an endowment at age 95, meaning that the policyholder will be paid the face value of the policy on reaching age 95. The policy has fixed premiums and does not require the policyholder to apply for their spouse, children or grandchildren to be covered.

    Policyholders who buy the minimum amount of coverage have the right to purchase the remaining amount of the guarantee issue limit at future approved enrollments. Employees can also keep their coverage if they leave the employer or retire by making payments directly to Boston Mutual.

Boston Mutual whole life insurance policies are a good option if you have dependents or want a policy that is eligible for annual dividends. These plans will also benefit you if you want coverage without exams and with flexible premium payment options.

Compare Life Insurance Rates

Ensure you’re getting the best rate for your life insurance. Compare quotes from top providers to find the most affordable life insurance coverage for your needs.

Insurance Rates

Boston Mutual’s Life Insurance Riders

Life insurance riders are optional add-on benefits that you can add to your standard life insurance coverage. Riders allow you to customize your policy based on your individual needs and can either be added to the policy when signing up or during the term of the policy.


Children’s Term Rider

This rider covers your children from birth (15 days old) to the age of 25. After this period, the
coverage can be converted into an individual life insurance policy.

Accelerated Benefit Option

This rider is an automatic add-on to your life insurance policy at no extra cost. It ensures that
in case of terminal illness or injury, your policy will advance you a cash payout.

Accidental Death Benefit

This rider offers extra security to your beneficiaries by ensuring that if you die as a direct
result of an injury due to a covered accident, your beneficiaries will receive double the
death benefit.

Payor Waiver of Premium Benefit

Boston Mutual offers this rider to ensure that in case you become permanently disabled, the
premiums on your life insurance policy will be waived.

Premium Deposit Fund (PDF)

This rider ensures that the premiums deposited into the Premium Deposit Fund (PDF) and
the interest earned can be applied to your future or overdue premiums.

How to Get Boston Mutual Life Insurance

Boston Mutual is a national carrier offering life insurance policies in all states. It is best to research the type of policy that best suits your needs, then contact the provider for a quote and more information.

How to Buy Life Insurance From Boston Mutual


Do Your Research

Boston Mutual offers different types of policies, so it is important to figure out which plan will suit you best based on coverage level, premiums and benefit options. Take time to check the company’s website for more information on its plans and compare your options. You can also contact a representative for more details.


Compare Quotes

Life insurance plans require a long-term commitment, so it is important to find a plan that suits your budget. Compare quotes for different plans and evaluate premium payment options to ensure that you pick a plan that suits your financial situation.


Health Check

Boston Mutual does not require exams for all policies, but keep in mind that your coverage will be capped at $100,000 without a physical exam or medical records. If you want more coverage, you will need to undergo exams or submit your medical records.



Once your application is complete, your Boston Mutual representative will advise you on the terms and details of your policy. You can set up automatic payments for your policy or pay by mail.

What to Do if Boston Mutual Insurance Denies You Coverage

Your life insurance policy application might be declined. These steps will help you find an alternative or suitable option for coverage.


Contact Your Broker

If your policy has been declined, find out the exact reason why from your representative or broker. This will guide you on what you need to do to get coverage or seek an alternative.


Lifestyle Changes

If the insurance company finds that your health or lifestyle is high-risk, it may postpone approving your application. Making lifestyle changes like quitting smoking, maintaining a healthy weight or getting preventive care can help improve your insurability.


Explore Other Options

Apart from life insurance, you can also get coverage from plans like a final expense cover to protect your beneficiaries. The availability of such plans may vary depending on the insurer, and costs may be high.

Frequently Asked Questions About Boston Mutual Life Insurance

MoneyGeek answered frequently asked questions about Boston Mutual life insurance to help you learn more.